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Monday, May 20, 2019

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Newswise Technology and Engineering Wire for 20-May-2019

Newswise Technology and Engineering Wire

Tech news for the public and news media. More stories can be found at the Newswise Technology News Source and the Engineering News Source.


The Oregon State University College of Engineering has long held a deep connection with Hewlett Packard (HP), one of the most innovative technology companies in the world, that has benefited both institutions on multiple levels.

– Oregon State University, College of Engineering

Ultra-Clean Fabrication Platform Produces Nearly Ideal 2D Transistors

Columbia Engineering researchers report that they have demonstrated a nearly ideal transistor made from a 2D material stack—with only a two-atom-thick semiconducting layer—by developing a completely clean and damage-free fabrication process. Thei...

– Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science

Nature Electronics May 17 1029

Embargo expired on 17-May-2019 at 12:00 ET

Wearable cooling and heating patch could serve as personal thermostat and save energy

A new wearable patch could provide personalized cooling and heating at home, work, or on the go. The soft, stretchy patch cools or warms a user’s skin to a comfortable temperature and keeps it there as the ambient temperature changes. It is powered...

– University of California San Diego

Science Advance, May-2019; DE-AR0000535

Embargo expired on 17-May-2019 at 14:00 ET

Particles from aircraft engines affect airways

In a unique experimental setup, Swiss researchers have investigated the effect of exhaust particles from aircraft turbine engines on human lung cells. The cells reacted most strongly to particles emitted during ground idling. The study also showed th...

– Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology

HR Jonsdottir, M Delaval, Z Leni, A Keller, BT Brem, F Siegerist, D Schönenberger, L Durdina, M Elser, H Burtscher, A Liati, M G; Empa Media release

To win online debates, social networks worth a thousand words

According to Cornell researchers, social interactions are more important than language in predicting who is going to succeed at online debating. However, the most accurate model for predicting successful debaters combines information about social int...

– Cornell University

Web Conference, May 2019

Using Information Technology to Promote Health Equity – Update in Medical Care

An innovative health information technology (IT) program helps primary care providers to detect and manage depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in traumatized refugees, reports a study in a special June supplement to Medical Care. The ...

– Wolters Kluwer Health: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

Medical Care

Scientists develop technology to capture tumor cells

Instead of searching for a needle in a haystack, what if you were able to sweep the entire haystack to one side, leaving only the needle behind? That’s the strategy researchers in the University of Georgia College of Engineering followed in develop...

– University of Georgia

Children describe technology that gives them a sense of ambiguity as 'creepy'

University of Washington researchers have defined for the first time what children mean when they say technology is “creepy.”

– University of Washington

2019 ACM CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Penn Medicine Releases Free, ‘Self-Service’ AI Tool for Data Analytics

“Penn AI” is now accessible to anyone from high school students to biomedical researchers, on any computer or laptop

– Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

R01 LM010098; R01 AI116794; UC4DK112217; P30 ES013508; UL1 TR001878

Big Help from Small Microbes: Electron Transfers to Produce Fuels and Fertilizer

The team at the BETCy Energy Frontier Research Center is learning how electron transfer processes drive energy-intensive reactions that produce ammonia and other chemicals. Knowing how electrons move could lead to processes that let industrial reacti...

– Department of Energy, Office of Science

Argonne releases updated computer model to help bioenergy developers conserve water

Argonne researchers continue to help bioenergy developers manage water resources through the recently released update of an online computer model, Water Analysis Tool for Energy Resources (WATER). Providing an in-depth analysis of water consumption u...

– Argonne National Laboratory

Physicists Create Prototype Superefficient Memory for Future Computers

Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and their colleagues from Germany and the Netherlands have achieved material magnetization switching on the shortest timescales, at a minimal energy cost. They have thus developed a prot...

– Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)


Embargo expired on 15-May-2019 at 13:00 ET

Clean and effective electronic waste recycling

As the number of electronics devices increases around the world, finding effective methods of recycling electronic waste (e-waste) is a growing concern.

– Kumamoto University

Waste Management

First smartphone app that can hear ear infections in children

Researchers at the UW have created a new smartphone app that can detect fluid behind the eardrum by simply using a piece of paper and the phone’s microphone and speaker.

