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Monday, May 22, 2017

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Newswise Obesity News Source 22-May-2017

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Study Compares Different Measures of Body Fat for Predicting Kidney Function Decline

• In a new study, a higher amount of body fat was linked with an increased risk of developing chronic kidney disease. • Simple ways of measuring body size—such as waist circumference or body mass index—provided similar information on risk a...

– American Society of Nephrology (ASN)

doi: 10.2215/CJN.07010716

Embargo expired on 18-May-2017 at 17:00 ET

Another Reason to Exercise: Burning Bone Fat – a Key to Better Bone Health

For the first time, UNC School of Medicine researchers show that exercising burns the fat found within bone marrow and offers evidence that this process improves bone quality and the amount of bone in a matter of weeks.

– University of North Carolina Health Care System

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research

Study Shows Differences in Brain Activity Between Men and Women Who Are Obese

A new study of obese people suggests that changes in their brains’ reward regions make them more prone to overeating, and that women and men exhibit different brain activity related to overeating.

– University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences

International Journal of Obesity, Apr-2017; DK106528; P50 DK064539; R01 DK048351; P30 DK041301

UF Helps Slow the Cycle of Food-Insecurity, Obesity

About 13 percent of American households experienced food-insecurity in 2015, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That is 29.1 million adults and 13.1 million children. Within that group are more than 3 million Florida residents.

– University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Migrant Children Less Obese Due to Absent Grandmothers - Study

Children of migrants to Chinese cities have lower rates of obesity than youngsters in more affluent established urban families - probably because their grandparents are not around to over-feed them, a new study has found.

– University of Birmingham

PLOS ONE, May 2017

Embargo expired on 17-May-2017 at 14:00 ET

10th Annual American Fitness Index Reveals Minneapolis-St. Paul as the Newest “Fit City”

The twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul edged Washington, D.C. in the 10th annual American Fitness Index (AFI) released by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the Anthem Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Anthem, Inc.

– American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

10th annual American Fitness Index

Embargo expired on 16-May-2017 at 00:05 ET

Being More Active in School Lessons Can Improve Performance in Tests

Children who take part in lessons which include physical activity show an increase in health-enhancing physical activity and academic performance, according to research carried out by Leeds Beckett University.

– Leeds Beckett University

Inflammatory Signature of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

A team of investigators led by Rohit Kohli, MBBS, MS, of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, has identified key inflammatory cells involved in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

– Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Journal of Hepatology Communications

Better Than BMI: Study Finds More Accurate Way to Determine Adolescent Obesity

Researchers have found a new, more accurate way to determine if adolescents are overweight, important findings considering many school districts label adolescents — who tend to be more vulnerable to weight bias and fat shaming than adults — as ob...

– University of Alabama at Birmingham

Embargo expired on 15-May-2017 at 11:00 ET

Garden-Enhanced Intervention Improved BMI and Nutrition Knowledge of California Students

The factors that affect rates of childhood obesity are complex. For example, parent feeding practices have been shown to be influential, but that influence has also been shown to change with age. Factors such as access to fruits and vegetables and th...

– Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior

Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior





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