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Love and War: Digitized Letters Preserve the Tale of a Texas Girl, Her Confederate Sweetheart and Their Secret Engagement


Feb. 14 was coming up quickly, and the two young lovers’ emotions were heating up the hundreds of miles between them. Their Civil War letters tell of their secret engagement during a tumultuous time in history.
10-Feb-2017 12:15 PM EST Add to Favorites

Romance and Wrangling as Valentine’s Day Nears: Here’s How to Handle Feuds with Your Partner


Fighting with your sweetie as Valentine’s Day approaches? Consider this as Cupid aims his bow and arrow yet again. “The most common thing that couples want from each other during a conflict is not an apology, but a willingness to give up...
9-Feb-2017 5:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

University Incubators May Lead to Lower-Quality Innovation, New Study Shows


The establishment of university-affiliated incubators is often followed by a reduction in the quality of university innovations, according to a new study co-authored by a Baylor University entrepreneurship professor. The study, published in...
8-Feb-2017 11:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Want to Ace an Exam? Tell a Friend What You Learned


Students who are given information and tell someone about it immediately recall the details better and longer — a strategy which could be a plus come test time, says a Baylor University researcher.
17-Jan-2017 1:15 AM EST Add to Favorites

Statewide Program About Risks of Early Sexual Behavior Proves Beneficial, Baylor Case Study Finds


Ohio students showed marked improvement in their understanding of the consequences of early sexual activity, the influence of peer pressure and other issues related to high-risk activities following statewide community-based programming during the...
19-Dec-2016 3:15 PM EST Add to Favorites

Five Areas for Givers to ‘Look Within and Without’ When Choosing Charities, Causes to Support


As they choose charities or causes to support during the holiday season, givers should consider five key areas – Gratitude, Passion, Need, Impact and Resources – as they look “within and without” to assess who they are, what they have been...
12-Dec-2016 6:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

Catholics More Committed to Workplaces Than Evangelicals Are, Baylor Study Finds


Catholics are more emotionally committed to their workplaces than are Evangelicals — and people with strong attachments to God, regardless of their faith group, are more committed to their jobs when they work for smaller companies, according to a...
12-Dec-2016 3:15 PM EST Add to Favorites

Wives with a 'Soul Mate' View of Marriage Are Less Likely to Volunteer and May Deter Husbands From Doing So, Too


Wives who have a romantic view of marriage are less likely to do volunteer work, leading their husbands to volunteer less as well.
28-Nov-2016 2:40 PM EST Add to Favorites

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Political Scientist and Author Of "Presidential Transitions" Available for Interviews


9-Feb-2017 1:05 AM EST

Fashion Forecasts for 2017: Less Cowhide, More Denim, Eye-Popping Sleeves -- and Consideration for the Planet


After years of wanting the cheapest prices possible for clothes, consumers are starting to consider how their clothes are made and their impact on the environment, says fashion forecaster/author Lorynn Divita, Ph.D., of Baylor University.
1-Feb-2017 10:25 AM EST

Four Tips to Help Communities and Churches Battle Human Trafficking: Baylor Expert


Baylor human trafficking expert Elizabeth Goatley, Ph.D., said large-scale national events like the Super Bowl draw attention to human trafficking, and it’s an appropriate time to make people aware of the epidemic, which victimizes hundreds of...
30-Jan-2017 2:05 PM EST

Expert Available to Discuss Trump’s Pending Nomination of a New Supreme Court Justice

26-Jan-2017 10:30 AM EST

Baylor Expert Available to Discuss Human Trafficking in Relation to Super Bowl Festivities


23-Jan-2017 1:05 PM EST

Consumer Behavior Expert Shares Four Savings Goals, Financial Tips for the New Year


A Baylor University consumer behavior expert shares four savings goals and offers a few tips to get in good financial shape in the coming year.
22-Dec-2016 11:05 AM EST

‘How Long Does Grief Last?’ Expert Shares Ways to Interact with Those Who’Ve Lost Loved Ones This Christmas


In this Q&A, grief expert Helen Harris, Ed.D., assistant professor in Baylor University’s Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, shares some insights about long-term grief and how we can approach others who are hurting during the holidays.
8-Dec-2016 5:05 PM EST

‘Low-Tech Terror’: Researcher Says Attack with Car and Butcher Knife at Ohio State Shows Evolving Forms of Terrorism

29-Nov-2016 10:30 AM EST

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