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Monday, May 18, 2020

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Newswise Live COVID-19 Expert Panel for May 21, 2020, at 2 PM EDT, Media Invited to Attend and Ask Questions

Topics: Healthcare After COVID: what's changing about the healthcare system to adapt, what areas are under strain, the mental health of healthcare workforce, closures and job losses, adoption of telehealth and how to safely restore routine healthcare services - May 21 from 2-3 PM EDT


Mary Dale Peterson M.D., MSHCA, FACHE, FASA -  President - American Society of Anesthesiologists

Susan McDaniel, PhD - Professor of Families & Health in the Departments of Psychiatry and Family Medicine - University of Rochester

Other panelists TBA 

Where: Newswise Live event space on Zoom

Registration for media, as well as colleagues from participating Newswise member institutions

This live event will also be recorded and transcribed for use by media and communicators after it is concluded.

Science News


Alcohol Screening in the General Population: One in Five Low-Risk Drinkers Transition to Risky Drinking Within One Year

Routine screening for risky alcohol use in general practice can identify people who may benefit from simple interventions to reduce consumption. However, the optimal time interval for repeat screening, including for those who have screened negative, ...

– Research Society on Alcoholism

Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research

Embargo expired on 15-May-2020 at 10:00 ET


Coronavirus outbreak trending topics - See the Coronavirus Channel

Research and experts on the symptoms and spread of COVID-19, impact on global trade and financial markets, public health response, search for an effective treatment, and more

– Newswise

Arts and Humanities


Sculptor designs, builds ‘interactive contraptions’ from everyday materials to simulate human connections

Even in isolation, Stacey Holloway can hold a hand, receive a swift kiss on the cheek or give a high-five. She can offer a nose rub, just like the ones she shares with her mother. She just does them all alone — that is, if you don’t count the kin...

– University of Alabama at Birmingham

includes video

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Binge drinkers beware, Drunkorexia is calling

Mojito, appletini or a simple glass of fizz – they may take the edge off a busy day, but if you find yourself bingeing on more than a few, you could be putting your physical and mental health at risk according new research at the University of Sout...

– University of South Australia

Australian Psychologist

Social good creates economic boost

As unemployment rates skyrocket around the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a world-first study has found social venture start-ups not only alleviate social problems but also are much more important for job creation than previously thought...

– Queensland University of Technology

Small Business Economics

Persistent inequitable exposure to air pollution in Salt Lake County schools

Salt Lake County, Utah’s air pollution is at times the worst in the United States. Underserved neighborhoods—and their schools—experience the highest concentrations. A new study utilized nearly 200 PM 2.5 sensors through the Air Quality and U n...

– University of Utah

Environmental Research, July-2020


Bike commuting accelerated when bike-share systems rolled into town

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, in cities where bike-share systems have been introduced, bike commuting increased by 20%, according to a new UW study.

– University of Washington

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

Pandemic disrupting social networks that are key to older adults' well-being

Having a strong social network of friends and family can have a positive impact on people’s emotional and physical well-being, particularly for those 65 and older. IU researchers are now studying how the pandemic has disrupted those social connecti...

– Indiana University

Pandemic research: Economics project to explore impact of biases on social distancing

With neither a vaccine nor a proven treatment available, many communities are relying on social distancing to battle the coronavirus pandemic. The problem: Not everyone agrees to follow these measures. A team of economists at Binghamton University, S...

– Binghamton University, State University of New York

Praying together over Zoom: How religion sounds during a pandemic

Researchers at the American Religious Sounds Project, led by The Ohio State University and Michigan State University, are collecting and cataloging those sounds in an attempt to understand how the pandemic is changing religion around the United State...

– Ohio State University

A Brave New Virtual World of Work?

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in remote work on an unprecedented scale. Elizabeth Lyons, an assistant professor of management at UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy, predicts this sudden transition to virtual will create a "new ...

– University of California San Diego

Research takes aim at social tool for fighting COVID-19

The social distancing of COVID-19 might have its own long-term effects; a Bowling Green State University team of sociologists — Drs. Peggy Giordano, Monica Longmore and Wendy Manning — received a National Science Foundation grant to conduct resea...

– Bowling Green State University



At graduation, an astronaut's thoughts on isolation

Astronaut Christina Koch, who set a record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman with a total of 328 days in space, was the surprise guest “speaker” on Ursinus’s commencement webpage on Friday, May 15.

– Ursinus College


SLU Makes Standardized Testing Optional for Admission to Most Programs

Saint Louis University will move to a standardized test-optional admission process for all undergraduate and most graduate programs beginning with students applying for admission to the 2021-2022 academic year. Test optional means that prospective st...

– Saint Louis University

Landscape Architecture Students Venture Outside While Staying Inside

Virtual reality allows students to complete site visits for class projects from the safety of their homes.

– Texas Tech University

Combating COVID-19

From conducting research to providing resources and equipment, here’s how the CSU is doing its part to support its communities during the current pandemic.

– California State University (CSU) Chancellor's Office

Pop Culture


Birdwatchers Set World Records On Global Big Day

Birdwatchers set a new world record on May 9 for birds documented in a single day. During the annual Global Big Day, participants reported a record-breaking 2.1 million bird observations, recording 6,479 species. An all-time high of 50,000 participan...

– Cornell University

LifeWire Policy and Public Affairs

APS Issues Rare Resolution to Congress

For the first time in more than 60 years, the American Philosophical Society (APS), founded by Benjamin Franklin and the nation’s oldest learned society, has issued a public resolution calling on Congress to enact a National Defense Education Act f...

– The American Philosophical Society

Head of Talent Acquisition at Southwest Airlines Emphasizes Essential Skills Over Technical During CFES Brilliant Pathways Webinar

The Head of Talent Acquisition at Southwest Airlines offered some critical career advice to students participating in a CFES Brilliant Pathways Webinar on May 13 focused on Essential Skills: we hire for attitude first, skills second.

– CFES Brilliant Pathways

includes video

LifeWire Announcement

APHA welcomes essential public health funding, support in COVID-19 bill

New COVID-19 emergency legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives May 15 is being praised by the American Public Health Association for key provisions that will help protect and rebuild the health of the nation in the wake of the ongoing...

– American Public Health Association (APHA)





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