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Thursday, December 22, 2016

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Arts and Humanities


The Historical Journey of Christmas Turkeys

Professor Rebecca Earle, food historian at the University of Warwick has been researching the traditional Christmas turkey, in order to find out how this north American bird has become a mainstay of festive food.

– University of Warwick

S&T Historian’s Latest Book Focuses on Jewish Post-Holocaust Reconstruction in France

After World War II, French Holocaust survivors returned to their homes to find them stripped of personal belongings and occupied by new inhabitants. Attempts to reclaim those belongings were key in efforts to rebuild Jewish political and social inclu...

– Missouri University of Science and Technology


Archivist of World's Largest Sewing Pattern Collection Gains National Award

Commercial Pattern Archive dates back to 1847 and represents patterns from nearly 100 different companies.

– University of Rhode Island

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Study IDs Key Indicators Linking Violence and Mental Illness

New research finds a host of factors that are associated with subsequent risk of adults with mental illness becoming victims or perpetrators of violence. The work highlights the importance of interventions to treat mental-health problems in order to ...

– North Carolina State University

Psychological Medicine, Dec. 21, 2016


Rare Look at Youth Post Detention Is Bleak

A new Northwestern Medicine study offers a bleak assessment in a rare look at the outcomes of delinquent youth five and 12 years after juvenile detention. Central to poor outcomes for the youth post detention are stark and persistent racial, ethnic a...

– Northwestern University

JAMA Pediatrics

Study: Children Can ‘Catch’ Social Bias Through Nonverbal Signals Expressed by Adults

Research from the University of Washington shows that preschool-age children can learn bias through nonverbal signals displayed by adults and are likely to generalize that learned bias to other people. The findings point to a possible mechanism for t...

– University of Washington

1 in 3 Children Investigated for Abuse/Neglect by 18

The first academic study to estimate the cumulative lifetime risk of a child maltreatment investigation, completed by researchers at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, reveals that 37 percent of U.S. children prior to their 18th ...

– Washington University in St. Louis

American Journal of Public Health

Not Just for Celebs: Meditation Provides Real-Life Health Benefits

Tina Turner does it. So does Katy Perry, Sting, supermodel Gisele Bundchen and a host of other celebrities. When not strutting the concert stage or cat walk, they’re sometimes grooving to meditation’s benefits. While celebrity isn’t a reaso...

– University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences


Violence Spreads Like a Disease Among Adolescents, Study Finds

A new study of U.S. adolescents provides some of the best evidence to date of how violence spreads like a contagious disease. Researchers found that adolescents were up to 183 percent more likely to carry out some acts of violence if one of their fr...

– Ohio State University

American Journal of Public Health

Embargo expired on 20-Dec-2016 at 16:00 ET

New Crew-Scheduling Approach Could Cut Air Travel Delays, Save Airlines Millions

A study based on massive amounts of data offers a new way to forecast flight late arrivals and departures and to schedule crews based on expected needs during holiday and other seasonal travel. The new approach could help to cut delays that both frus...

– Society for Risk Analysis (SRA)

The Three P's of Teaching Holiday Manners: Preparation, Practice and Pointing Out Examples

Rebekah Meitler, instructor in Kansas State University's School of Family Studies and Human Services, said teaching manners to young children is all about preparation, practice and pointing out examples.

– Kansas State University


Undocumented Migrants May Suffer from Severe Psychological Distress

Undocumented migrants are an especially vulnerable group with regard to their health status, living conditions, and barriers to access to health care and social welfare. In a study that explored 90 undocumented migrants’ mental health care needs, t...

– Wiley

Journal of Clinical Nursing

Disgust Is Way of Communicating Moral Rather Than Self-Interested Motivation

New research carried out by psychologists at the University of Kent has shown for the first time that a decision to express disgust or anger depends on the motives a person seeks to communicate.

– University of Kent

Social Psychological and Personality Science

Via Eyes or Noses? How Young Children Use Sensory Cues to Guide Social Decisions

New research from the Monell Center reveals that children begin using olfactory information to help guide their responses to emotionally-expressive faces at about age five. The findings advance understanding of how children integrate different types ...

– Monell Chemical Senses Center

5 Reasons to Stop Biting Your Nails

Many people have nervous habits, such as pacing or fidgeting, and although many are harmless, if you bite your nails when you’re stressed or anxious, you are actually at risk for some ailments. Texas A&M University Health Science Center experts off...

– Texas A&M University

Male Firefighters Not at Increased Risk of Divorce, Research Shows

Typing “divorce rates for firefighters” into a search engine brings up page after page of scary statistics that suggest the people who willingly run into burning buildings have unstable marriages.

