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All Hairstyles Are Not Created Equal


In a review of 19 studies, researchers at Johns Hopkins say they can confirm a “strong association” between certain scalp-pulling hairstyles — many common among African-Americans — and the development of traction alopecia, gradual hair loss...
27-Apr-2016 3:10 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Despite Recent Increases in Reported Food Allergy, Study Finds No Change in Antibody Levels Associated with Food Allergy

A new study using 5,000 stored blood samples found no increase in the presence of food-specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) -- a blood marker associated with food allergy -- in children's blood between the 1980s and the 2000s.
25-Apr-2016 3:45 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Sophisticated ‘Mini-Brains’ Add to Evidence of Zika’s Toll on Fetal Cortex


Studying a new type of pinhead-size, lab-grown brain made with technology first suggested by three high school students, Johns Hopkins researchers have confirmed a key way in which Zika virus causes microcephaly and other damage in fetal brains: by...
18-Apr-2016 3:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Patients at High Risk for Psychiatric Symptoms After a Stay in the Intensive Care Unit

Results of a multi-institutional national study of nearly 700 people who survived life-threatening illness with a stay in an intensive care unit (ICU) suggest that a substantial majority of them are at high risk for persistent depression, anxiety...
20-Apr-2016 2:40 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Immunotherapy Drug Shrinks Tumors in Half of Patients with Rare, Virus-Linked Skin Cancer


In a clinical trial of the immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab, half of 25 patients with a rare type of virus-linked skin cancer called Merkel cell carcinoma experienced substantial tumor shrinkage lasting nearly three times as long, on average, than...
19-Apr-2016 9:35 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Diabetes Drug, Metformin, Lowers Risk of Heart Disease Deaths Better Than Sulfonylureas, New Analysis Shows

A new analysis of 204 studies involving more than 1.4 million people suggests that metformin, the most frequently prescribed stand-alone drug for type 2 diabetes, reduces the relative risk of a patient dying from heart disease by about 30 to 40...
14-Apr-2016 12:20 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Preliminary Study: Antibody Therapy Reduces Cancer Stem Cells in Multiple Myeloma

An experimental antibody treatment decreased by half the number of cancer stem cells that drive the growth of tumors in nearly all patients with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow and bone tissue, according to results of a preliminary...
15-Apr-2016 2:45 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Experimental Drug Guadecitabine Found Safe in Patients with Colorectal Cancer


In a small, phase I clinical trial, Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center researchers say they show for the first time that the experimental drug guadecitabine (SGI-110) is safe in combination with the chemotherapy drug irinotecan and may overcome...
15-Apr-2016 3:15 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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