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Monday, May 16, 2016

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Newswise Obesity News Source 16-May-2016

Newswise Obesity News Source

Top Stories 5-16-2016

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Fruit Discovery Could Provide New Treatments for Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

A combination of two compounds found in red grapes and oranges could be used to improve the health of people with diabetes, and reduce cases of obesity and heart disease. The find has been made by University of Warwick researchers who now hope that their discovery will be developed to provide a treatment for patients.

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– University of Warwick

Top Stories 5-11-2016

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Diagnosing Mononucleosis, Need for Health Interventions for Single Parent Households in Urban Subsidized Housing Programs, Inadequate Financial Savings Tied to Increased Childhood Health Risks, and more in the Public Health News Source

Diagnosing Mononucleosis, Need for Health Interventions for Single Parent Households in Urban Subsidized Housing Programs, Inadequate Financial Savings Tied to Increased Childhood Health Risks, and more in the Public Health News Source

– Newswise

Brain Cells That Aid Appetite Control Identified

• Brain cells that play a crucial role in appetite and weight gain identified. They are known as NG2-glia cells. • Although these cells exist within different parts of the brain, it is those found in a specific brain structure called the median eminence that are crucial to weight control. • Discovery opens door to development of new drugs designed to control weight gain and obesity.

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– McGill University

Top Stories 5-13-2016

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Videogame Addiction Leads to Sleep Loss, Obesity, and Cardiovascular Risk in Some Gamers

The team studied a group of children and teens ages 10 to 17 who were in lifestyle management programs – either for weight management or lipid disorders. The study looked at whether the videogame habits of the group had an impact on sleep habits, obesity and cardio-metabolic health.

– McMaster University

Researchers Find Potential Breakthrough in Binge-Eating Disorder Treatment

A treatment used for depression, Parkinson’s disease and autism shows promise to alleviate obesity in binge-eating disorder patients.

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International Journal of Eating Disorders, May 2016

– University of Alabama at Birmingham

Broader Definition of “Severe Maternal Morbidity” Could Identify Women at Risk for Pregnancy Complications Earlier, Penn Study Finds

a new study suggests that widespread adoption of an expanded definition of SMM could identify more at-risk patients, leading to improved care and lives saved. The study is one of two on the topic of SMM being presented by researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania. The second study examined the relationship between SMM and maternal level-of-care designations (MLOCD) at hospitals and uncovered a need for better data.

ACOG Annual Meeting

– Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Groundbreaking Conference Advances Native Health and Nutrition Policy Efforts

Advocates focused on determining meaningful steps to increase policy efforts related to improved nutrition, greater access to healthy foods, enhanced food sovereignty, and better health outcomes in Indian Country.

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– Voices for Healthy Kids

Top Stories 5-10-2016

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Mayo Clinic Endocrinologist Honored for Obesity Research

The World Obesity Federation, representing scientific and medical obesity research globally, has named Michael Jensen, M.D., a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist and obesity researcher, as the winner of its 2016 clinical research award. Dr. Jensen, who is internationally regarded for his research into how the body metabolizes food and creates fat, accepted the Willendorf Award for Scientific Excellence during recent International Conference on Obesity in Vancouver, Canada.

– Mayo Clinic

Regular Physical Activity is ‘Magic Bullet’ for Pandemics of Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

The statistics on regular physical activity in the U.S. are bleak; only about 20 percent of Americans engage in recommended levels of regular physical activity and about 64 percent never do any physical activity.

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– Florida Atlantic University

Researchers to Explore Food Choices After Gastric Bypass Surgery

A Florida State University researcher has won part of a $2.8 million grant to explore the diets of people who undergo gastric bypass surgery in order to find less invasive ways to achieve similar weight-loss benefits.

NIH R01DK106112

– Florida State University

@UCLAHealth Pediatrics Expert Available to Comment on Artificially Sweetened Drinks and Higher Infant Weight

– University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences

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