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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Medical News

More Primary Care May Reduce Rates of Respiratory Failure

Increased use of primary care may reduce rates of respiratory failure and admissions to the intensive care unit, according to research presented at ATS 2019.

– American Thoracic Society (ATS)

ATS 2019

Embargo expired on 21-May-2019 at 16:45 ET

COPD Exacerbations May Decrease with Web-Based Intervention

COPD patients who were given a pedometer and participated in a web-based intervention that helped them set physical activity goals, provided feedback and disease self-management education, and offered a community forum were less likely to experience ...

– American Thoracic Society (ATS)

ATS 2019

Embargo expired on 21-May-2019 at 15:15 ET

Microvascular Eye Disease May Help Lung Doctors See Vascular Damage in PAH

Retinal vascular tortuosity, a microvascular abnormality of the eye, may provide doctors with a noninvasive way of determining the extent of vascular remodeling in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension,

– American Thoracic Society (ATS)

ATS 2019

Embargo expired on 21-May-2019 at 17:00 ET

African Americans with COPD Appear Less Likely to Use Pulmonary Rehab

African American patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, are less likely to participate in pulmonary rehabilitation programs than white patients, even when there are programs nearby,

– American Thoracic Society (ATS)

ATS 2019

Embargo expired on 21-May-2019 at 11:00 ET

New Technique Promises Improved Metastatic Prostate Cancer Detection

Results reported in Biomicrofluidics promise a new way to detect prostate cancer through a simple device, which forces cell samples through channels less than 10 microns wide. When prostate cancer cells are forced through, the metastatic cells exhibi...

– American Institute of Physics (AIP)


Embargo expired on 21-May-2019 at 11:00 ET

Only Half of U.S. Kids and Teens Have Ideal Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol levels in U.S. youth have improved from 1999 to 2016, but only half of children and adolescents are in the ideal range and 25 percent are in the clinically high range, according to a study published in JAMA, led by Amanda Marma Perak, MD ...

– Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

JAMA, May-2019

Embargo expired on 21-May-2019 at 11:00 ET

UNLV Study Reveals Breakthrough in Understanding Our Brain’s Ability to Retrieve Long-Term Memories

UNLV researchers have discovered a novel method for how two parts of the brain — the hippocampus and the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) — work together to retrieve long-term memories.

– University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

Cell Reports, May 21, 2019

Embargo expired on 21-May-2019 at 11:00 ET

Mayo experts to present findings at Digestive Disease Week 2019

Mayo Clinic researchers are among international experts who will present findings next week at Digestive Disease Week 2019, the world's largest gathering of physicians, researchers and industry leaders in gastroenterology and related fields.

– Mayo Clinic

Digestive Disease Week 2019, May 18-21, 2019

Embargo expired on 21-May-2019 at 18:00 ET

Proton Therapy for Cancer Lowers Risk of Side Effects

Proton therapy results in fewer side effects than traditional X-ray radiation therapy for many cancer patients, according to a new study led by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the Perelman School of Medicine at University of...

– Washington University in St. Louis

ASCO annual meeting 2019

Proton Therapy Lowers Risk of Side-Effects Compared to Conventional Radiation

Cancer patients getting proton therapy instead of traditional photon radiation are at a significantly lower risk of experiencing side-effects from their radiation therapy, while cure rates are almost identical between the two groups.

– Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

ASCO 2019

New Pain Management Protocol Sends 92 Percent of Cancer Surgery Patients Home with No Opioids

A specialized pain management program for patients who underwent robotic surgery for urologic cancers resulted in just eight percent going home with narcotics after discharge, compared to 100 percent who would have received them without this enhanced...

– Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

20129 ASCO Annual Meeting

Sleep problems in teenagers reversed in just one week by limiting screen use

Sleep in teenagers can be improved by just one week of limiting their evening exposure to light-emitting screens on phones

– European Society of Endocrinology

European Society of Endocrinology Annual Meeting

Statistical model could predict future disease outbreaks

Several University of Georgia researchers teamed up to create a statistical method that may allow public health and infectious disease forecasters to better predict disease reemergence, especially for preventable childhood infections such as measles ...

– University of Georgia

PLOS Computational Biology

Doctors can estimate patient adherence by simply asking about medication routine

Doctors know patients do not always take their medications as prescribed. To help them stay on track, new Iowa State University research suggests doctors stop asking patients about missed pills and start asking about their routines.

