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Wireless Brain Implant Lets Paralyzed Monkeys Walk

An international team of scientists has used a wireless "brain-spinal interface" to bypass spinal cord injuries in a pair of rhesus macaques, restoring intentional walking movement to a temporarily paralyzed leg. The researchers, who describe their work in the journal Nature, say this is the first time a neural prosthetic has been used to restore walking movement directly to the legs of nonhuman primates.

Plant Growth Could Be Slowing the Rise of CO2 in the Earth's Atmosphere

New findings suggest the rate at which CO2 is accumulating in the atmosphere has plateaued in recent years because Earth’s vegetation is grabbing more carbon from the air than in previous decades.

New Blood Test for Concussions Has 90 Percent Success Rate

Scientists from Children's Health Research Institute, a program of Lawson Health Research Institute, and Western University have developed a new blood test that identifies with greater than 90 per cent certainty whether or not an adolescent athlete has suffered a concussion.

Greenland Fossils Help Show Recovery After Mass Extinction Event 252 Million Years Ago

A new study published in Scientific Reports shows how higher latitude ecosystems recovered after the World's most cataclysmic extinction event 252 million years ago.

Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat Is the Fastest Flyer in the Animal Kingdom

Bats are not just skillful aviators, they can also reach record-breaking speeds.

Healthy Living Equals Better Brain Function

Research suggests feedback loop between greater executive function and healthy behavior

Mismatched Light and Heat Levels Can Disrupt Body Clock

Body clock function can break down when light and temperature levels throughout the day are out of sync, finds new UCL research in fruit flies.

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Flavored E-Cig Vapor Contains Cancerous Chemicals

Scientists stress need for thorough research into flavored e-liquids.

Bankruptcy Expert Studies Trump Casinos

A new study by a Temple University professor shows that Donald Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City lost more jobs and money than competitors’ casinos, while also going through more bankruptcies than any other major business in America.

Sunshine Matters a Lot to Mental Health; Temperature, Pollution, Rain Not So Much

Sunshine matters. A lot. The idea isn’t exactly new, but according to a recent study, when it comes to your mental and emotional health, the amount of time between sunrise and sunset is the weather variable that matters most.

Meteorites Reveal Lasting Drought on Mars

The lack of liquid water on the surface of Mars today has been demonstrated by new evidence in the form of meteorites on the Red Planet examined by an international team of planetary scientists.

Climate Change Already Dramatically Disrupting All Elements of Nature

Global changes in temperature due to human-induced climate change have already impacted every aspect of life on Earth from genes to entire ecosystems, with increasingly unpredictable consequences for humans – according to a new study published in the journal Science.

Weekend Edition of the Best Science Stories of the Week

This week's highlights in science research include: A wireless implant that could help paralysed individuals walk; Plants help keep some atmospheric CO2 in check; The fastest flyer in the animal kingdom; Healthy living equates to better thinking; and a study on Donald Trump's bankruptcies.