– Texas A&M University



Student Overcomes Hearing Impairment to Become First to Graduate From Wichita State with Nurse Practitioner Doctorate

Tracy Lindstrom didn't let any obstacles stand in the way of earning her doctor of nursing practice degree at Wichita State University. Lindstrom recently became the first student with a hearing impairment to graduate from WSU with a doctoral degree....

– Wichita State University


Statewide Program About Risks of Early Sexual Behavior Proves Beneficial, Baylor Case Study Finds

Ohio students showed marked improvement in their understanding of the consequences of early sexual activity, the influence of peer pressure and other issues related to high-risk activities following statewide community-based programming during the 20...

– Baylor University

Pop Culture


Will Trump Put His Stamp on the Presidential Inauguration? FSU Expert Available to Comment

Inauguration expert Elizabeth Goldsmith, professor emerita at Florida State University, explains that individual presidents, even those as fastidiously brand-conscious as Trump, typically have very little say in the organization of the ceremony.

Expert Available

– Florida State University

Law and Public Policy


Indiana University Researchers Launch Tool to Understand Spread of Fake News

The Observatory on Social Media at Indiana University has launched a powerful new tool in the fight against fake news. The tool, called Hoaxy, visualizes how claims in the news -- and fact checks of those claims -- spread online through social networ...

– Indiana University

Proceedings of the 25th International Conference Companion on World Wide Web; 1101743


International Relations Under the Microscope

In matters of international relations, size matters, according to Drs. Neal Jesse, professor of political science at Bowling Green State University, and John Dreyer, an associate professor of political science at the South Dakota School of Mines and ...

– Bowling Green State University

Jesse, Neal G., and John R. Dreyer. Small States in the International System: At Peace and at War. Lexington Books, 2016.

New Database to Track Millions of Public Policies

Policymakers, researchers and journalists alike will soon have access to roughly 4.2 million state government decisions in a single database. Political science researcher William Franko is part of a research team collecting every legislative bill, ex...

– West Virginia University - Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Georgetown’s O’Neill Institute Names Former FDA Official as Tobacco Control and Food & Drug Law Program Director

The O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law at Georgetown Law has named Eric Lindblom, JD, as director of its Tobacco Control and Food & Drug Law Program.

Expert Available

– O'Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law

LifeWire Announcements

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Recognized with Fletcher Awards

Biology and chemistry sophomore Emily Zaniker, psychology junior Nonye Ogbuefi and art history senior Julia Poppy — all students in the Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences — were each honored recently with a Fletcher Undergraduate Research Award ...

– Northwestern University

Faculty Given Support to Create Innovative Curriculum

Jeremy Birnholtz and Amanda Stathopoulos have received the 2017 The Alumnae of Northwestern University’s Award for Curriculum Development. The 2017 recipients of The Alumnae of Northwestern University’s Award for Curriculum Development will spend...

– Northwestern University

Wake Forest Military Family of Six to be Honorary Guests at the Military Bowl

Wake Forest junior Katie Krivda and her family will be cheering on the Demon Deacons at the Military Bowl on Dec. 27. All six members of the family (including two sets of twins) are either retired military, in military service or preparing to serve i...

– Wake Forest University

Ending Violence Against Women Worldwide

A new grant will help researchers with the Center of Gender Equity and Health to continue efforts to raise awareness about violence against women worldwide. The award will support measurements of issues that will help change.

– University of California San Diego Health Sciences

National Communication Association Selects Paaige K. Turner as Executive Director

The National Communication Association (NCA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Paaige K. Turner, Associate Dean and Professor in the School of Communications at Webster University, as its next Executive Director.

– National Communication Association

APA Issues Health Care Reform Priorities for Working with Congress and New Administration

The American Psychological Association and its affiliated APA Practice Organization have called on congressional leaders not to repeal the Affordable Care Act without simultaneously replacing it with legislation to ensure that all Americans have insu...

– American Psychological Association (APA)

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Launches Global MBA Scholarship Program

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School has established the Carey Business Fellows program to provide full tuition and a stipend for the most competitive and accomplished MBA students.

– Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School

UIC Admission Path Rewards Illinois’s Top High School Graduates

"Top 4% Pathway” offers immediate acceptance to UIC for top Illinois high school students.

– University of Illinois at Chicago

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Funds Vanderbilt Study of Health, Economic Effects of LGBT-Related Laws

A team of Vanderbilt social scientists and medical professionals will look at how laws affecting LGBT individuals and families affect their health and the economy.

– Vanderbilt University

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

LifeWire Higher Education Events

Stage on Screen Series Presents Six New Plays From U.K. And Russia

Six new critically-acclaimed plays from the U.K. and Russia will be captured on film and featured in the National Theatre Live’s and Stage Russia HD’s popular Stage on Screen series at Northwestern this winter/spring.

– Northwestern University





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