National Cancer Institute (NCI) at NIH

Name and Address
National Cancer Institute (NCI) at NIH
News office: Press
31 Center Dr., MSC 2580, Rm. 11A03
Bethesda MD 20892
United States
Phone news office: 301-496-6641
Phone main:
Fax news office: 301-496-0846

Contact Directory


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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Ann Benner Director of Communications
Janelle DeJoice dejoicer@mail.nih.go... 301-435-2995
Kristie Dionne 301-496-4394
Alicia Ebert-Lefko Principal Communication Specialist
Aleea Farrakh Media Relations Specialist ncipressofficers@mai... 301-496-6641
Margaret Farrell Communications Specialist farrellm@mail.nih.go... 301-435-7784
Susan Feldman Web Analytics Program Manager 301-496-9096
Richard Folkers 301-496-6641
Peter Garrett Senior Advisor to the Director peter.garrett@nih.go...
Nina Ghanem Public Affairs Specialist 301-594-3194
Jenny Haliski Chief, Media Relations Branch Jenny.Haliski@nih.go... 301-451-3228
Elisabeth Handley 301-437-6110
Shannon Hatch Public Affairs 301-496-6526
Chelsey Jahn Public Affairs Specialist
Lenora Johnson Communications and Education Director
Cindy Lollar Web Team 301-594-5712
Daryl McGrath Marketing Specialist dmcgrath@mail.nih.go... 240 252-4547
Mike Miller Senior Science Writer ncipressofficers@mai... 301-496-6641
Michael Moore mooremic@mail.nih.go... 301-594-3331
Kelley Murfin HCIP Fellow, Office of Public Affairs kelley.murfin@nih.go... 301-496-7389
David Nelson 301-594-9904
Linda Perrett Science/Technical Writer, Editor, Press Officer lindaperrett@yahoo.c... 301-496-6641
Felicia Solomon Public Health Advisor 301-435-1650
Mary Ann Van Duyn vanduynm@mail.nih.go... 301-402-3176