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NYPD Twitter Debacle ‘Obscures’ Complex PR Challenges

Released: 23-Apr-2014 12:00 PM EDT
Source Newsroom: Cornell University
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Jeff Niederdeppe, professor of communication at Cornell University focusing on the effects of mass media campaigns, comments on the negative response to the New York Police Department’s #MyNYPD Twitter campaign, which is spreading to other cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago.

Niederdeppe says:

“Non-profit and public service organizations like the NYPD clearly understand the potential of social media for public relations.

“The sarcastic and critical nature of much of the public response hardly seems surprising, however, and should have been anticipated with a bit of forethought. The ease at which an individual or organization can post a message on Twitter obscures the fact that managing public perceptions is very, very difficult, particularly for an organization with a history of tense and complicated relationships with many groups of people.”


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