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Released: 24-Apr-2014 5:00 PM EDT

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  • 94th AATS Annual Meeting

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Conference homepage: http://aats.org/annualmeeting
Webcast feed beginning Saturday, April 26 (noon): http://webcast.aats.org/2014
Daily News: http://aats.org/annualmeeting/Daily-News.cgi
Mobile App: http://aats.org/annualmeeting/Mobile-App.cgi
AATS homepage: www.aats.org

Meeting at a Glance
The American Association for Thoracic Surgery Annual Meeting is the oldest and largest cardiothoracic surgery meeting in North America. The 94th will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on April 26-30, 2014. Approximately 2,600 professionals are expected to attend. These will include:
• Cardiothoracic Surgeons
• Physicians in related specialties including Cardiothoracic Anesthesia, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Radiology, Gastroenterology, and Thoracic Oncology
• Fellows and Residents in Cardiothoracic and General Surgical training programs
• Allied Health Professionals involved in the care of cardiothoracic surgical patients
• Medical students with an interest in Cardiothoracic Surgery

• Organize Your Mind in the Operating Room
Monday, April 28, 9:45 AM ET
Margaret “Coach Meg” Moore, CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation
The neuroscience of effective coaching and the way in which the brain adapts to master coaching for life-long improvement in judgment and technical skill
• Presidential Address: Clarity of Purpose and Focused Attention – The Essence of Excellence
Monday, April 28, 11:25 AM ET
David J. Sugarbaker, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
• Honored Guest Lecture: The One-Day Contract
Tuesday, April 29, 11:40 AM ET
Rick Pitino, Head Coach, University of Louisville Men’s Basketball Team
The principles of coaching that can be applied to educating residents

The AATS Annual Meeting is a primary opportunity to receive continuing medical education and learn about the latest products and services in thoracic treatment and care. Exhibits of the latest technologies from nearly 100 vendors will showcase products to improve patient care and professional development.
• AATS Learning Center – Case videos of novel procedures and surgical techniques
• Scientific Sessions – The latest research and developments in the field
• Surgeon of the Future – Speakers discuss their real life experiences
• Working with Industry – The surgeon’s role in developing products used to treat patients
• Skills and Decision Making – Technical and decision-making skills for surgeons
• Allied Health Personnel Symposium – New developments for nurses, nurse-practitioners, perfusionists, and physician assistants

Mobile App
Mobile App available through iTunes Store, Android Market, and the AATS website
Access an interactive version of the program, with searchable program topics, faculty, exhibitors, social functions, and local Toronto information. This app also includes live polling and audience response in many sessions to increase interactivity.

Presentation News Releases
Highlighted presentations: All releases are under embargo until date and time of presentation

Release: Applying Lessons from NASA Helps Manage Threats and Errors in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Presentation at 94th AATS Annual Meeting Describes Steps to Break Error Cycles and Improve Patient Safety
Presentation: “NASA ‘threat and error model’ applied to pediatric cardiac surgery: Error cycles precede ~85% of patient deaths,” by Edward J Hickey, Yaroslavna Nosikova, Eric Pham-Hung, Michael Gritti, Steven Schwartz, Christopher A Caldarone, Andrew Redington, and Glen S Van Arsdell
Time: April 28, 8:10 AM ET
Abstract: www.aats.org/annualmeeting/Program-Books/2014/3.cgi

Release: Technological Advancements Extend Long-Term Survival of Transplanted Hearts Across Species
Presentation at 94th AATS Annual Meeting Describes Combination of Donor Genetic Modifications and Host-Targeted Immunosuppression
Presentation: “Genetically Engineered Pigs And Target-Specific Immunomodulation Provide Significant Graft Survival and Hope for Clinical Cardiac Xenotransplantation,” by Muhammad M. Mohiuddin, MD, Avneesh K. Singh, PhD, Philip C. Corcoran, MD, Robert F. Hoyt, DVM, Marvin L. Thomas III, DVM, David Ayares, PhD, Keith A. Horvath, MD
Time: April 28, 2:20 PM ET
Abstract: http://aats.org/annualmeeting/Program-Books/2014/9.cgi

