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Research Finding Could Lead to New Therapies for Patients with Gluten Intolerance

Elafin, by interacting with the transglutaminase 2 enzyme, decreased the enzymatic reaction that increases the toxicity of peptides derived from gluten.
3/31/2014 10:00 AM EDT

McMaster Researchers Discover Secret of Bowel Movement

The McMaster team found that segmentation motion occurs when not one but two sets of pacemakers interact with each other to create a specific rhythm. Then they work together with nerves and muscle to generate the movement that allows for nutrient...
2/21/2014 11:00 AM EST

Origins of Plague: Scientists Reveal the Cause of One of the Most Devastating Pandemics in Human History


An international team of scientists has discovered that two of the world’s most devastating plagues – the plague of Justinian and the Black Death, each responsible for killing as many as half the people in Europe—were caused by distinct...
1/23/2014 8:00 AM EST

Researchers Find Fever-Reducing Medications May Aid Spread of Influenza

The researchers assembled information from many sources, including experiments on human volunteers and on ferrets, then used a mathematical model to compute how the increase in the amount of virus given off by a single person taking fever-reducing...
1/15/2014 1:00 PM EST

Scientists Unlock Evolution of Cholera, Identify Strain Responsible for Early Pandemics That Killed Millions


Working with a nearly 200-year-old sample of preserved intestine, researchers at McMaster University and the University of Sydney have traced the bacterium behind a global cholera pandemic that killed millions – a version of the same bug that...
1/7/2014 11:00 AM EST

Are We Hard-Wired to Follow Celebrity Medical Advice?


Celebrities have substantial sway as health advisers, as there are strong biological, psychological and social bases for why people follow celebrity medical advice, say McMaster University researchers. Celebrity power can be harnessed to...
12/13/2013 10:00 AM EST

Birds with Bigger “Badges” Rule the Roost

A New Zealand bird that conspicuously displays its status on the top of its head can provide valuable insight into the social conventions of all creatures, including humans, scientists have found.
12/2/2013 10:00 AM EST

Researchers Find Evidence of Ancient Human History Encoded in Music’s Complex Patterns

Just as fragments of ancient pottery and bones offer valuable information about human history, music can also reveal clues about the past, according to new research from an international team led by McMaster University psychologist Steven Brown.
11/19/2013 1:00 PM EST

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Facebook IPO: One Year Later - Experts Available


On Saturday, May 18, Facebook will mark its first year as a publicly traded company. Experts from the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University are available to discuss the anniversary of the landmark IPO.
5/13/2013 1:45 PM EDT

Experts Available to Discuss Culture of Celebrity Confession, Damage to Lance Armstrong Brand

Lance Armstrong’s much-anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey has raised many questions about why he has now admitted to doping and whether or not his reputation can ever be rehabilitated. McMaster University has experts available to comment on...
1/16/2013 2:00 PM EST

McMaster Expert Available to Discuss Modern Families and the Holidays

Norman Rockwell defined the winter holidays for an entire generation with his depictions of rosy-cheeked children and their doting parents set against a heartfelt winter wonderland. But much has changed since the Post War heyday of Rockwell, says...
12/5/2012 11:55 AM EST

Expert Available to Explain Why Saturday’s “Supermoon” Will Be Beautiful, but Not Super

Yes, it will be marginally brighter and larger, but Saturday’s so-called “supermoon” is not going to be noticeably different from the full moon of the month before or after, says a McMaster University astronomer.
5/4/2012 12:00 PM EDT

Technology Expert Available to Discuss New RIM PlayBook

RIM gets set to launch its new PlayBook tomorrow with hopes of competing against Apple’s iPad. But, will it measure up?
4/18/2011 3:10 PM EDT

McMaster Experts: World Health Day – April 7, 2011

The Theme for World Health Day (April 7) is antimicrobial resistance and its global spread - McMaster university experts can comment on antibiotic resistance, the search for new treatments, and the global spread of disease.
4/4/2011 2:55 PM EDT

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