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Thursday, September 28, 2017

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Climate News and Experts from Newswise 28-Sep-2017

Climate Change News and Experts for Media

Newswise provides experts for the media on hurricanes and natural disasters, as well as the latest research in Environmental Science and Climate Science.

Mapping the Thylacine’s Mysterious Loss From Mainland

Ancient DNA extracted from fossil bones and museum specimens has shed new light on the mysterious loss of the Tasmanian tiger (thylacine) from Australia’s mainland.

– University of Adelaide

Journal of Biogeography

Popping Bubbles: Surfactants Have Surprising Effect on Nanobubble Stability

The stability of nanobubbles is well understood, but the mechanisms causing their eventual destabilization are still in question. Using molecular dynamics simulations, researchers in China explored the effect of surfactants -- components that lower s...

– American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Applied Physics Letters

Examining the Lifestyles of Microbes

University of Delaware researchers are studying microbes called Parcubacteria that were found by James Cameron (director of "Terminator") during a recent deep sea expedition. They want to study the microbes' lifestyle and see how similar they are to ...

– University of Delaware

Environmental Microbiology

Where Is All the Water From?

West Virginia University geology researchers are measuring the quantity and quality of the water along Peters Mountain in collaboration with the Indian Creek Watershed Association.

– West Virginia University - Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Removing Nitrate for Healthier Ecosystems

In a new study, researchers have identified nitrate removal hotspots in landscapes around agricultural streams.

– American Society of Agronomy (ASA), Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)

Journal of Environmental Quality, July 27, 2017

Embargo expired on 27-Sep-2017 at 09:00 ET

Mommy and Me: Parent Trees Pass to Offspring Fungal Associations That May Provide Drought Tolerance

Soil fungi that help promote drought tolerance in pinyon pine (Pinus edulis), a dominant tree in the Southwest, are passed from mother trees to their offspring, according to research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

– Northern Arizona University

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

New Study Finds Expected Savings from School Energy Efficiency Upgrade Outpace Actual Returns

Students returning to school this Fall may not think much about the significant amount of energy it takes to keep the lights on and their classroom smartboards operating, but principals, superintendents, and building managers are taking note. Accordi...

– University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business

Working Paper

Discovery: Bernie Sanders Spider

Students and a scientist at the University of Vermont have discovered 15 new species of 'smiley-faced' spiders--and named them after, among others, Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bernie Sanders.

– University of Vermont

Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society

Embargo expired on 26-Sep-2017 at 09:00 ET

Study: Wildlife Sign Surveys Up To The Task

A new study from the Wildlife Conservation Society-India Program, the Centre for Wildlife Studies, and the University of Florida-Gainesville, shows that cost-effective “sign surveys” can be used to reliably monitor animal distributions in the wil...

– Wildlife Conservation Society

Journal of Applied Ecology

More Than 100 Schools Sign on to Teach Health Risks of Climate Change

The Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education (GCCHE) today announced that, since its launch earlier this year, 125 health professions schools and programs around the world have joined and committed to ensure future health professionals are e...

– Columbia University Medical Center

Which Came First: Big Brains or Demanding Environments?

Researchers in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis are challenging the notion that environment drives the evolution of brain size. A new study was released Sept. 25 in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution.

– Washington University in St. Louis

Nature Ecology and Evolution, Sept-2017

Embargo expired on 25-Sep-2017 at 11:00 ET

Scientists Call for More Research on How Human Activities Affect the Seabed

A group of UK scientists, co-ordinated by the University of Southampton, has published extensive research into how industry and environmental change are affecting our seafloors, but say more work is needed to help safeguard these complex ecosystems a...

– University of Southampton


Scientists Monitor Silicon Valley’s Underground Water Reserves — From Space

Satellite data shows underground water reserves in California’s Silicon Valley rebounded quickly after the recent severe drought. The research points to the success of aggressive conservation measures and lays the groundwork for low-cost monitoring...

– University at Buffalo

Journal of Geophysical Research

Iron Seeding of the Pacific Ocean May Have Played a Role in Global Climate Change

A Texas A&M University research team has examined a 100,000-year-old ocean core and found that there have been at least eight occurrences of iron penetrating the Pacific Ocean, each likely associated with abrupt global climate change over thousands o...

