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Market Improves for Graduates, But Early Bird, who Can 'Tweet,' Gets the Work

Released: 13-May-2014 9:00 PM EDT
Source Newsroom: Saint Mary's College
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It’s graduation season with Commencement at Saint Mary’s College (Notre Dame, Indiana) taking place at noon on Saturday. So what kind of job market are graduates marching into? The job outlook has been making a steady and gradual comeback since the recession hit in 2008, with hiring of bachelor’s level college graduates up 7 percent this year over last year, according to the Collegiate Employment Research Institute (CERI).

“While there seems to be mixed indicators about how college graduates across the country will do, the real test will come this summer. Those who have more ‘in-demand’ majors, who have had internships, and can offer employers the right set of skills, like how to effectively use social media, will be the most successful in their job search,” says Richard Measell, assistant professor of economics at Saint Mary’s College. “But this spring's graduates will also be competing with 2013 graduates who might be underemployed and looking for a better job.”

Seniors who start the job search earlier tend to find more opportunities and receive more offers, notes Stacie Jeffirs, director of the Career Crossings Office at Saint Mary’s College. “One of the challenges is getting seniors to start the job search process earlier rather than waiting until close to graduation or after graduation. Many of them are so busy and overwhelmed during their senior year that they put off job searching until after graduation,” said Jeffirs.

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