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Peer Support Specialists Offer Experienced-Based Help to Hospital Patients with Substance Use Disorders

Peer support specialists are people with a history of substance use disorder or mental illness who are in recovery and have been trained to provide personal, experience-based guidance and assistance to others with similar problems.
18-Apr-2018 6:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Prosthetic Memory System Successful in Humans, Study Finds

Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and the University of Southern California (USC) have demonstrated the successful implementation of a prosthetic system that uses a person’s own memory patterns to facilitate the brain’s ability to...
27-Mar-2018 7:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites


New iPad App Could Improve Colon Cancer Screening Rates

Say ordering a cancer screening test was as easy as booking a hotel room online. Would that improve screening rates?
8-Mar-2018 10:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Polymer Nanoparticle Shows Ability to Locate and Treat Breast Tumors

One major problem in treating cancer is identifying the location of small tumors and treating them before they metastasize.
12-Mar-2018 3:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites


Scientists Use Nanotechnology to Detect Molecular Biomarker for Osteoarthritis

For the first time, scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have been able to measure a specific molecule indicative of osteoarthritis and a number of other inflammatory diseases using a newly developed technology.
8-Mar-2018 11:55 AM EST Add to Favorites

Obesity Not a Risk Factor for Acute Respiratory Illnesses, Study Finds

Although obesity has been considered a risk factor for more-severe cases of the flu, a new study found that it is not a risk factor for severe acute respiratory illnesses, including the flu, in children or adults.
28-Feb-2018 10:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Study: Police Use of Force is Rare, as are Significant Injuries to Suspects

Police officers rarely use force in apprehending suspects, and when they do they seldom cause significant injuries to those arrested, according to a multi-site study published in the March issue of the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.
23-Feb-2018 10:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Scientists Create Most Sophisticated Human Liver Model Yet

Scientists have developed the most sophisticated mini-livers to date. These organoids can potentially help scientists better understand certain congenital liver diseases as well as speed up efforts to create liver tissue in the lab for...
13-Feb-2018 11:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

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Technology, Expertise and Collaboration Are Key in Quality Cardiovascular Care

People with heart and vascular conditions have benefited from technologies and treatments introduced in recent years. But traditional qualities such as expertise and teamwork are essential in making the most effective use of new products and...
22-Mar-2018 8:00 AM EDT


For Older Adults, Four-Pronged Approach Can Contribute to Healthy Aging

Jo Cleveland, M.D., professor of gerontology and geriatric medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, knows from experience that making lifestyle changes can be difficult for older adults. But she says there are four areas in which seniors can...
13-Feb-2018 8:00 AM EST

Sun Can Damage Skin Any Time of the Year

Skin damage from unprotected exposure to the sun can occur any time of year, even during the winter.
31-Jan-2018 3:25 PM EST


Child Life Specialists Play Key Role in Pediatric Hospital Care

Child life specialists are dedicated to helping children and their families cope with all aspects of hospitalization and making their experiences at the hospital as positive as possible – especially during the holiday season.
19-Dec-2017 5:00 PM EST


Taking a Look at Insomnia, From A to Z’s

An estimated 35 percent of this country’s 250 million adults experience occasional problems sleeping while roughly 20 percent have short-term or acute insomnia and approximately 10 percent have long-term or chronic insomnia. The reasons behind...
13-Dec-2017 4:00 PM EST


Integrative Medicine Takes Broad Perspective Toward Care

Integrative medicine? That’s stuff like acupuncture, yoga and meditation, right? Yes, they can be part of it, but for many practitioners integrative medicine is about prevention and wellness as well as treatment and incorporates more conventional...
27-Nov-2017 8:00 AM EST


Nanomedicine Researchers Target Disease at the Molecular Level

It’s truly small-scale work. But researchers in nanomedicine – the study, development and application of materials under 100 nanometers in size to diagnose and treat disease – are making some big-time advances.
19-Oct-2017 8:00 AM EDT


Effective Help Is Available for Migraine Sufferers

Although it’s the third most prevalent illness in the world, migraine is widely misunderstood and frequently undiagnosed. Until quite recently a common “remedy” for migraine was to lie in a dark room and wait for the pain to pass. But today...
22-Sep-2017 8:00 AM EDT

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