– Iowa State University

Journal of General Internal Medicine

Multiple Brain Regions Moderate and Link Depressive Mood and Pain

University of California San Diego School of Medicine research expands and deepens the association between clinical depression and pain, identifying specific regions of the brain that drive, influence and moderate depressive mood and its relationship...

– University of California San Diego Health


A super tool helps kids with autism improve socialization skills

A team of NIH-funded researchers at Stanford University Medical School has found that children with autism improved measurably on a test of socialization and learning when their therapy included an at-home intervention with Google Glass. The smart sy...

– National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering

JAMA Pediatrics; EB025025; HD091500

Space Travel and Your Joints

A novel Henry Ford Hospital study of mice aboard a Russian spaceflight may raise an intriguing question for the astronauts of tomorrow: Could traveling in space be bad for your joints? Researchers found early signs of cartilage breakdown in the mi...

– Henry Ford Health System

Early Life Exposure to Nicotine Alters Neurons, Predisposes Brain to Addiction Later in Life

Neonatal exposure to nicotine alters the reward circuity in the brains of newborn mice, increasing their preference for the drug in later adulthood, report researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine in a published study.

– University of California San Diego Health

Biological Psychiatry

Expertos de Mayo presentan sus resultados durante la Semana de las Enfermedades Digestivas 2019

Los investigadores de Mayo Clinic estuvieron entre los expertos internacionales que presentaron sus resultados durante la Semana de las Enfermedades Digestivas 2019, que es la mayor reunión mundial de médicos, investigadores y líderes en la indust...

– Mayo Clinic

WVU social workers support opioid recovery through new trainings

Researchers at West Virginia University are fighting West Virginia’s opioid epidemic with new professional development opportunities for social workers.

– West Virginia University - Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Memorial Day Weekend Travel Tips for Families Impacted by Dementia from the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

Memorial Day Travel Tips for Families Impacted by Alzheimer's Disease

– Alzheimer's Foundation of America

The Future of Health Economics and Outcomes Research

ISPOR, the professional society for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), explored the future of HEOR for the 2020s this afternoon at its ISPOR 2019 annual conference.

– ISPOR—The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research

ISPOR 2019, May-2019

Southern Research Team Targets New, Safer Drugs for Malaria

Scientists at Southern Research’s Drug Discovery division have joined the fight against malaria through efforts aimed at discovering new drugs and improving the safety and efficacy of current antimalarial medicines.

– Southern Research

Improving Real-World Evidence in Healthcare With Patient-Provided Information

ISPOR, the professional society for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), examined how real-world evidence can be improved with patient-provided information this afternoon at its ISPOR 2019 annual conference.

– ISPOR—The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research

ISPOR 2019, May-2019

Do Diet Beverages Really Increase a Woman’s Stroke Risk?

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association released research study results that suggest drinking diet beverages may increase stroke risk in women over 50.

Expert Available

– Western Connecticut Health Network

Texas raises tobacco sales age to 21 to limit youth exposure and protect health

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center applauds the Texas Legislature today for passing Senate Bill 21, which raises the minimum legal sale age for all tobacco products from 18 to 21.

– University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

includes video

Women in Health Economics and Outcomes Research Initiative Convenes at ISPOR 2019

ISPOR, the professional society for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), held a session for its Women in HEOR initiative yesterday late afternoon at its ISPOR 2019 annual conference in New Orleans, LA, USA.

– ISPOR—The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research

ISPOR 2019, May-2019

Jack Davis of Hospital for Special Surgery Named President of National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses

Jack Davis, RN, ONC, manager of Patient Education and Research at Hospital for Special Surgery, has been named president of the National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses (NAON). The induction ceremony took place at the organization’s annual congre...

– Hospital for Special Surgery

Stephen Piscotty of the Oakland Athletics wins 54th Annual Hutch Award

Right fielder honored for overcoming personal tragedy, demonstrating a commitment to scientific research and exemplifying the spirit of Fred Hutchinson

– Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Women’s Heart Fund Hosts Annual Reception in Support of the Center for Survivorship and Wellness Care at Jersey Shore University Medical Center’s HOPE Tower

The Women’s Heart Fund is hosting its annual reception in support of the Center for Survivorship and Wellness Care at Hackensack Meridian Health Jersey Shore University Medical Center’s HOPE Tower on Friday, May 31, 2019 at Bay Head Yacht Club in...

