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Released: 7-Feb-2014 2:00 PM EST

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Dustin BernaAssistant Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences About: Dustin Berna, Ph.D., graduated from the University of New Orleans in 2008. His two major fields of study were Middle Eastern politics and international relations. Berna's dissertation was a quantitative study that evaluated the causes and electoral success of Islamic fundamentalist movements. He has collected and coded every Islamic fundamentalist group that is or has been in operation in the Islamic world since 1970.

Berna's research specializations include Middle Eastern politics, Islamic fundamentalism, religious extremism, social movements, terrorism, and political institutions. He has taught classes on the Iraq War, Islamic politics, Middle Eastern politics, terrorism, political violence, international relations, U.S. foreign policy and politics of developing states, revolutions, international negotiation, and violence Prevention. He has written numerous articles on topics that range from terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism to Iranian political institutions and Islamic democracy. Leonard A. Levy D.P.M., M.P.H.Director, Institute for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness About: Levy, a 2009 Fulbright Scholar, serves as associate dean for education, planning, and Research at NSU's College of Osteopathic Medicine. After the events of September 11, 2001, Levy became director of the college's Institute for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness, which was one of seven centers selected by the U.S. assistant secretary for preparedness and response for the National Education Strategy Team, charged to develop a national template for health professionals and first responders in all-hazards preparedness. Levy is a professor of family medicine/public health/biomedical informatics and has authored more than 100 health professional journal articles, including several on all-hazards preparedness. G. Nelson Bass, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Political Science, Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences About: G. Nelson Bass, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of political science at NSU's Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences and the current chair of the Political Science program. He holds a B.S. in political science from Appalachian State University, a law degree from the University of Miami, and a Ph.D. in political science from Florida International University.

Bass teaches a wide range of courses at NSU, including Global Politics, International Relations, Congress, and the Presidency. His research focus is on International Relations and American Foreign Policy. Specifically, his latest work examines the foreign policy of organized labor in relation to American foreign policy.

David Kilroy, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences About: David Kilroy serves as the chair of the international studies major at the college. He has published two books, For Race and Country: the Life and Career of Colonel Charles Young (Praeger 2003) and Days of Decisions: Turning Points in Twentieth Century U.S. Foreign Policy (Potomac Press Inc. 2011), as well as a number of scholarly articles on subjects pertaining to U.S. foreign relations and international affairs.

SPORTS MARKETING/ USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN SPORTS / SPORTS UNIFORMS Stephen Andon, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences About: Stephen Andon, Ph.D., areas of expertise include sports, sports fans, sports stadiums, sports uniforms, use of social media in sports, sports memorabilia, sports marketing, and persuasion and ad campaigns. Originally hailing from Maryland, Andon received his doctorate degree from Florida State University in 2011 after writing a dissertation on sports fans and the materiality of sports memorabilia. His research interests involve a wide array of topics dealing with sports and media, including the commodification of sport, sport and nostalgia, fan cultures, and social media. SPORTS MEDICINE (Injuries, concussions); SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY; PHYSICAL REHABILITATION & HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY

Stephen A. Russo, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Center for Psychological StudiesDirector of Sport Psychology for NSU's Athletic Department and the Sport Medicine Clinic within the College of Osteopathic Medicine About: Stephan A. Russo, Ph.D., serves as a member of a multi-disciplinary sports medicine team at NSU, comprised of professionals from the areas of osteopathic medicine, physical therapy, athletic training, sports nutrition, and strength and conditioning.

Russo has worked as an applied sport psychologist since 1998, serving as the Director of Sport Psychology at two world-class training facilities. He is the former director of Sport Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) - Center for Sports Medicine and was also the staff Sport Psychologist at the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) in Hilton Head, South Carolina. In these roles, Russo served as a sport consultant to numerous athletes, coaches, organizations, and university athletic departments.

Megan Colas, Ph.D., ATC, NREMTAssistant Professor Background: Megan Colas, Ph.D., areas of expertise include emergency medicine, concussions, sports related concussions, skin disorders in physically active, therapeutic interventions, low back pain, any athletic training topic that relates to acute care and rehabilitation of the physically active. Colas received a National Athletic Training board of certification in 2002 along with a B.S. in Athletic Training from Salisbury University. She earned her master's degree from Virginia Tech in Health Promotion. She worked for Virginia Tech as an Athletic Trainer for a few years before completing a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Virginia Tech. Colas also obtained a National Registry Emergency Medical Technician certification in September of 2013. Barry Nierenberg Ph.D., ABPPAssociate Professor, Center for Psychological Studies About: Barry Nierenberg, PhD, ABPP, is an Associate Professor of Psychology at NSU's Center for Psychological Studies. He is a member of the Executive Board of the American Board of Rehabilitation Psychology and is the current President of the Academy of Rehabilitation Psychology.

For the past 30 years, Nierenberg held numerous leadership positions as a psychologist working with healthcare professionals in hospitals across the country. He currently serves on the Executive Board of the Florida Department of Health's Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Advisory Council. His research interests are focused on the interplay/link of bio-psychosocial factors in chronic illness, wellness and disease, as well as healthcare disparities, pediatric psychology, and child and family adaptations to acute and chronic medical conditions. In addition, he focuses on positive psychology, well-being and the psychology of happiness. Wiley Mittenberg Ph.D., ABPP-CNProfessor, Center for Psychological Studies About: Wiley Mittenberg, Ph.D., is a Professor at NSU's Center for Psychological Studies. Mittenberg received his doctorate in clinical psychology with a specialization in clinical neuropsychology at the Chicago Medical School and is board certified in the specialty of clinical neuropsychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology/American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology.

His professional interests include the neuropsychology of head injury in adults and children, the neuropsychology of age related dementias, neuropsychological and psychological test construction, interpretation, and validation, and professional issues in clinical neuropsychology. ATHLETIC TRAININGElizabeth Swann, Ph.D., ATCAssociate Professor, Athletic Training Program Director Subject Matter Expertise: Athletic Training, Sports Administration


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