Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Name and Address
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
News office: Public Relations
34th Array Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia PA 19104
United States
Phone news office: 267-426-6050
Phone main: 215-590-1000
Fax news office: 267-426-6096

Contact Directory


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Name Title Beat Email Phone
John Ascenzi Medical / Science Writer ascenzi@email.chop.e... 267-426-6055
George Bochanski Public Relations Director all bochanskig@email.cho... 267-426-6080
Alison Fraser Marketing & Communications Specialist Pediatric Medicine, Children's Health, Pediatric Medical Researc frasera1@email.chop.... 267-426-6054
Joey McCool Ryan Senior Public Relations Specialist mccool@email.chop.ed... 267-426-6070
Ashley Moore Public Relations Specialist Surgery moorea1@email.chop.e... 267-426-6071
Rachel Salis-Silverman Senior Public Relations Specialist 267-426-6063
Natalie Virgilio Public Relations Specialist virgilion@email.chop... 267-426-6246
Dana Weidig Public Relations Specialist Autism, Vaccines, Injury, carseats, teen drivers, health policy mortensen@email.chop... 267-426-6092