Release: Major Lung Resection Safer than Ever, Especially at the Busiest Hospitals
According to New Study Presented at the 94th Annual AATS Meeting
Presentation: “The Impact of Annual Hospital Volume on 30-Day and Conditional 90-Day Mortality Rates for 121,099 Patients Undergoing Major Pulmonary Resection for Lung Cancer,” by Christopher M. Pezzi, MD, Katherine Mallin, PhD, Andres Samayoa Mendez, MD, E. Greer Gay, PhD, Joe B. Putnam, Jr., MD
Time: April 29, 10:40 AM ET
Abstract: www.aats.org/annualmeeting/Program-Books/2014/39.cgi

Release: Poor Quality of Life Doesn’t Predict Low Survival Rates in High-Risk Lung Cancer Patients Undergoing Surgery
Presentation at 94th AATS Annual Meeting
Presentation: “Analysis of longitudinal quality of life data in high-risk operable patients with lung cancer: Results from ACOSOG Z4032 (Alliance) a multicenter randomized trial,” by Hiran C. Fernando, MD, Rodney J. Landreneau, MD, Sumithra J. Mandrekar, PhD, Francis C. Nichols, MD, Thomas A. DiPetrillo, MD, Bryan F. Meyers, MD, Dwight E. Heron, MD, Shauna Hillman, MS, David R. Jones, MD, Sandra L. Starnes, MD, Angelina D. Tan, BS, Benedict D. T. Daly, MD, and Joe B. Putnam, MD, for the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology
Time: April 29, 11:20 AM ET
Abstract: www.aats.org/annualmeeting/Program-Books/2014/41.cg

Release: Very Low 30-Day Mortality Can Give False Sense of Complacency in Arterial Switch Operations
With Better Modern-Day Immediate Post-Surgical Care, Attention Is Drawn to the 30-to-90 Day Postoperative Period as Risky Phase of Operation Has Been Extended, According to Presentation at 94th AATS Annual Meeting
Presentation: “Performance monitoring of the arterial switch operation: A moving target,” by Hanna A. Jensen, MD, PhD, Hopewell N. Ntsinjana, MD, Catherine Bull, MD, FRCP, Katherine Brown, MD, MPH, Andrew M. Taylor, MD, FRCP, FRCR, Martin Kostolny, MD, Marc de Leval, MD, FRCS, and Victor T. Tsang, MD
Time: April 29, 4:55 PM ET
Abstract: www.aats.org/annualmeeting/Program-Books/2014/57.cgi

Release: Breath Analysis Offers Non-invasive Method to Detect Early Lung Cancer
Specificity Double that of PET Scans, According to Presentation at 94th AATS Annual Meeting
Presentation: “Quantitative analysis of exhaled carbonyl compounds distinguishes benign from malignant pulmonary disease,” by Michael Bousamra II, MD, Erin Schumer, MS, MD, Mingxiao Li, PhD, Ralph J. Knipp, MS, Michael H. Nantz, PhD, Victor van Berkel, MD, PhD, and Xiao-An Fu, PhD
Time: April 29, 5:15 PM ET

Release: Greater Surgeon Experience Increases Likelihood of Mitral Valve Repair vs Replacement
Presentation at 94th AATS Annual Meeting Confirms MV Repair Rates Still Vary Significantly by Hospital and by Surgeon
Presentation: “Mitral valve repair rates correlate with surgeon and institutional experience,” by Damien J. LaPar, MD, MSc, Gorav Ailawadi, MD, James Isbell, MD, MSc, Ivan K. Crosby, MD, John A. Kern, MD, Jeffrey B. Rich, MD, Alan M. Speir, MD, Irving L. Kron, MD
Time: April 30, 8:04 AM ET
Abstract: http://www.aats.org/annualmeeting/Program-Books/2014/79.cgi

Release: CT in the Operating Room Allows More Precise Removal of Small Lung Cancers
Procedure Helps Spare Healthy Lung Tissue, According to Presentation at 94th AATS Annual Meeting
Presentation: “Image-guided video assisted thoracic surgery (iVATS): A phase I/II clinical trial’s preliminary report,” by Yifan Zheng, Ritu Gill, Jagadeesan Jayender, Julianne Barlow, Erin Girard, Philip Meade Hartigan, and Rapheal Bueno
Time: April 30, 8:48 AM ET

Future Meetings
AATS 95th Annual Meeting
April 25 - 29, 2015
Washington State Convention and Trade Center
Seattle, WA, USA

AATS 96th Annual Meeting
May 14 - 18, 2016
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD, USA

AATS 97th Annual Meeting
April 29 – May 3, 2017
Boston Hynes Convention Center
Boston, MA, USA

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