Texas Tech University

Name and Address
Texas Tech University
News office: Commuincations and Marketing
15th and Akron, Administration Bldg., Rm. 167
Lubbock TX 79409
United States
Phone news office: 806-742-2136
Phone main: 806-742-2136
Fax news office: 806-742-1615

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today.ttu.edu Texas Tech's Daily News Website
http://www.depts.ttu.edu/commu... Texas Tech's Monthly Newsletter
experts.ttu.edu Texas Tech Experts Online Directory
today.ttu.edu/media/ Texas Tech Communications and Marketing Office Website
www.newswise.com/articles/list... Texsa Tech Newswise Articles
www.newswise.com/articles/list... Experts Available on Newswise



Name Title Beat Email Phone
K'Leigh Bedingfield Senior Editor Internal Communications kleigh.bedingfield@t... 806-742-2136
Chris Cook Managing Director Communications & Marketing chris.cook@ttu.edu 806-742-2136
John Davis Senior Editor, Science Writer science john.w.davis@ttu.edu 806-742-2136
Scott Lacefield Associate Director scott.lacefield@ttu.... 806-742-2136
Allison Matherly Sr. Editor for PR in New Media allison.matherly@ttu... 806-742-2136
Sally Post formerly senior director sally.post@ttu.edu 806-742-2136
Karin Slyker Senior Editor karin.slyker@ttu.edu 806-834-3520
Heidi Toth Senior Editor College of Human Sciences; College of Education; College of Visual and Performing Arts heidi.toth@ttu.edu 806-834-6357
George Watson Senior Editor Agriculture, Law, Business, Media and Communication, Architecture george.watson@ttu.ed... 806-742-2136
Glenys Young Senior Editor glenys.young@ttu.edu 806-742-2136