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Thursday, February 1, 2018

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Medical News

White Adults With Mental Illness Far More Likely Than Other Ethnic Groups to Report Insufficient Money for Care and Delays in Care

White adults with mental illness were significantly more likely than those of other ethnicities to report having insufficient money for mental health care or facing delays in care, a Mount Sinai study found. Whites were 50 percent more likely than bl...

– Mount Sinai Health System

Psychiatric Services

Embargo expired on 01-Feb-2018 at 00:00 ET

Nurses Encouraged to Consider Uncommon Causes for Abdominal Pain

Mesenteric ischemia and infarction (MI) are infrequent but often deadly conditions in acute and critically ill patients, with a mortality rate of 50 to 60 percent. By considering the uncommon diagnosis in patient assessment and evaluation, nurses can...

– American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN)

Critical Care Nurse, February 2018

Embargo expired on 01-Feb-2018 at 07:00 ET

Catheter Ablation Better Than Pharmacological Atrial Fibrillation Therapies

A new study revealed patients receiving radiofrequency catheter ablation compared to traditional drug therapies for atrial fibrillation (AF), a contributing factor to heart failure, had significantly lower hospitalization and mortality rates. The fin...

– University of Utah Health

New England Journal of Medicine

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 17:00 ET

In-Person License Renewal, not Physician Reporting, Associated with Fewer Crash Hospitalizations Among Drivers with Dementia

Requiring physicians to report patients with dementia to state driver’s licensing authorities is not associated with fewer hospitalizations from motor vehicle crashes. However, in-person license renewal laws and vision testing dramatically cut cras...

– Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh


Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 16:00 ET

T Cell Therapy Shows Persistent Benefits in Young Leukemia Patients

Updated results from a global clinical trial of the CAR T-cell therapy, tisagenlecleucel, a landmark personalized treatment for a high-risk form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), reveal that children and young adults continued to show high rates...

– Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

New England Journal of Medicine, Feb. 1, 2018

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 17:00 ET

Balance Exercises May Help People with Multiple Sclerosis

A special program that involves balance and eye movement exercises may help people with multiple sclerosis (MS) with their balance problems and fatigue, according to a study published in the January 31, 2018, online issue of Neurology®, the medical ...

– American Academy of Neurology (AAN)


Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 16:00 ET

Diabetes Management Greatly Improved in High-Risk Ethnic Population through Community-Based Program

An ethnic population at high risk for Type 2 diabetes achieved significant control of the disease through participation in community-based health programs, according to a randomized controlled trial published January 31 by researchers at NYU School o...

– NYU Langone Health

Clinical Diabetes; P60MD000538; UL1TR000038; U48DP001904; U58DP005621

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 10:00 ET

Standing Several Hours a Day Could Help You Lose Weight, Mayo Clinic Research Finds

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Standing instead of sitting for six hours a day could help people lose weight over the long term, according to a Mayo Clinic study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

– Mayo Clinic

European Journal of Preventive Cardiology

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 18:00 ET

Stroke Recovery Improved by Sensory Deprivation, Mouse Study Shows

Mice that had experienced strokes were more likely to recover the ability to use a front paw if their whiskers were clipped following a stroke. Trimming the whiskers deprives an area of the mouse’s brain from receiving sensory signals from the anim...

– Washington University in St. Louis

Science Translational Medicine, Jan-2018; R01NS084028; F31NS089135; R01NS078223; P01NS080675; K25NS083754; 13POST14240023; 14PRE18410013

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 14:00 ET

includes video

Like Zika, West Nile Virus Causes Fetal Brain Damage, Death in Mice

Two viruses closely related to Zika – West Nile and Powassan – can spread from an infected pregnant mouse to her fetuses, causing brain damage and fetal death, according to a new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. T...

– Washington University in St. Louis

Science Translational Medicine, Jan-2018; R01AI081759; K08 AR070918; R21 EY027870; R01 HD075665; R01 AI073755; R01 AI104972; U19 AI083019; R01 HD091218...

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 14:00 ET

MD Anderson Study Evaluates Need for Biopsies During Follow-Up Care in Women with Early Breast Cancer

In an analysis of more than 120,000 women diagnosed with and treated for early-stage breast cancer, researchers from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center determined the rate of additional breast biopsies needed for these patients during ...

– University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

JAMA Surgery

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 11:00 ET

‘Anxiety Cells’ Identified in the Brain’s Hippocampus

Researchers have identified cells that indicate anxiety in the brains of mice.