– Hackensack Meridian Health

David Jaffray, Ph.D., Named Chief Technology and Digital Officer

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center today named David Jaffray, Ph.D., as its first-ever chief technology and digital officer. Jaffray will begin his new duties overseeing MD Anderson’s Information Services division and Information Sec...

– University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Cancer Research Institute Champions Cancer Immunotherapy Month™ in June

The Cancer Research Institute announced today a series of public education and awareness offerings during its seventh annual Cancer Immunotherapy Month™ in June.

– Cancer Research Institute

Medical Device Innovation and Regulation

ISPOR, the professional society for health economics and outcomes research, started the day with the second plenary session of its ISPOR 2019 annual conference with, “Medical Device Innovation and Regulation: Turbocharged for Success?"

– ISPOR—The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research

ISPOR 2019, May-2019

Science News

Life in Evolution’s Fast Lane

Most living things have a suite of genes dedicated to repairing their DNA, limiting the rate at which their genomes change through time.


Plos Biology

Embargo expired on 21-May-2019 at 14:00 ET

includes video

Genetic Discovery May Improve Corn Quality, Yields

Researchers may be able improve corn yields and nutritional value after discovering genetic regulators that synthesize starch and protein in the widely eaten grain, according to a Rutgers-led study. The research, published in the journal Proceedings ...

– Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; Rutgers Today

NUS pilot study opens new possibilities for AI to enhance cognitive performance

Results of a pilot study conducted by researchers from the National University of Singapore provided evidence that an artificial intelligence known as CURATE.AI has the potential to enhance learning, and could pave the way for promising applications ...

– National University of Singapore

Advanced Therapeutics

Laser Focus Shines Light on How Nanoparticles Form

Titan supercomputer tells origin story of nanoparticle size distributions with large-scale simulations.

– Department of Energy, Office of Science

Nanoscale 10(15), 6900 (2018). [DOI: 10.1039/C7NR08614H]

Formation of the moon brought water to Earth

The Earth is unique in our solar system: It is the only terrestrial planet with a large amount of water and a relatively large moon

– University of Münster

Nature Astronomy

High-quality jadeite tool discovered in underwater ancient salt works in Belize

Anthropologists discovered a tool made out of high-quality translucent jadeite with an intact rosewood handle at a site where the ancient Maya processed salt in Belize.

– Louisiana State University


Gas insulation could be protecting an ocean inside Pluto

Joint press release by Hokkaido University, Earth-Life Science Institute at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokushima University, Osaka University and Kobe University.

– Hokkaido University

Nature Geoscience

Strain Enables New Applications of 2D Materials

Superconductors’ never-ending flow of electrical current could provide new options for energy storage and superefficient electrical transmission and generation. But the signature zero electrical resistance of superconductors is reached only below a...

– American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Journal of Applied Physics

Flamingoes, Elephants and Sharks: How do Blind Adults Learn About Animal Appearance?

They’ve never seen animals like hippos and sharks but adults born blind have rich insight into what they look like, a new Johns Hopkins University study found.

– Johns Hopkins University

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, May-2019

New Argonne Battery Design Offers ​“Solid” Advantage

In a new study from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory, researchers have identified a new boundary layer that emerges between a lithium metal anode and a lithium transition metal oxide (LLZO) electrolyte, potentially ...

– Argonne National Laboratory

Advanced Energy Materials, March 27, 2019

‘Ocean Outbreak’ tells tales of a rising tide in trouble

After the United Nations’ ominous warning on May 6 that a million of Earth’s species are threatened with extinction, Drew Harvell’s new book, “Ocean Outbreak,” offers insight into the dynamics of infectious disasters by examining four senti...

– Cornell University

Why one UB scientist is studying dust

"The level of dust in the air can have far-reaching effects on climate, but there are still a lot of unknowns in the field,” says Evans, PhD, an atmospheric scientist."

Expert Available

– University at Buffalo

Research on exotic form of carbon could open new insight into fundamental chemistry

Todd Hudnall, an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Texas State University, has been awarded a three-year, $195,000 grant from the Welch Foundation to develop methods to synthesize and prepare diborylcarbenes, an e...

– Texas State University

Penn State partners with IISE on award to recognize innovation in service systems engineering

At its May 18-21 conference and expo in Orlando, Florida, the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) partnered with Penn State to recognize the innovative techniques organizations are using to improve the performance of service industri...

