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Monday, March 16, 2020

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Science News


VIDEO AVAILABLE: COVID-19 Causes, Consequences, and Solutions: Exploring the Unanswered Questions with Newswise Live Expert Panel

Newswise Live Expert Panel discussion of unique angles to the COVID-19 outbreak of interest to the public and the media, including public health, testing, business and financial markets, 2020 elections, and more.

– Newswise

Newswise Live Expert Panel - Register to Attend

Embargo expired on 13-Mar-2020 at 08:00 ET

includes video

Coronavirus outbreak trending topics - See the Coronavirus Channel

Research and experts on the symptoms and spread of COVID-19, impact on global trade and financial markets, public health response, search for an effective treatment, and more

– Newswise

Wikipedia visits to disease outbreak pages show impact of news media on public attention

During the 2016 Zika outbreak, news exposure appears to have had a far bigger impact than local disease risk on the number of times people visited Zika-related Wikipedia pages in the U.S.


PLOS Computational Biology

The Best Ways to Kill Coronavirus In Your Home

Your kitchen cabinet may already be stocked with cleaning agents that can kill coronavirus. But not all chemicals will work, and none are as gentle on your skin as commercial hand sanitizers, according to Rutgers University experts. Siobain Duffy...

– Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Arts and Humanities


After Turning Microorganisms Into Art, Student Helps NASA Study Origins of Life Through Algae (Video)

Rutgers student Julia Van Etten, whose @Couch_Microscopy Instagram page garnered more than 25,000 followers by showcasing microorganisms as art, is now working with NASA on research into how red algae can help explain the origins of life on Earth.

– Rutgers University-New Brunswick

includes video

Social and Behavioral Sciences


National Poll: Many parents delay talking to kids about inappropriate touching

Experts recommend starting conversations about inappropriate touching during the preschool years, but less than half of parents of preschoolers in a national poll say they’ve begun that discussion.

– Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health at the University of Michigan

Embargo expired on 16-Mar-2020 at 00:15 ET

People Prone to Disengage from Difficult Tasks and Goals May Experience Greater Cognitive Decline After Retirement

Certain middle-aged and older adults, especially women who tend to disengage from difficult tasks and goals after they retire, may be at greater risk of cognitive decline as they age, according to research published by the American Psychological Asso...

– American Psychological Association (APA)

Psychology and Aging

Embargo expired on 16-Mar-2020 at 09:00 ET

Pets can protect against suicide in older people

It’s a sad fact that suicide rates among people over 60 are the highest of any age group in Australia, but a new study published today from the University of South Australia has found an unexpected saviour – pets.

– University of South Australia



Pathways highlight social housing’s importance

Up to 10 per cent of Australians have called social housing home at some point and it often acts as a launchpad for a more stable life.

– University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide’s Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)


Healthier and happier without Facebook

The group headed by Dr. Julia Brailovskaia published their results in the journal "Computers in Human Behavior" from 6. March 2020.

– Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Computers in Human Behavior

When Skin Tone Scars

In a new book, University of Vermont sociologist Nikki Khanna used social media to solicit 30 original essays by Asian-American women on the hurt of colorism. Khanna hopes to shed light on this painful, little discussed subject.

– University of Vermont

Whiter: Asian American Women on Skin Color and Colorism



Arkansas professor’s research leads to historic marker for Elaine 12 member Frank Moore

An historic marker was unveiled March 6 at Little Rock National Cemetery to signify the location where Frank Moore, a member of the Elaine 12, is buried. Moore, a World War I veteran, was one of a dozen men who were convicted of murder and sentenced...

– University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Law and Public Policy


Should the United States Rethink Its Russia Policy?

In this episode of our special Election 2020 series of The President’s Inbox, Rajan Menon and Ambassador Stephen Sestanovich join host James M. Lindsay to discuss past and current U.S. policy toward Russia.

– Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

James M. Lindsay, "Should the United States Rethink Its Russia Policy?", The President's Inbox, November 19, 2019.

Should the United States Pursue the Israeli-Palestinian Two-State Solution?

In this episode of our special Election 2020 series of The President’s Inbox, Michael Doran and Lara Friedman join host James M. Lindsay to discuss the future of the two-state solution.

– Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

James M. Lindsay, "Should the United States Pursue the Israeli-Palestinian Two-State Solution?", The President's Inbox, December 3, 2019.

Should the United States Rethink Its Nuclear Weapons Policies?

In this episode of our special Election 2020 series of The President’s Inbox, Elbridge Colby and Lori Esposito Murray join host James M. Lindsay to discuss arms control and U.S. nuclear policy.

– Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

James M. Lindsay, "Should the United States Rethink Its Nuclear Weapons Policies?", The President's Inbox, December 17, 2019.

LifeWire Announcement

EVENT CANCELED: UIC to host 7th annual Young Men of Color Summit


– University of Illinois at Chicago





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