International Law Professor Says US Has Longstanding Obligation to Protect Kurds

Article ID: 622294

Released: 20-Aug-2014 4:00 PM EDT

Source Newsroom: Creighton University

Expert Pitch

Michael J. Kelly J.D.Professor of Law Phone: (402) 402.212.6555 MichaelKelly@creighton.eduBio:, studio and Skype interviews available

Michael J. Kelly is associate dean and professor of Law at Creighton University. An expert on genocide and the Kurds, Kelly has consulted with the Kurdish government on their constitution and is the author of the book "Ghosts of Halabja: Saddam Hussein & the Kurdish Genocide" (2008) and the article "The Kurdish Regional Constitution within the Framework of the Iraqi Federal Constitution: A Struggle for Sovereignty, Oil, Ethnic Identity, and the Prospects for a Reverse Supremacy Clause" in vol. 114:3 of the Penn State Law Review (2010)

Professor Kelly can discuss several areas on international law, genocide and the Kurds:

An independent Kurdistan, what it takes to become a state, etc. Also, are the ISIS attacks against Christians and Yazidis genocide and are our air strikes legal under international law. He can also discuss the absence of a War Powers Resolution from Congress covering this action by the President.

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