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Monday, August 24, 2020

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Two Virtual Events for August 27th, 2PM and 3PM EDT

ATS Meeting presentation with members doing research COVID: 2PM-2:45PM EDT

Experts will discuss successes and failures in response to the coronavirus and a possible template for vaccine distribution.

Thursday, August 27, 2PM-2:45PM EDT


China rising in global business, politics, and foreign policy: 3PM-4PM EDT

A cross-sectoral panel of experts will discuss how current events are shaping China’s trajectory and its relationship with the rest of the world.


These live events will also be recorded and transcribed for use by media and communicators after they are concluded. 

Science News


VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE: Schools Reopen Vs. Remote: Expert Panel for August 20, 2020

Schools Reopen Vs. Remote: Expert Panel for August 20, 2020, 2PM EDT

– Newswise

includes video

Arts and Humanities


The masked singers: How a WVU choir director composed the perfect masks for performance art

Kym Scott, director of choral activities at West Virginia University, recognized the limitations of singing and performing in masks from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. So she tapped into her prior life as a fashion designer to solve a problem un...

– West Virginia University

includes video

Social and Behavioral Sciences


When it comes to supporting candidates, ideology trumps race and gender

Voters who express prejudice against minorities and women are still more likely to support candidates who most closely align with their ideologies, regardless of the race or sex of such candidates, according to research published by the American Psyc...

– American Psychological Association (APA)

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Embargo expired on 24-Aug-2020 at 09:00 ET


Psychological disease avoidance linked to preventative behavior, study finds

Creeped out by cooties? Grossed out by germs? Squeamish about sickness?

– University of Connecticut


Simple test could improve public attitudes to autism

Using a simple 'thermometer scale survey' to measure public attitudes towards people with autism could help improve public understanding and acceptance, say researchers.

– University of Bath

Experimental Results

The impacts of gentrification on transportation and social support

The historically Black district of Albina in Portland, Oregon, due to racist real estate practices, faced multiple displacement events between 1960 and 1990 with the construction of Interstate 5 through the heart of the neighborhood as well as wholes...

– Portland State University

National Institute for Transportation and Communities


IUPUI study looks at prevention strategy for substance use disorder

A recent study from IUPUI found risk factors for substance use disorder affect age groups differently and proposes a primary prevention strategy for substance use disorder that is individualized for people within defined age groups.

– Indiana University

BioMed Central

Study Finds Signs of Altruism in People’s COVID-19 Worries, Putting Concerns about Others First

When it comes to worrying about the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study demonstrates that people are more concerned about whether their family members could contract the virus or if they are unknowingly spreading the virus themselves than they are with co...

– Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Translational Psychiatry

New research showcases Italian town as blueprint for 'anchor entrepreneurship' framework

New research from The Business School (formerly Cass) has shed light on how Mirandola, a small town in the North East of Italy, became a major hub for the production of medical devices and sets a roadmap for the origins of industrialisation in small,...

– City University London

Research Policy

Your In-laws’ History of Drinking Problems Could Lead to Alcohol Issues of Your Own

A study of more than 300,000 couples in Sweden finds marriage to a spouse who grew up exposed to parental alcohol misuse increases a person’s likelihood of developing a drinking problem.

– Association for Psychological Science

Psychological Science, August-2020



University of North Dakota faculty member’s book traces history of ‘Blaming Teachers’

Noting that professionalization helped doctors and lawyers secure higher-status, higher-paying jobs, while landing teachers on only the bottom rung of a K-12 bureaucracy ladders, D’Amico Pawlewicz asks and answers, ‘Why?

– University of North Dakota

Blaming Teachers: Professionalization Policies and the Failure of Reform in American History


Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s Affirm CSU Bond Ratings Despite Higher Education Outlook

Thanks to prudent financial management, liquidity and strong demand for a California State University education, the CSU's systemwide bond ratings are stable.

– California State University (CSU) Chancellor's Office

American Cleaning Institute Partners with NIH’s National Eye Institute on Ocular Safety

The American Cleaning Institute launched a partnership with the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Eye Institute (NEI) as part of the Packets Up! campaign to help educate families on the simple steps to prevent accidental eye exposures ...

– American Cleaning Institute

Law and Public Policy


New Deal Housing Programs Dramatically Increased Segregation, New Study Finds

Housing programs adopted during the New Deal increased segregation in American cities and towns, creating racial disparities that continue to characterize life in the 21st century, finds a new study.

– New York University

American Sociological Review

LifeWire Announcement

Expert Panel Event for August 27, 3PM EDT: China rising in global business, politics, and foreign policy

Expert Panel Event for August 27, 3PM EDT: China rising in global business, politics, and foreign policy

– Newswise

2021 Hertz Fellowship Application Now Open

The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation today announced that it is accepting applications for the 2021 Hertz Fellowship awards. The Hertz Fellowship provides financial and lifelong professional support for graduate students in the applied physical and b...

– The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation

Media Advisory: MITRE and The Harris Poll to Present Findings of Lifestyle Data Privacy Survey on Thursday, August 27, 1:00 p.m. ET

MITRE and The Harris Poll will present findings from a new nationwide survey exploring the public’s perception of how industry, including health insurance companies and employers, may collect and use data generated by an individual’s purchasing, ...


LifeWire Higher Education Events

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Neil M. Gorsuch surprises University of Utah law students at orientation

Gorsuch, who took his seat on the Court in April 2017, on Friday encouraged law students to persevere through challenging times as they start their legal studies in the midst of a global pandemic.

– University of Utah





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