Backfire: US Defense Cutback May Have Dangerous Consequences

Article ID: 614177

Released: 24-Feb-2014 4:40 PM EST

Source Newsroom: Cornell University

Expert Pitch

Barry Strauss, chair of the Department of History at Cornell University and an author of 11 books on military history, argues that the latest proposed Pentagon cutbacks could backfire – and even create more costly conflict in the future.

Strauss says:

“American history goes in cycles. After each of the world wars, the U.S. drastically cut back military spending and attempted to lower its profile in world affairs. The current Pentagon cutbacks are part of a similar pattern after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – where a significant American military role is slated soon to end.

“Unfortunately the earlier cutbacks encouraged aggression and ended up seeing the U.S. getting involved in new wars. With all the dangers on the international horizon today, it’s hard not to worry that a similar, dangerous result lies ahead. As someone who believes in peace through strength, I fear that today’s savings might lead to much greater and more terrible expenses in the future.”

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