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Released: 7-Aug-2014 12:05 PM EDT

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Nova Southeastern University Back to School Experts

Nova Southeastern University based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has a range of Back to School experts. Below is a sampling of experts at Nova Southeastern University who can discuss a range of topics surrounding this hectic, yet exciting time of year. Please feel free to contact the appropriate media representative included with each subject area. Also, if you are doing a back to school story and do not see a particular topic or expert below, there is a good chance we can still help you. Just let us know.

Health (Media Contact: Jeremy Katzman – 954-262-5408, j.katzman@nova.edu)
• Deborah Ann Mulligan, M.D., director, Institute for Child Health Policy and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, NSU Health Professions Division
o Immunizations
o How to avoid getting sick
o How to avoid back injuries from carrying heavy backpacks and books
• Andrew Kusienski, D.O., assistant professor of osteopathic principles and practice,
assistant professor of sports medicine, and chair of the Department of Sports Medicine, NSU College of Osteopathic Medicine
o How to avoid and treat sports injuries
• Marilyn Gordon, Ed.D., RD, CSSD, LDN, registered dietitian, certified specialist in sports dietetics, licensed dietitian/nutritionist, NSU Clinics
o Healthy eating and how to pack healthy lunches

First-Year Reading Programs (Media Contact: Felecia Henderson – 954-262-5315, fhenders@nova.edu)
• Don Rosenblum, dean, NSU Farquhar College of Arts & Sciences
o Importance of first-year reading programs for college freshmen

Stress and Anxiety (Media Contact: Joe Donzelli, 954-262-2159, jdonzelli@nova.edu)
• Angela Waguespack, Ph.D., professor, NSU Center for Psychological studies
o How to handle/prevent back to school stress and anxiety for parents and students

Career Planning (Media Contact: Vera Mandilovitch, 954-262-5309, vmandilovitch@nova.edu)
• Shari Saperstein, M.A., NSU executive director of career development
o Importance of beginning career planning during freshman year of college

High School vs. College (Media Contact: Vera Mandilovitch, 954-262-5309, vmandilovitch@nova.edu)
• Daniel Sullivan, Ed.D., interim associate dean, NSU College of Undergraduate Studies
o Differences between what it is like to be a student in high school and college


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