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Thursday, February 1, 2018

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Arts and Humanities


Gonzaga Presents World Premiere of Theatre Production Based on Interviews with Veterans

SPOKANE, Wash. – “Coming Home: A Soldiers’ Project,” an original play based on interviews with military veterans that explores what it’s like to return from war to Spokane and Gonzaga University, makes its world premiere at 7:30 p.m., Frida...

– Gonzaga University


Arts and Humanities in Medical School Promote Empathy and Inoculate Against Burnout

Medical students who spend more time engaging in the arts may also be bolstering the qualities that improve their bedside manner with patients, according to new research from Tulane and Thomas Jefferson universities.

– Tulane University

Journal of General Internal Medicine

Embargo expired on 30-Jan-2018 at 09:00 ET

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Empathetic Experiences Lead to a Bias in Our Judgment of the Strength of Others’ Emotions

Empathetic Experiences Lead to a Bias in Our Judgment of the Strength of Others’ Emotions

– University of Haifa

journal Cognition and Emotion


Dishonest Individuals Perceived as Less Capable

If you saw someone steal an expensive item from a department store, would you think he is less capable at his job? Most people would think that, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

– American Psychological Association (APA)

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Embargo expired on 31-Jan-2018 at 09:00 ET

Study Finds Strategies to Encourage 50 Percent Tax-Refund Saving

The W-2s are arriving, and taxpayers are preparing to file their 2017 federal income taxes. For low- and moderate-income taxpayers, the possibility of a modest windfall looms: Will they receive a refund?For these taxpayers, 80 percent of the time, th...

– Washington University in St. Louis

Behavioral Science & Policy

Reconstructing an Ancient Lethal Weapon

University of Washington researchers reconstructed prehistoric projectiles and points from ancient sites in what is now Alaska and studied the qualities that would make for a lethal hunting weapon. By examining and testing different projectile points...

– University of Washington

Journal of Archaeological Science

Following ISIS Captivity, Yazidi Women Suffering from High Percentage of C-PTSD

From what long-term psychological effects are Yazidi women suffering after being captured, raped, beaten, and locked away by ISIS? A comprehensive study led by Bar-Ilan University researchers has shown that a very high percentage of these women were...

– Bar-Ilan University

World Psychiatry

Ethical Leadership Can Have Negative Consequences, Baylor University Researchers Say

A new Baylor study published in the Journal of Business Ethics reveals that ethical leadership compounded by job-hindrance stress and supervisor-induced stress can lead to employee deviance and turnover. The research reflects the thoughts of 609 empl...

– Baylor University

Journal of Business Ethics

Helping Police, Public Understand How Perception Shapes Race Bias

Stephen Biggs noticed something missing from the conversations on campus about race and the Black Lives Matter movement. No one was talking about the influence of implicit bias, so the Iowa State University assistant professor of philosophy decided t...

– Iowa State University


Cutting the Cord is Easier Said than Done

Chances are there's someone in your life who causes a lot of tension and stress. Difficult relationships are common. They are also commonly difficult to evade. Who are these people and why can’t we just cut the cord? New research explores these q...

– Bar-Ilan University

American Sociological Review

Ethics Quandary? Women in PR More Likely to Seek Allies Before Giving Execs Advice

Women in public relations are more likely than men to seek allies and form coalitions before they give ethics counsel to senior leaders, while men are more likely to rely on presenting research, according to a Baylor University study.

– Baylor University

Disclosing Weaknesses Can Undermine Some Workplace Relationships

Sharing personal information with friends and family has long been held by researchers as a way to build rapport and healthy relationships. But between coworkers, that’s not always true.

– Georgia Institute of Technology

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

Record Expansion of U.S. Hate Groups Slows Under Trump Administration

As President Donald Trump prepares to offer his first State of the Union address, a new analysis by a Washington University in St. Louis sociologist may explain why the pronounced, decades-long expansion of U.S.-based hate groups has slowed to a craw...

– Washington University in St. Louis

Sociology Research Online

Pictures Move People More than Words

Is a picture worth a thousand words? While new psychology research from UC San Diego doesn't quantify the truth of the adage, it does show that a single picture has the power to sway people – changing how they behave – while a single word does no...

– University of California San Diego

Frontiers in Psychology

An Outdoor Cat Can Damage Your Sustainability Cred

If you install solar panels on your roof and avoid dousing your lawn with chemicals and pesticides, your online peers may consider you to be environmentally friendly. But this street cred can all be erased if you let your cat roam around outdoors.

– Cornell University

Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, Nov. 2017


Why Do We Trust, or Not Trust, Strangers? The Answer is Pavlovian

Our trust in strangers is dependent on their resemblance to others we’ve previously known, finds a new study by a team of psychology researchers.

– New York University

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Embargo expired on 29-Jan-2018 at 15:00 ET

What Happens to Language as Populations Grow? It Simplifies, Say Researchers

Languages have an intriguing paradox. Languages with lots of speakers, such as English and Mandarin, have large vocabularies with relatively simple grammar. Yet the opposite is also true: Languages with fewer speakers have fewer words but complex gra...

– Cornell University

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Science, Jan. 2018

Good Deeds May Be an Antidote to Daily Diet of Distressing Headlines

Stressed out by today's extreme news cycle? UCLA expert offers tips for coping.

Expert Available

– University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences



Wichita State University Teaching Code to Elementary Students to Fill Coder Pipeline

With job openings exceeding qualified applicants by a ratio of 10:1, Kansas employers have an urgent, unmet demand for employees with computer programming skills. In response, the Wichita State University College of Engineering is working to introduc...

– Wichita State University


Bar-Ilan University Hosts Israel Model UN Conference

Approximately 250 students from 13 academic institutions throughout the country participated in the national conference of the Israel Model UN Association (IMUNA) hosted by Bar-Ilan University.

– Bar-Ilan University


“at the CSU I Have the Support I Need to Overcome the Challenges I Face.”

Lucero Alvarez Vieyra first learned about Sonoma State University as a high schooler through its Upward Bound program. Now, with the help of faculty and staff, she’s on track to graduate and create a better life for her daughter.

– California State University (CSU) Chancellor's Office

Pop Culture


Valentine's Day 2018 Shopping Tips

Valentine’s spending looks to enjoy a similar boost as seen with the 2017 holiday season, the most since the Great Recession of 2009. Strong indicators include a roaring stock market, low unemployment and high consumer confidence.

Expert Available

– Texas A&M University

Law and Public Policy


Affordable Care Act’s 1332 Waiver Examined by Policy Experts

Potential impacts of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Section 1332 State Innovation Waivers examined.

– Rutgers School of Public Health

LifeWire Announcements

Pac-12 Students Launch Esports Organization

The University of Utah's esports program along with student video game clubs from 10 other Pac-12 universities have formed a new unofficial esports organization to compete in multiplayer video games.

– University of Utah

Bar-Ilan University and Hungary's Milton Friedman University Ink Academic Cooperation Agreement

Israel-Hungary bilateral cooperation will reach new heights following a cooperation agreement signed between Bar-Ilan University and the Milton Friedman University of Budapest.

– Bar-Ilan University

International Horizon 2020 Project “LAW-TRAIN" Represented at Two International Conferences

LAW-TRAIN has been successfully presented at Milipol Paris 2017 and CEPOL 2017.

– Bar-Ilan University

LifeWire Higher Education Events

Interactive Exhibit at GW Introduces Visitors to the Art of Textiles

The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum's new "Textiles 101" interactive exhibit will give visitors an opportunity to see and experience how textiles are made. This exhibit is open indefinitely.

– George Washington University





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