– Columbia University Medical Center

Neuron; National Institutes of Health; KO1AG054765; R01AG043688

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 12:00 ET

includes video

Landmark International Study: CAR T-Cell Therapy Safe and Effective in Children and Young Adults with Leukemia

Results of the global, multicenter, pivotal phase 2 study that led to the first FDA approval of a gene therapy/cell therapy approach known as CAR T-cell therapy, were published today in the New England Journal of Medicine.

– Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

New England Journal of Medicine

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 17:00 ET

Permanecer de pie varias horas al día puede ayudar a bajar de peso, descubre estudio de Mayo Clinic

Permanecer de pie, en lugar de sentado, durante seis o más horas diarias puede con el tiempo ayudar a la gente a bajar de peso, según un estudio de Mayo Clinic publicado en European Journal of Preventive Cardiology (Revista europea de cardiología ...

– Mayo Clinic

European Journal of Preventive Cardiology

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 18:00 ET

AHA Scientific Statement Highlights Intersection of Heart Disease and Breast Cancer

A new scientific statement issued by the American Heart Association underscores the commonalities between cardiovascular disease and breast cancer among women, and it calls for more focus on research and specialized treatment where the diseases overl...

– Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center


Embargo expired on 01-Feb-2018 at 05:00 ET

Boosting a Key Protein to Help Bones That Won’t Heal

A powerful protein inside the body helps naturally repair bone injuries. Increasing it in some patients could jump-start the process, a new rodent study finds.

– Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

NPJ Regenerative Medicine

Mount Sinai Researchers Discover Possible Link between Diet and Back Injuries

Healthy Eating Could Decrease Risk of Vertebral Fractures, Especially in Women

– Mount Sinai Health System

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research; NIH/NIAMS R01 AR069315-01A1

Researchers Identify Novel Drivers of Cancer Stem Cells That Lead to Colon Cancer Development and Growth

In breakthrough colon cancer research, scientists at Christiana Care Health System’s Center for Translational Cancer Research (CTCR) of the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute have discovered that over-expression of HOXA4 and HOXA9 g...

– Christiana Care Health System

Journal of Cellular Physiology, Vol. 233, Issue 2

WVU Report Links Fentanyl Use to Amnesia

A case report by a West Virginia University neuropsychologist suggests a new reason fentanyl-alone, or in combination with stimulants-may put substance users at risk, whether they take it knowingly or not. It may cause amnesia.

– West Virginia University

Annals of Internal Medicine

Breaking Research That Could Improve Treatment of Pregnancy Complications Published in AACC’s The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine

A study in AACC’s The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine has for the first time established female-specific reference ranges for several biological variables that play key roles in thrombosis—or blood clotting—during pregnancy. This researc...

– American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC)

The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine, Jan-2018

New Explanation for Why Airways Close in Asthma Holds Promise for Future Class of Drugs

Houston Methodist researchers have a new explanation for what causes the lungs’ airways to close during asthma attacks. The researchers who published the study in the Feb. 5 issue of the Journal of Experimental Medicine note that the discovery hold...

– The Rockefeller University Press

Journal of Experimental Medicine, February 5, 2018; R01AI129906; R01AI106200

Chlorinated Lipids Predict Lung Injury and Death in Sepsis Patients

Researchers studied blood samples taken from patients diagnosed with sepsis and found that elevated chlorinated lipids predicted whether a patient would go on to suffer acute respiratory distress symptom (ARDS) and die within 30 days from a lung inju...

– Saint Louis University Medical Center

Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight; Journal of Lipid Research

Machine Learning Techniques Generate Clinical Labels of Medical Scans

The study’s findings will help train artificial intelligence to diagnose diseases

– Mount Sinai Health System


includes video

Following ISIS Captivity, Yazidi Women Suffering from High Percentage of C-PTSD

From what long-term psychological effects are Yazidi women suffering after being captured, raped, beaten, and locked away by ISIS? A comprehensive study led by Bar-Ilan University researchers has shown that a very high percentage of these women were...

– Bar-Ilan University

World Psychiatry

New Magnet-Based Drug Delivery System Shows Promise for Cancer Treatment

A team of researchers at the University of Georgia has developed a non-invasive method of delivering drugs directly to cancerous tissue using magnetic forces, a form of treatment that could significantly reduce the toxic side effects of chemotherapy....