– Penn State College of Engineering

Brent Seales Awarded Prestigious Mellon Grant, Poised to Solve 2,000-Year-Old Mystery

Thanks, in large part, to a $2 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, UK's Brent Seales finally has the materials access, funding support and technical approach needed to solve the 2,000-year-old mystery wrapped inside the Herculaneum sc...

– University of Kentucky

Brookhaven's Mircea Cotlet Named a Battelle "Inventor of the Year"

The global science and technology organization Battelle recognized materials scientist Mircea Cotlet of Brookhaven Lab's Center for Functional Nanomaterials for his research in applying self-assembly methods to control the interfaces between nanomate...

– Brookhaven National Laboratory

Particle & Particle System Characterization

Sounding the Alarm - Small Device Alerts Responders to Big Changes to Thermal Conditions

Initially funded under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Small Business Innovation Research program, Burn Saver was developed by TDA Research Inc. in collaboration with the DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T).

– Homeland Security's Science And Technology Directorate

Four scientists at PPPL awarded national and international honors

Feature profiles four PPPL scientists who have received high honors.

– Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Lifestyle & Social Sciences

Interactive map reveals that lynching extended far beyond the deep South

An interactive map of lynchings that occurred in the United States from 1883 to 1941 reveals not just the extent of mob violence, but also underscores how the roles of economy, topography and law enforcement infrastructure

– Penn State Institute for CyberScience

Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World

Positive Aspects of Masculinity Helps Improve Boys’ Attitudes Toward Relationship Violence

A program aimed at reducing violence against women and girls by focusing on positive expressions of masculinity changed the attitudes of middle school boys who may have been prone to harassment and dating violence as they got older, according to a Ru...

– Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Children and Youth Services Review Volume 101, June 2019, Pages 165-173

AERA Releases Selected 2019 Annual Meeting Research Papers

Following its 2019 Annual Meeting last month in Toronto, Canada, AERA is issuing brief overviews, or snapshots, of selected papers presented at the conference. AERA's "Study Snapshots" provide a high-level glimpse into new education research.

– American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Graduation 2019: UVA Darden Graduates Encouraged to ‘Make the World a Better Place’

From Surging Salaries to Percentage of Graduates Accepting Offers, Darden Class of 2019 Sets Records for Career Results as of Graduation

– University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Graduating to The Next Level: 5 Leadership Lessons for New Graduates (And Anyone Else)

Darden Ideas to Action offers words of wisdom from six experts for graduates (and anyone else) on how real people with a real sense of purpose can make the workplace more productive, responsible and, well, happy.

– University of Virginia Darden School of Business

URI history professor Joëlle Rollo-Koster is an expert on the papacy, French culture, medieval history, Game of Thrones

Rollo-Koster is the author of eight books on the papacy. She was interviewed by a number of media outlets following the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and was featured in a story in the spring of 2019 about Game of Thrones.

Expert Available

– University of Rhode Island

Order of Chevalier des Palmes recipients; story, Game of Thrones

Neel Smith Selected as a 2019 CUR-Arts and Humanities Faculty Mentor Awardee

Neel Smith, professor and chair of the Department of Classics at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, has been selected as a 2019 CUR-Arts and Humanities Faculty Mentor Awardee.

– Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)

Donald Lawrence Selected as a 2019 CUR-Arts and Humanities Faculty Mentor Awardee

Donald Lawrence, professor of visual arts at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, has been selected as a 2019 CUR-Arts and Humanities Faculty Mentor Awardee.

– Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)

Business News

Brazilian Biodiversity Leader and Benson Hill Expand Partnership to Advance Crop Breeding

“We are eager to expand our relationship with Benson Hill and use CropOS to advance breeding for farmers across Latin America.” said Cleber Soares, executive director for Innovation and Technology of Embrapa. “Our work together has demonstrated...

– Benson Hill Biosystems

Embargo expired on 22-May-2019 at 07:00 ET

FAU Receives $750,000 to Name the Lata and Shiva Gangal Global Innovation Hall

Florida Atlantic University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science received a $750,000 gift from the GANGALS nonprofit Foundation, Inc. (GnF) to name the Lata and Shiva Gangal Global Innovation Hall in the Engineering East building.

– Florida Atlantic University

Monticciolo Elected American College of Radiology President

The American College of Radiology (ACR) Council recently elected Debra L. Monticciolo, MD, FACR, of Temple, TX, president of the American College of Radiology (ACR) at ACR 2019 — the ACR annual meeting in Washington, DC.

– American College of Radiology (ACR)





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