– Texas A&M University

Nature Geoscience, Sept-2017; NSF oce-0851056

Florida Sea Grant Helps Keys Lobstermen Get Back on Feet After Irma

Sea Grant is helping lobstermen by quickly locating the traps lost during Hurricane Irma -- a move that will help an industry worth $150 million in the Keys.

– University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Snails Bred in Lab Help Species Crawl Back from Brink of Extinction

Work to restore the endangered Chittenango ovate amber snail, found only in one location inside a Central New York state park, continued this month with the release of tagged adult snails raised in a laboratory at the College of Environmental Science...

– SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Enhancing the Sensing of Diamonds, Mobile Microgrids, Self-Folding Robots, and More in the Engineering News Source

The latest research and features in the Newswise Engineering News Source

– Newswise

Researchers Study How Wet Soils May Fuel Tropical Storms Over Land

Researchers at the University of Georgia in partnership with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center have been awarded a grant to study how wet soils may strengthen tropical storms over land.

– University of Georgia

Find the Expert You Need in the Newswise Expert Directory

Need an expert in a hurry? Need to pitch an expert in a hurry? Find experts and manage your experts in the Newswise Expert Directory. Our database of experts is growing daily. Search by institution, name, subject, keywords, and place.

– Newswise

Missouri S&T Receives Federal Support for Early-Stage Research Into Tapping “Citizen Scientists” to Collect Water Quality Data

Picture teams of smartphone-toting citizen scientists, poised to collect water samples and test for contaminants thanks to a user-friendly app that can crowdsource rapid responders to mobilize the next time a public water system is at risk. Resear...

– Missouri University of Science and Technology

Policy and Public Affairs

Answer Three Questions and Save Half the World's Biodiversity

A growing international movement called “Half Earth” calls for preserving 50 percent of the world’s biodiversity. In today’s Nature News and Views, conservationists pose three questions that need to be answered to make this bold vision a rea...

– Wildlife Conservation Society

Nature News and Views


APS Establishes Hurricane Relief Fund to Support Researchers Following Devastating Hurricane Season

The American Physiological Society (APS) has allocated $100,000 for a Hurricane Relief Fund to assist young APS member-researchers in their rebuilding efforts following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Applications are now being accepted for grants...

– American Physiological Society (APS)

WVU professors to present at 2017 Shale Insight Conference

West Virginia University professors Paul Ziemkiewicz, Shikha Sharma and Tim Carr will present research on technology in the shale industry at the Shale Insight Conference on Wednesday, Sept. 27 in Pittsburgh, Pa.

– West Virginia University - Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Shale Insight

2018 DOE JGI Community Science Program Allocations Announced

Many of the DOE Joint Genome Institute’s selected 2018 Community Science Program proposals aim to utilize multiple genomic and analytical capabilities, along with scientific expertise, to users focused on the underlying mechanisms involved in bioen...

– Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Columbia Engineers Win NSF grant to Study NYC Storm Surge Infrastructure Resilience

.With so many hurricanes ravaging the Caribbean and the southern U.S., it has become clear that addressing threats to infrastructure is critical to keeping our communities safe, functional, and healthy. Storm surge has emerged as one of the most dest...

– Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science

Los Alamos Gains Role in High-Performance Computing for Materials Program

A new high-performance computing initiative announced this week by the U.S. Department of Energy will help U.S. industry accelerate the development of new or improved materials for use in severe environments.

– Los Alamos National Laboratory

Expert Pitch

Relaxing the Jones Act Would Provide Economic Relief for Recovery Efforts in Puerto Rico, Says Expert

– Virginia Tech

Power in Puerto Rico – How ‘Nanogrids’ Could Help in the Future

– Cornell University

In the Face of Climate Change, Transportation Designs and Materials Will Need to Be More Durable and Sustainable, Says ASU Expert

– Arizona State University (ASU)

Water Is Essential for Life - in Both the Hurricane-Damaged U.S. and Around the World

– University of Oklahoma College of Engineering WaTER Center

GM Wind Investment Signals Renewable’s Strong Future in Auto Industry

– Cornell University

Expert Media Comment: Dominica - the Forgotten Island of Hurricane Maria

– University of Portsmouth

Failure to Assist Puerto Rico Could Precipitate Humanitarian, Economic Disaster

– Cornell University

Mobile Microgrids Would Provide Rapidly Deployable Power Systems During Disaster Recovery

– Arizona State University (ASU)

How to Rebuild Puerto Rico's Power Grid in the Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

– Arizona State University (ASU)





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