– University of Georgia

Nature Catalysis

Self-Assembled “Hairy” Nanoparticles Could Give a Double Punch to Cancer


– Georgia Institute of Technology

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; FA9550-16-1-0187; 1562075

Affordable Care Act’s 1332 Waiver Examined by Policy Experts

Potential impacts of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Section 1332 State Innovation Waivers examined.

– Rutgers School of Public Health

Composite Materials Key to Enhancing Life of Potentially Failing Infrastructure

Structurally deficient bridges can be bolstered by the use of composite materials, a rehabilitation method for failing structures that enhances the structures' service life and minimizes the cost of field implementation, according to a West Virginia ...

– West Virginia University

Reduced Cancer Risk with Groundwater Treatment Requirements

Cancer risk due to arsenic exposure in Hopewell Township (Mercer County), New Jersey is reduced with the use of arsenic treatment systems.

– Rutgers School of Public Health

The Medical Minute: Health Risks of Smoking Go Beyond Lung Cancer

Doctors ask patients about smoking habits for the same reason they check weight, blood pressure, breathing and heart beat during a visit.

– Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Vasculitis Foundation Establishes “VF Bob Day” February 1, 2018; Celebrating Longtime Volunteer’s Contributions with Global Awareness Initiative

VF Bob is a new campaign launched by the Vasculitis Foundation to honor the late Bob Sahs, one of the organization's greatest awareness advocates. The goal of the campaign is to both spread awareness about autoimmune vasculitis, and to promote the w...

– Vasculitis Foundation

Expert Available: Amazon, Berkshire and JPMorgan Plan for Health Care Consolidation, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan announced plans yesterday to combine forces to manage employees’ health care, with a claim that they will develop technological solutions for simplified, high-quality healthcare. These companies represen...

Expert Available

– Wake Forest University

Steven R. Brant Sheds Light on the Genetics of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Brant’s hire establishes Rutgers as one of the six IBD Genetics Consortium centers.

Expert Available

– Rutgers University

Dr. Julia Piwoz’s Top Ten Tips for Kids (and their parents) with the Flu

Julia A. Piwoz, M.D., FAAP, chief, Section of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at Hackensack Meridian Health Hackensack University Medical Center has created a list of Top Ten Tips for Kids (and their pare...

Expert Available

– Hackensack Meridian Health

Sun Can Damage Skin Any Time of the Year

Skin damage from unprotected exposure to the sun can occur any time of year, even during the winter.

Expert Available

– Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Endocrine Society Calls for Improved Guidance to Identify Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals

The Endocrine Society called for European regulators to ensure that endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) can be identified using practical, achievable scientific standards in detailed comments on a draft guidance document for implementing criteria f...

– Endocrine Society

National Academy of Medicine Names a Leader of Mount Sinai’s Arnhold Institute for Global Health to Inaugural Emerging Leaders Program

Sandeep Kishore, MD, PhD, Associate Director, The Arnhold Institute for Global Health, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, has been named as a member of The National Academy of Medicine’s (NAM’s) first Emerging Leaders Forum

– Mount Sinai Health System

Five Endocrine Society Leaders Join Its Governing Council

Five new Officers and Council Members will join the leadership of the Endocrine Society, the world’s largest global membership organization of endocrinologists dedicated to accelerating scientific innovation and improving health worldwide.

– Endocrine Society

CRF to Hold Free Seminar on Diabetes and Heart Disease in New York City During American Heart Month

The Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) will hold a free seminar, “The Link Between Diabetes & Your Heart,” for the New York City community on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. The seminar, part of a series of Mini-Med Schools conducted by the CR...

– Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF)

Peter Nagele to Lead Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care

Peter Nagele, MD, an internationally recognized trauma anesthesiologist, researcher and educator, has been appointed professor and chair of the Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care at the University of Chicago Medicine, effective March 1, 2018....

– University of Chicago Medical Center

During National Nutrition Month, “Go Further with Food” by Preparing Meals in Advance, Says Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

During National Nutrition Month®, celebrated each March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics encourages everyone to “Go Further with Food” by preparing meals in advance to enjoy throughout the week.

– Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

NCCN Reaches New Records for Guidelines, Resources, and Programs

NCCN Reaches New Records for Guidelines, Resources, and Programs with eight million copies of the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) downloaded by more than one million people across the globe in 2017.

– National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®)

Forget Phil, ‘Springcasting’ Web Tool Can Predict a Shifting Spring

Punxsutawney Phil – the prognosticating groundhog who famously foretells the arrival of spring – may need a new job. Cornell University’s Emergent Climate Risk Lab has unveiled Springcasting, a web tool to determine the onset of spring – a fu...

