Temple U. Expert: Ukraine Facing "A Prolonged and Potentially Even More Volatile Situation.”

Article ID: 614842

Released: 10-Mar-2014 3:00 PM EDT

Source Newsroom: Temple University

Expert Pitch

Media interested in the developing situations and crises in Central and Eastern European countries, particularly Poland, Ukraine and Russia, should contact William E. Aaronson, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs/Associate Professor at Temple University’s Fox School of Business.

From 1995-98, Aaronson delivered executive training programs to hospital leadership in the Ukraine, Russia, other former Soviet republics and central European countries. From 1999 to 2004 he led a USAID development project in Kiev.

Aaronson’s research includes studying the impact that cultural differences between the West and the East have in approaches to organizational strategy and performance. He has also studied the history, culture and languages of Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

“The Orange Revolution 10 years ago has not fulfilled its promise,” Aaronson said. “The current situation must be understood in terms of the historic pull between the Russian east and Central Europe. Ukraine is one of the largest countries (size and population) in Europe and economically of critical importance to both the EU and to Russia. However, the issues are nuanced and may be intractable. The economics and the transition to a more open economy, the role of oligarchs and the ineptitude of the former president, have also contributed to what may be a prolonged and potentially even more volatile situation.”


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