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Crop Rotation with Nematode-Resistant Wheat Can Protect Tomatoes

A resistant strain of wheat can reduce nematode numbers in the soil and protect the next rotation of tomato plants.
14-May-2013 9:00 AM EDT

U.S. A Surprisingly Large Reservoir of Crop Plant Diversity


North America isn’t known as a hotspot for crop plant diversity, yet a new inventory has uncovered nearly 4,600 wild relatives of crop plants in the United States, including close relatives of globally important food crops such as sunflower, bean,...
29-Apr-2013 12:00 PM EDT

Benefits of Bt Corn Go Beyond Rootworm Resistance

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign find that Bt corn has higher yields and uses nitrogen more efficiently than non-Bt corn.
6-Feb-2013 11:00 AM EST

New Research Finds Unique Crop Diversity, Struggle to Save It


It's considered an important crop for those living in a small village, nestled within the Sierra Juarez Mountains. And farming is the primary occupation for 600 residents of Santa Maria Jaltianguis in Oaxaca, Mexico. Most depend on the...
26-Jun-2012 5:15 PM EDT

Time is Ticking for Some Crop's Wild Relatives


New edge of extinction research is creating a revival of conservation and interest in what these old wild relatives of current crops mean to the future.
30-May-2012 11:55 AM EDT

New Research Reveals Challenges in Genetically Engineered Crop Regulatory Process

American Society of Agronomy and Crop Science Society of America member leads team to determine delays.
8-May-2012 10:30 AM EDT

Scab Resistance in Durum Wheat

Current durum wheat cultivars have no resistance to Fusarium head blight, but USDA researchers are searching for a solution to this widespread disease
16-Sep-2011 2:00 PM EDT

Breeding Soybeans for Improved Feed

A unique study shows the progress of soybean breeding for improved animal nutrition.
16-Sep-2011 1:40 PM EDT

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