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Thursday, August 23, 2018

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Climate News and Experts from Newswise 23-Aug-2018

Climate Change News and Experts for Media

Newswise provides experts for the media on hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters, as well as the latest research in Environmental Science and Climate Science.

What Causes Stress in Plants?

Life planted in soil may seem idyllic, but did you know plants get stressed? The August 22nd Sustainable, Secure Food blog explains environmental stressors for plants and research towards relief.

– American Society of Agronomy (ASA), Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)

For Exotic Pets, the Most Popular Are Also Most Likely to be Released in the Wild

Among pet snakes and lizards, the biggest-selling species are also the most likely to be released by their owners – and to potentially become invasive species, according to a Rutgers study published today in the Journal of Applied Ecology. The stud...

– Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Journal of Applied Ecology; Rutgers Today

Research Used for Environmental Policy Often Based on Flawed Methodology

To draft environmental laws and regulations, policymakers often rely on studies produced by researchers who examine human impact on nature. However, the methods behind many such studies are flawed and thus ill serve the makers of environmental policy...

– Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School

PNAS August 20, 2018

Trace Metals in the Air Make Big Splash on Life Under the Sea

A new Cornell University-led study shows that trace metals, deposited by aerosols like dust and other particles in the atmosphere, have a hefty impact on marine life, affecting biological productivity and changing the ocean ecosystem.

– Cornell University

Nature Communications, July 2018

Students affected by Hurricane Maria bring their research to SLAC

This summer, five graduate students from the University of Puerto Rico had the opportunity to use SLAC’s world-class facilities to keep their studies on track.

– SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Ecosystems Are Getting Greener in the Arctic

Researchers from Berkeley Lab have developed a new benchmark model that estimates changes in the proportion of the Earth’s surface where plant growth will no longer be limited by cold temperatures over the 21st century.

– Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Nature Climate Change, Aug. 20, 2018

Graduate Student Digs Deep for Algae Solution

BGSU graduate student Josephine Lindsey-Robbins is researching the role of “bugs” in composting dead plant material, turning it back into the soil and keeping its nitrogen and phosphorus in place. There, it can fertilize the soil instead of washi...

– Bowling Green State University

Newly launched TRACER center offers enhanced dating and tracer capabilities

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held August 17 to formally open the Argonne TRACER Center (Trace Radioisotope Analysis Center) at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory. The TRACER Center provides a new, permanent home for ...

– Argonne National Laboratory

Research Indicates Long-Legged Lizards Better Adapted for Hurricane Survival

Jason Kolbe has been thinking about hurricanes and lizards for many years. The University of Rhode Island professor of biological sciences has measured the length of lizard legs and the size of their toe pads to assess how those factors influence t...

– University of Rhode Island


Policy and Public Affairs

Climate Change: Urgent Need, Inadequate Response

Yesterday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) formally released its proposal to replace the Clean Power Plan with the Affordable Clean Energy Rule. When implemented, this rule will essentially keep carbon emissions from power plants cons...

– American Thoracic Society (ATS)


There will be an app for that: Collaborative team wins NSF grant to research intermittent streams with smartphone technology

Ben Ruddell and Abe Springer of Northern Arizona University are part of a team to create a new smartphone app to map the reaches of streams.

– Northern Arizona University

Engineers and Urban Designers Boost Efforts to Protect Fragile Infrastructure

Researchers at New York Institute of Technology, as part of a multinational consortium to enhance sustainability of the food/energy/water nexus in urban environments, have received a grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation to develop a 3-D da...

– New York Institute of Technology



Will we be ready for the next Harvey?

Public program featuring thought leaders on the topic of funding community resilience in the face of more acute and chronic natural disasters.

– Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC)

Expert Pitch

Hurricane Experts Available to Provide Analysis Throughout the Season

– Florida State University

Texas Tech Experts Available to Discuss Hurricane Lane. The hurricane is rapidly heading toward Hawaii, which has only had two hurricanes make landfall since 1959.

– Texas Tech University

WFU Expert Available: Trump Administration’s Changes to the Clean Power Plan

– Wake Forest University

Downwind States Stand to Lose if Trump Coal Emissions Plan Takes Shape

– Cornell University

Experts Available to Comment on EPA Changes to Clean Air Rules

– Indiana University

Nothing ‘Clean’ About Trump Administration’s ‘Clean Energy’ Rule, Says Environmental Law Scholar

– Northwestern University

Expert available to discuss EPA proposal on coal plants, emissions

– University of Colorado Boulder

Italian Highway Collapse Spurs Closer Look at Other Bridge Systems

– Arizona State University (ASU)

Hurricane Harvey Anniversary: UTHealth Safety VP Talks About Preparation and Response

– University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston





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