University of Cincinnati

Name and Address
University of Cincinnati
News office: Public Relations
PO Box 210065
Cincinnati OH 45221-0065
United States
Phone news office: 513-556-1822
Phone main: 513-556-6000
Fax news office: 513-556-2340

Contact Directory


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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Greg Hand Director and Associate Vice President for PR 513-556-1822
Suzanne Jeffrey Art Director Academic Health Center
M.B. Reilly Assistant Director Arts, Architecture, Applied Science reillymb@ucmail.uc.e... 513-556-1824
Pat Reith Business Manager 513-556-5229
Deb Rieselman Editor of UC Magazine
Greg Vehr 513-556-3028
Elissa Yancey Djrector of Media and Communications
Nicola Ziady Assistant VP Marketing & Communications 513-556-3015