University of Kentucky

Name and Address
University of Kentucky
News office: Public Relations
102A Mathews Bldg.
Lexington KY 40506-0047
United States
Phone news office: 859-257-1754
Phone main: 859-257-1754
Fax news office: 859-257-2635

Contact Directory


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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Elizabeth Adams Information Specialist elizabethadams@uky.e...
Katy Bennett Marketing Specialist Education, law, student government, & marketing 859-257-1754
Ann Blackford Dentistry, health sciences, nursing and public health ann.blackford@uky.ed... 859-323-6363
Jay Blanton Executive Director of Public Relations 859-257-6605
Kelley Bozeman Brand Management Deputy Director 859-257-3303
Laura Dawahare Public Relations Manager Neurology, cardiology, emergency medicine, Alzheimer's Disease, Aging laura.dawahare@uky.e... 859-257-5307
Sarah Geegan Information Specialist elections 859-257-5365
Alicia Gregory Video Producer 859-257-2980
Gail Hairston Communications Manager Human resources, facilities management & sustainability gail.hairston@uky.ed... 859-257-3302
Whitney Hale Senior Information Specialist Design, fine arts, libraries 859-257-8716
Keith Hautala Information Specialist Allergy, infectious disease, gastroenterology, psychiatry, pulmonary 859-323-6363 x231
Kathy Johnson Deputy Director, News Bureau public safety kathy.johnson@uky.ed... 859-257-3155
Amy Jones-Timoney Senior Informations Specialist for Multimedia News Admissions, development and campus video aljoneb@email.uky.ed... 859-257-1754
Kristi Lopez Director, Med Ctr. News Bureau 859-257-1754
Carl Nathe University Information Officer Business 859-257-1754
Amanda Nelson Co-Director of Communications education amanda.nelson@uky.ed...
Allison Perry Information Specialist allison.perry@uky.ed... 859-257-1754 x225
Julie Phillips Institutional Advancement 859-257-1076
Mallory Powell Information Specialist Senior Center for Clinical and Translational Science mallory.powell@uky.e... 859-323-2395
Jenny Wells Senior Information Specialist Communications, financial aid, capital projects and audio 859-257-5343