Wolters Kluwer Health: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

Name and Address
Wolters Kluwer Health: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
News office:
Two Commerce Sq., 2001 Market St., FL 3
Philadelphia PA 19103
United States
Phone news office: 215-521-8374
Phone main: 215-521-8300
Fax news office: 215-521-8495

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Robert Dekker VP Communications robert.dekker@wolter... 215-521-8928
Brian Freiland Portfolio Marketing Manager brian.freiland@wolte...
Connie Hughes Director, Corp Communications connie.hughes@wolter... 646-674-6348
Brian McAllister Sr. Porfolio Marketing Manager brian.mcallister@wol... 215-521-8319
Ellen Robinson Public Relations Intern ellen.robinson@wolte... 646-674-6300 x6636
Jordyn Weiss Medical Book Group Jordyn.Weiss@wolters... 215-521-8806