Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Name and Address
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
News office: PENN Medicine Communications
3535 Market St., Mezzanine
Philadelphia PA 19104
United States
Phone news office: 215-662-2560
Phone main: 215-662-2560
Fax news office: 215-349-8312

Contact Directory


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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Holly Auer Communications Director cancer holly.auer@uphs.upen... 215-349-5659
Katie Delach Senior Medical Communications Officer katie.delach@uphs.up... 617-406-1622
Lee-Ann Donegan Senior Medical Communications Officer leeann.donegan@uphs.... 215-349-5660
Olivia Fermano Senior Medical Communications Officer olivia.fermano@uphs.... 215-829-6799
Stephen Graff Senior Medical Communications Officer Stephen.Graff@uphs.u... 215-349-5653
Sharon Kolasinski Chair, Communications, MD 856-642-4215
Karen Kreeger Senior Science Communications Manager karen.kreeger@uphs.u... 215-349-5658
Laura Lombardo Coordinator, Public Affairs 215-349-5658
Kim Menard Sr. Med Comms Officer kim.menard@uphs.upen... 215-662-6183
Jessica Mikulski Senior Communications Officer jessica.mikulski@uph... 215-349-8369
Gregory Richter Communications Specialist gregory.richter@uphs... 215-614-1937
Ylonda Russell Administrative Assistant russelyl@uphs.upenn.... 215-349-5658