– Cornell University

Science News

From Fungi to Humans, 'Smart Valves' Assist Communication Within, Between Cells

Googling "SNARE proteins," neuroscientist Edward Chapman gets a screenful of images showing corkscrew-shaped molecules, intertwined as they seize the outer membranes of two cells. "They did not give us credit at Wikipedia, but we drew that cartoon," ...

– University of Wisconsin-Madison

Nature, Jan. 31, 2018

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 13:00 ET

DOE's HPC4Manufacturing Program Seeks Industry Proposals

The Department of Energy (DOE) on Feb. 1 announced up to $3 million will be made available to U.S. manufacturers for public/private projects aimed at applying high performance computing to industry challenges for the advancement of energy innovation....

– Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Embargo expired on 01-Feb-2018 at 05:00 ET

Physicist Michael H. Moloney Named New AIP CEO

The American Institute of Physics announced the hiring of a new CEO today. Experimental physicist Michael H. Moloney, coming from U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, will assume the role March 5, 2018. AIP is a nonprofit f...

– American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 12:00 ET

Novel Computational Biology Model Accurately Describes Dynamics of Gene Expression

Using a simple analytical framework for random events within a predictable system, computational biologists have found a new way to accurately model certain forms of gene expression, including the body's 24-hour internal clock. This new approach of a...

– Los Alamos National Laboratory

Royal Society Interface

Would You Adhere to a Mandatory Wildfire Evacuation? There Are Reasons Some Prefer to Stay

While many people heed wildfire evacuation warnings from officials, there are those who choose to stay and defend their homes, as well as a growing number of individuals who tend to “wait and see.” Both a lack of preparedness to defend one’s h...

– Society for Risk Analysis (SRA)

Risk Analysis: An International Journal

ID’ing Features of Flu Virus Genome May Help Target Surveillance for Pandemic Flu

A pandemic flu outbreak could kill millions. Now, researchers have found features of the virus's genome that influence how well it multiplies. The findings could help target pandemic flu surveillance efforts to make it easier to find the next outbrea...

– Washington University in St. Louis

Nature Communications, Jan -2018; P01-AI120943; R01-AI118938; 5T32GM007067; 2T32AI007172

Reconstructing an Ancient Lethal Weapon

University of Washington researchers reconstructed prehistoric projectiles and points from ancient sites in what is now Alaska and studied the qualities that would make for a lethal hunting weapon. By examining and testing different projectile points...

– University of Washington

Journal of Archaeological Science

Columbia Engineers Develop Flexible Lithium Battery for Wearable Electronics

Columbia Engineering researchers have developed a prototype of a high-performance flexible lithium-ion battery that demonstratesconcurrentlyboth good flexibility and high energy density. The battery is shaped like the human spine and allows rem...

– Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science

Advanced Materials Jan 31 2018

includes video

UCI Scientists Develop New Chemical Tool to Study RNA Structures Inside Cells

University of California, Irvine scientists have created a new chemical tool that can analyze RNA structures within living cells. The technique could facilitate a better grasp of how RNA structures fold and form in cells, as well as help in the desig...

– University of California, Irvine

Nature Chemical Biology, Jan-2018

Coastal Water Absorbing More Carbon Dioxide

New research by the University of Delaware and other institutions reveals that water over continental shelves is shouldering more atmospheric carbon dioxide, which may have implications for scientists studying how much carbon dioxide can be released ...

– University of Delaware

Nature Communications

Gene Enhancers Are Important Despite Apparent Redundancy

Scientists answered a long-standing question about the role of enhancers. And by better linking the genomic complement of an organism with its expressed characteristics, their work offers new insights that further the growing field of systems biology...

– Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Nature, Jan-2018; doi:10.1038/nature25461

Arctic Lakes Are Releasing Relatively Young Carbon, UCI-Led Study Discovers

When Arctic permafrost soil thaws, greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, but most of the carbon currently escaping from lakes in northern Alaska is relatively young, according to a new study led by researchers at the University of Califo...

– University of California, Irvine

Nature Climate Change-Jan 2018

Magnetic Trick Triples the Power of SLAC’s X-Ray Laser

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have discovered a way to triple the amount of power generated by the world’s most powerful X-ray laser. The new technique, developed at SLAC’s Linac Coherent Light So...

– SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

M. W. Guetg et al., Physical Review Letters, 3 January 2018 (120.014801)

UF/IFAS Rethinking Forest Protection; Hosts UN Expert as Lecturer

Shiroma Sathyapala, a forest health and protection officer with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, will give the lecture. Her topic is: “Invasive species, climate change, plantation forestry, timber consumption and trade a...

– University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

University of Washington, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Team Up to Make the Materials of Tomorrow

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington have announced the creation of the Northwest Institute for Materials Physics, Chemistry and Technology — or NW IMPACT — a joint research endeavor to power discoveries and ...

– University of Washington

NUS Engineering Secures S$4.9 Million in Partnerships to Develop Next-Generation Hybrid Flexible Electronics

The National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Engineering has established seven new partnerships under its Hybrid-Integrated Flexible Electronic Systems (HiFES) programme to develop next-generation hybrid flexible electronics. These partnership...

– National University of Singapore

Mariana Wolfner Recognized with 2018 Genetics Society of America Medal

The Genetics Society of America (GSA) is pleased to announce that Professor Mariana Wolfner of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Cornell University is the recipient of the 2018 Genetics Society of America Medal for her work on repro...

– Genetics Society of America

UAH Part of Team Awarded the Rossi Prize for High-Energy Astrophysics

The Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) team was selected by the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomical Society as the 2018 recipient of the Rossi Prize. The team was recognized for their role in the first joint detection of g...

– University of Alabama Huntsville

DOI:10.3847/2041-8213/aa8f41; DOI:10.3847/2041-8213/aa91c9; DOI:10.3847/2041-8213/aaa4f2

American Physical Society Honors Prof. Eugene Parker’s Lifetime of Physics Research

Prof. Emeritus Eugene Parker’s ideas were once widely questioned in the physics world. This week, he will receive one of the field’s highest honors. Parker will receive the American Physical Society’s Medal for Exceptional Achievement in Resear...

– University of Chicago

Lifestyle & Social Sciences

Empathetic Experiences Lead to a Bias in Our Judgment of the Strength of Others’ Emotions

Empathetic Experiences Lead to a Bias in Our Judgment of the Strength of Others’ Emotions

– University of Haifa

journal Cognition and Emotion

Study Finds Strategies to Encourage 50 Percent Tax-Refund Saving

The W-2s are arriving, and taxpayers are preparing to file their 2017 federal income taxes. For low- and moderate-income taxpayers, the possibility of a modest windfall looms: Will they receive a refund?For these taxpayers, 80 percent of the time, th...

– Washington University in St. Louis

Behavioral Science & Policy

Ethical Leadership Can Have Negative Consequences, Baylor University Researchers Say

A new Baylor study published in the Journal of Business Ethics reveals that ethical leadership compounded by job-hindrance stress and supervisor-induced stress can lead to employee deviance and turnover. The research reflects the thoughts of 609 empl...

– Baylor University

Journal of Business Ethics

Wichita State University Teaching Code to Elementary Students to Fill Coder Pipeline

With job openings exceeding qualified applicants by a ratio of 10:1, Kansas employers have an urgent, unmet demand for employees with computer programming skills. In response, the Wichita State University College of Engineering is working to introduc...

– Wichita State University

Helping Police, Public Understand How Perception Shapes Race Bias

Stephen Biggs noticed something missing from the conversations on campus about race and the Black Lives Matter movement. No one was talking about the influence of implicit bias, so the Iowa State University assistant professor of philosophy decided t...

– Iowa State University

Gonzaga Presents World Premiere of Theatre Production Based on Interviews with Veterans

SPOKANE, Wash. – “Coming Home: A Soldiers’ Project,” an original play based on interviews with military veterans that explores what it’s like to return from war to Spokane and Gonzaga University, makes its world premiere at 7:30 p.m., Frida...

– Gonzaga University

Valentine's Day 2018 Shopping Tips

Valentine’s spending looks to enjoy a similar boost as seen with the 2017 holiday season, the most since the Great Recession of 2009. Strong indicators include a roaring stock market, low unemployment and high consumer confidence.

Expert Available

– Texas A&M University

Pac-12 Students Launch Esports Organization

The University of Utah's esports program along with student video game clubs from 10 other Pac-12 universities have formed a new unofficial esports organization to compete in multiplayer video games.

– University of Utah

Business News

Babson Vice Provost Brush Receives USASBE Lifetime Achievement Award For Entrepreneurship

Babson College Vice Provost of Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Candida Brush has received the Max S. Wortman, Jr. / USASBE Lifetime Achievement Award for Entrepreneurship.

– Babson College





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