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Thursday, September 3, 2015

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Science News


Airline Quality Rating Researcher to Give Holiday Travel Forecast

Dean Headley, Airline Quality Rating co-author from Wichita State University, will announce this year's holiday forecast for air travelers at 11 a.m. EDT Thursday, Sept. 10. Find out how you can participate in the virtual news conference.

Media embedded: Image(s) (Embargo expired on 03-Sep-2015 at 09:00 ET)

– Wichita State University

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Arts and Humanities


How Media ‘Fluff’ Helped Hitler Rise to Power

"Hitler at Home," a new book by a University at Buffalo architectural historian, traces how Hitler's inner circle manipulated the public by using home and lifestyle stories to soften his image prior to World War II. The news coverage that resulted from this effort was widespread and haunting.

– University at Buffalo

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Study Uses Internet and Social Media to Show How Fracking Documentary Influenced Public Perception and Political Change

A University of Iowa (UI) sociologist and his co-researchers are the first to use the Internet and social media to systematically show how a documentary film reshaped public perception and ultimately led to municipal bans on hydraulic fracking.

American Sociological Review, Oct-2015

– American Sociological Association (ASA)

Maths Skills Count for Premature Babies

A new study conducted by the University of Warwick links being born premature with low wages.

Media embedded: Image(s)

Psychological Science August 31

– University of Warwick

Neighbors, but Not Classmates

Contrary to assumptions that disadvantaged neighborhoods trap children in failing schools, a Johns Hopkins University sociologist has found the opposite to be true: as a neighborhood’s income decreases, its range of educational experiences greatly expands.

Media embedded: Image(s)

American Sociological Association annual meeting, Aug-2015

– Johns Hopkins University

The Power of Film

Researcher at the University of Iowa is the first to use the Internet and social media to systematically show how a documentary film shaped public perception and ultimately led to municipal bans on hydraulic fracking.

American Sociological Review

– University of Iowa


New Book Details Long-Term Impact of Katrina on New Orleans-Area Children

A new book details, over a seven year period, the impact of Hurricane Katrina on children in New Orleans and surrounding areas. It includes insights into why and how children's post-disaster trajectories differed and provides policy recommendations for lessening children's suffering in the next disaster.

Media embedded: Image(s)

– University of Vermont

To Email or Not to Email? For Those in Love, It's Better Than Leaving a Voice Message

In her hit single, Carly Rae Jepsen may have sung, "Here's my number, so call me maybe." But according to a new research study from Indiana University, she might be more successful in finding love if she asked him to send her an email. The research, which has been accepted for publication in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, suggests that, in this digital age, an email can be more effective in expressing romantic feelings than leaving a voicemail message.

Computers in Human Behavior

– Indiana University

Economic Security Requires New Measures of Well-Being

Economic well-being for low-income families in the U.S. is often determined by federal measures, but a new study by a University at Buffalo research team suggests that such a definition is unrealistically narrow.

Journal of Consumer Affairs

– University at Buffalo

The More the Merrier for Animals That Synchronize Their Behavior

Social interaction could be the mechanism that allows animals living in groups to synchronize their activities, whether it’s huddling for warmth or offering protection from predators.

Biology Letters

– University at Buffalo


Parents’ Views on Justice Affect Babies’ Moral Development

Babies’ neural responses to morally charged scenarios are influenced by their parents’ attitudes toward justice, new research from the University of Chicago shows.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Aug. 25, 2015

– University of Chicago



Tufts’ Class of 2019 Sets Records for Selectivity and Yield

Tufts University’s first-year class of 1,360 students is once again one for the record books. Whittled down from 19,062 applicants, only 16 percent were offered admission, setting a fifth consecutive record for selectivity; yield on those offers was a record 44 percent, the sixth consecutive increase in that critical index.

(Embargo expired on 02-Sep-2015 at 15:00 ET)

– Tufts University

Study: ‘Guilting’ Teens Into Exercise Won’t Increase Activity

Adults who try to guilt middle-schoolers into exercising won’t get them to be any more active.

Media embedded: Image(s)

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

– University of Georgia


Rowan Engineering Partners on Promoting LGBTQ Equality in STEM

Long an innovator in broadening participation in the engineering education of underserved and underrepresented minorities, the Rowan University Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering now is taking a lead in transforming science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields for the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community.

– Rowan University

Dialect Influences Appalachian Students' Experiences in College

NC State linguist says language diversity isn't always celebrated on campus and calls dialect the "last acceptable personal trait to make fun of."

Journal of Higher Education

– North Carolina State University

Pop Culture


American Treasure Found!

The only known manuscript of “Good Morning to All,” which evolved into the world-famous “Happy Birthday” song, was recently uncovered in the music archives at the University of Louisville.The 1890s manuscript was found in forgotten file cabinet after more than 60 years.

Media embedded: Video / Image(s)

– University of Louisville

Law and Public Policy


Expert: ‘Blue Alert’ Law Highlights Importance of Technology for Officer Safety

Expert can speak about the need for better technological solutions to keep law enforcement officers safe to help them interdict criminals traveling throughout the U.S., as well as systems such as the COPsync Network that are already in use in various states.

Expert(s) available

– COPsync

Politics Will Prevent Real Economic Reform in China, Says Iowa State University Professor

Recovering from the economic crisis that rippled through the global markets will be long and difficult for China, said Jonathan Hassid, an assistant professor of political science at Iowa State University who studies Chinese news media and symbolic political messaging.

Media embedded: Image(s)
Expert(s) available

– Iowa State University

LifeWire Announcements

NUS Law Collaborates with MPA to Establish New Maritime Law Research Centre and a Professorship in Maritime Law

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Law and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) today announced the establishment of the new Centre for Maritime Law (CML) and MPA Professorship in Maritime Law. These two initiatives deepen the strong partnership between NUS Law, the Ministry of Law, and the MPA in boosting Singapore’s expertise in maritime law research and thought leadership.

– National University of Singapore

National Science Foundation Grant Funds Wichita State University Student, Professor Research on Wearable Device Security

Two Wichita State University professors have been awarded a $380,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to investigate cybersecurity and privacy issues for wearable devices.

Media embedded: Image(s)

– Wichita State University

One for English, uno para Español

The agreement will see as many as six bilingual textbooks for use in English and Spanish speaking countries.

Media embedded: Image(s)

– West Virginia University - Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Indiana University Recognizes 10 Years of New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities Funding

Indiana University's New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities program has provided over $9.4 million to artists and humanities scholars. Now IU offers a multimedia retrospective looking at the work of nearly 50 of those New Frontiers grant recipients, and at the broader, positive impacts of the program.

Media embedded: Image(s)

New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities grants

– Indiana University

Wake Forest Awarded $3.9 Million to Study Moral Superstars

While much national media attention focuses on the moral failures of people in the public spotlight, a team of researchers at Wake Forest University has been awarded $3.9 million to search for moral superstars.

Media embedded: Image(s)


– Wake Forest University

NSU College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Online Master’s in Public Health Program Ranked Among Top 50 in Nation

Top Master’s in Healthcare Administration Announces Rankings

– Nova Southeastern University

Child Development Expert, Policy Researcher Brian Barger Joins Faculty at Georgia State University

Dr. Brian Barger, an expert in autism and other childhood developmental disabilities, has joined Georgia State University’s School of Public Health as a research assistant professor.

– Georgia State University





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