University of Utah Health Sciences

Name and Address
University of Utah Health Sciences
News office: Health Sciences Public Affairs
420 Chipeta Way, Ste. 1900
Salt Lake City UT 84108
United States
Phone news office: 801-581-7387
Phone main:
Fax news office: 801-585-5188

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Julie Kiefer Communications Specialist jkiefer@neuro.utah.e... 801-597-4258
Christopher Nelson Executive Director University of Utah Hospital/Medical School christopher.nelson@h... 801-581-5148
Melinda Rogers communications specialist 801-587-2130
Melinda Rogers Whetham Communications Specialist Health Sciences 801-587-1496
Phil Sahm Science Writer phil.sahm@hsc.utah.e... 801-581-2517
Lee Siegel senior science writer science engineering mines and Earth sciences social and behavioral sciences 801-581-8993
Kathy Wilets Associate Director, Media Relations kathy.wilets@hsc.uta... 801-581-5717