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Saturday, November 5, 2016

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Newswise Special Wire for 05-Nov-2016

Editor's Pick of the Best Science Stories of the Week

This week's highlights in science research include: How each one of us contribute to Arctic Sea ice melt; X-ray communications in space gets a jump start; Virunga’s hippos climbing back; Sleep deprivation may cause people to eat pizza; and the special Halloween story of how Chicago fairs in a zombie apocalypse (spoiler: not good)..

Sleep Deprivation May Cause People to Eat More Calories

Sleep deprivation may result in people consuming more calories during the following day, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis led by researchers at King's College London....

– King's College London

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Women Have a Remarkable Variety of Orgasmic Experiences

A new review by Concordia researchers published in Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology details the vast potential women have to experience orgasms from one or more sources of sensory input. ...

– Concordia University

Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology

How Each One of Us Contribute to Arctic Sea Ice Melt

Measurements reveal the relationship between individual CO2 emissions and the Arctic's shrinking summer sea ice...

– Max Planck Society (Max-Planck-Gesellschaft)

Science, 4 November 2016; doi: 10.1126/science.aag2345

Why Some Songs Get Stuck in Your Head

Almost all of us get songs stuck in our heads from time to time but why do certain tunes have the 'stick factor'?...

– Durham University

Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts

Healthy Living Linked to Higher Brain Function, Delay of Dementia

It's tempting to dip into the leftover Halloween treats, but new research out of York University has found eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, combined with regular exercise, leads to better cognitive functioning for younger and older adults, and...

– York University

Journal of Public Health

New Study Shows How the US Can Avoid a Debt Disaster

Top-tier research describes ways Congress can curb spending and reduce the national debt....

– University of Texas at San Antonio

The Independent Review

Bedtime Use of Media Devices More Than Doubles Risk of Poor Sleep in Children

A Cardiff University study has found that children using screen-based media devices at bedtime have over double the risk of inadequate sleep duration compared to children without access to such a device. ...

– Cardiff University

JAMA Pediatrics

Earlier Alzheimer’s Diagnosis May Be Possible with New Imaging Compound

Researchers have developed a chemical compound that detects the Alzheimer’s protein amyloid beta better than current FDA-approved agents. The compound potentially could be used in brain scans to identify the signs of Alzheimer’s early, or to moni...

– Washington University in St. Louis

Scientific Reports, Nov-2016; AG050263; AG030498; AG033328; CHE-0420497

Embargo expired on 02-Nov-2016 at 06:00 ET

Unusual Martian Region Leaves Clues to Planet's Past

Researcher Don Hood from LSU and colleagues from collaborating universities studied an unusual region on Mars -- an area with high elevation called Thaumasia Planum. They analyzed the geography and mineralogy of this area they termed Greater Thaumasi...

– Louisiana State University

Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets.

New Study Confirms Link Between Early Menopause and Higher Risk of Fracture

Data pulled from WHI clinical trials shows fracture risk for those with early menopause not minimized by use of calcium, vitamin D, or standard dose hormone therapy....

– North American Menopause Society (NAMS)


Herbivorous Mammals Have Bigger Bellies

What do enormous dinosaurs have in common with tiny shrews? They are both four-legged vertebrates, otherwise known as tetrapods. In the course of evolution, tetrapods developed various body shapes and sizes - from the mouse to the dinosaur - to adapt...

– University of Zurich

Journal of Anatomy

NASA's NavCube Could Support an X-Ray Communications Demonstration in Space -- a NASA First

Two proven technologies have been combined to create a promising new technology that could meet future navigational challenges in deep space. It also may help demonstrate -- for the first time -- X-ray communications in space, a capability that would...

– NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Chicago Wouldn’t Last Long Under Zombie Invasion, Model Finds

In the unlikely event of the zombie apocalypse, it would take less than two months for the undead to take control of the city, says a new study by researchers at Argonne National Laboratory....

– Computation Institute

After a Long Demise Due to Poaching, Virunga’s Hippos Climbing Back

NEW YORK (November 3, 2016)—Recent surveys for hippos in Virunga National Park—the oldest protected area in Africa—have found that the beleaguered behemoths are finally recovering from decades of poaching and habitat loss in the eastern Democra...

– Wildlife Conservation Society

Suiform Soundings

When Dictators Die, Stability Reigns

A dictator’s death rarely leads to regime change, according to a new study that comes as a fifth of the world’s authoritarian rulers are at least 70 years old and in various stages of declining health....

– Michigan State University

Journal of Democracy

Cosmic Connection

KITP’s Greg Huber worked with nuclear physicists to confirm a structural similarity found in both human cells and neutron stars....

– University of California, Santa Barbara

Physical Review C

Stimulating the Brain Makes Exercising the Legs Feel Easier

Research led by the University of Kent shows stimulation of the brain impacts on endurance exercise performance by decreasing perception of effort....

– University of Kent


Insight Into the Seat of Human Consciousness

For millennia, philosophers have struggled to define human consciousness. Now, a team of researchers led by neurologists at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) has pinpointed the regions of the brain that may play a role maintaining it. Thei...

– Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Neurology; S10RR023043; K23NS083741; R01HD069776; R01NS073601; R01NS085477; R21MH099196; R21NS082870; R21NS085491; R21HD07616; R25NS065743...

Embargo expired on 04-Nov-2016 at 16:00 ET





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