Arizona State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Name and Address
Arizona State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
News office: Media Relations
PO Box 876505
Tempe AZ 85287-6505
United States
Phone news office: 480-965-6375
Phone main: 480-965-6375
Fax news office: 480-727-6900

Contact Directory


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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Nick Adamakis Director of Marketing 480-727-8934
Sarah Auffret Assistant Director, Public Affairs Student news, freshman programs, student health, alumni, Law College, scholarships, commencement 480-965-6991
Diane Boudreau Editor / Writer Biology biotechnology, Earth sciences Environment Health Life genetics neurology Nutrition Social diane.boudreau@asu.e... 602-965-7260
Geoffrey Boyarsky Manager, Communications 602-543-5316
Christopher Callahan Dean Christopher.Callahan... 602-496-5012
Gary Campbell Communications Director 480-965-7209
Margaret Coulombe Director, Academic Communications School of Life Sciences Margaret.coulombe@as... 480-965-8045
Stephen Des Georges Senior Director Editorial Services ASU Foundation Stephen.Desgeorges@a... 480-727-0757
Keith Jennings Assistant Director, Media Relations 480-965-3504
Sharon Keeler Media Relations Director sharon.keeler@asu.ed... 480-965-4012
Joseph Kullman Media Relations Officer Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering 480-965-8122
Virgil Renzulli VP for Public Affairs 480-965-8526
Joan Sherwood Communications Director Education, College of Public Programs joan.sherwood@asu.ed... 480-965-2114
Judith Smith Media Relations 480-965-4821

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