Computer Security Experts Says New F-35 Fighter Jet Is Not So Safe

Article ID: 613843

Released: 17-Feb-2014 9:00 AM EST

Source Newsroom: Lewis University

Expert Pitch
  • Dr. Ray Klump is Chair and Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Lewis University in Illinois.

The new F-35 Fighter Jet is an impressive war machine. The Lockheed Martin aircraft has a 1,200 mph top speed and a range of almost 1,400 miles. It is the result of a $400 billion program that makes it the most expensive weapons system in history.

Dr. Ray Klump, director of Master of Information Security program at Lewis University, says he has concerns about the 24 million lines of code in the aircraft. He estimated at least 2,400 bugs in its software. Find out more by reading his words:


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