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Hubble Paints Picture of the Evolving Universe

Astronomers have just assembled one of the most comprehensive portraits yet of the universe’s evolutionary history, based on a broad spectrum of observations by the Hubble Space Telescope and other space and ground-based telescopes. This photo...
16-Aug-2018 1:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Astronomers Uncover New Clues to the Star that Wouldn’t Die

Based on new data, researchers suggest that it takes more than a massive outburst to destroy the mammoth star Eta Carinae. The 1840s eruption may have been triggered by a prolonged stellar brawl among three rowdy sibling stars, which destroyed one...
2-Aug-2018 1:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Saturn and Mars Team Up to Make Their Closest Approaches to Earth in 2018

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has photographed Saturn and Mars near their closest approaches to Earth in June and July 2018. It’s now summertime in Saturn’s northern hemisphere and springtime in Mars’ southern hemisphere. The Hubble images...
26-Jul-2018 10:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites


Hubble and Gaia Team Up to Fuel Cosmic Conundrum

Using the Hubble and Gaia space observatories, astronomers have made the most precise measurements to date of the expansion of space, which may suggest reworking our understanding of the physics of the universe.
12-Jul-2018 10:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites


NASA’s Webb Space Telescope to Inspect Atmospheres of Gas Giant Exoplanets

In April 2018, NASA launched the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). Its main goal is to locate Earth-sized planets and larger “super-Earths” orbiting nearby stars for further study. One of the most powerful tools that will examine...
11-Jul-2018 10:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites


Astronomers Release Most Complete Ultraviolet-Light Survey of Nearby Galaxies

Using the Hubble Space Telescope's unparalleled sharpness and spectral range, an international research team has created the most comprehensive, high-resolution ultraviolet-light survey of star-forming galaxies in the local universe. The LEGUS data...
17-May-2018 1:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites


Hubble Detects Helium in the Atmosphere of an Exoplanet for the First Time

An international team of astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have detected helium in the atmosphere of the exoplanet WASP-107b. This is the first time this element has been detected in the atmosphere of a planet outside the solar system....
2-May-2018 1:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites


Stellar Thief Is the Surviving Companion to a Supernova

In the fading afterglow of a supernova explosion, astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have photographed the first image of a surviving companion to a supernova. This is the most compelling evidence that some supernovas originate in...
26-Apr-2018 1:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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