– University of Washington

Science Translational Medicine

Norwalk Hospital’s New Telestroke Program Delivers Critical Stroke Care Faster than Ever

Advanced telestroke technology allows neurologists to help diagnose stroke remotely — saving time and saving lives

– Western Connecticut Health Network

Disabled veterans could live more independently with new technology

Researchers at Texas A&M University are working on new Specially Adapted Housing Assistive Technology that could help veterans with severe spinal cord injuries and disorders achieve even more independence with a grant from the Department of Veterans ...

– Texas A&M University

International Panel of Experts Explain How Digital Media Affects Developing Minds

On Thursday May 16, a group of international experts will make up a panel at Stony Brook University that tackles the question: What effect is digital media having on the brain and even body development of children?

– Stony Brook University

JAMA Pediatrics

ICRA 2019 preview: bots, drones and neural nets

From ways to improve long-distance surgery techniques to better ways to get robots to work with humans in manufacturing settings and to a testing platform for UAVs, engineers at the University of California San Diego will make strong showing at the 2...

– University of California San Diego

Snapshot: Vulnerability Reduction Scorecard helps cities save lives and resources

The Plan Integration for Resilience Scorecard (PIRS) is a novel planning approach that helps prevent people and investments from being in harm’s way, and ultimately save lives and resources.

– Homeland Security's Science And Technology Directorate

Another step forward for a promising new battery to store clean energy

Researchers have built a more efficient, more reliable potassium-oxygen battery, a step toward a potential solution for energy storage on the nation’s power grid and longer-lasting batteries in cell phones and laptops.

– Ohio State University

Batteries and Supercaps

Policy and Public Affairs

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) Releases Policy Statement on Airline Seating

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) has released its policy statement on airline seating in response to Congress requiring FAA update standards for passenger seat dimensions.

– Human Factors and Ergonomics Society


NSF Grant Unites Cross-Campus Researchers to Study and Optimize Flying Robots

Researchers in the Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering recently received a $389,919 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to investigate, explore and innovate new flying mechanisms for micro air vehicles (MAVs) to better mimic ...

– Penn State College of Engineering


WVU receives $8.2 million software gift from LMKR for energy geology coursework and research

LMKR, an international petroleum technology company, has partnered with West Virginia University to expand student and faculty access to industry-leading software.

– West Virginia University - Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Highlights from Free the Science Week 2019

In celebration of its third annual Free the Science Week (April 1-7, 2019), the Society once again took down the paywall to the entire ECS Digital Library. For the duration of the week, readers had unrestricted access to more than 151,000 scientific ...

– The Electrochemical Society

Free the Science Week (April 1-7, 2019)

University Hospitals and Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Announce New Education Affiliation

Announcement of a new medical education affiliation between University Hospitals (UH) in Cleveland with the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (the Technion).

– University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Cryogenics equipment maker licenses ORNL auto-fill method for more efficient liquid helium use

Advanced Research Systems has licensed an ORNL technology designed to automatically refill liquid helium used in laboratory equipment for low-temperature scientific experiments, which will reduce downtime, recover more helium and increase overall eff...

– Oak Ridge National Laboratory

New Argonne coating could have big implications for lithium batteries

In a new discovery, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have developed a new cathode coating by using an oxidative chemical vapor deposition technique. The new coating can keep the battery’s cathode ele...

– Argonne National Laboratory

Nature Energy, May-2019

Higher Education Events

Experts to Focus on Global Challenges of Automation and AI at 'Future of Work' Conference

The conference will convene thought leaders from the private sector, international NGOs, foundations, academia and local, state and federal governments to delve into topics such as smart cities and urban innovation.

– University of Notre Dame

Media Advisory: 2019 BioCompute Workshop on Next Generation Sequencing Data and Analysis

Together with the United States Food and Drug Administration and the BioCompute Partnership, the George Washington University is co-sponsoring a workshop, titled “BioCompute Objects: Tools for Communicating Next Generation Sequencing Data and Analy...

– George Washington University


New cyber resilience report highlights Argonne’s global expertise

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has sought expertise from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory in addressing cyber resilience issues. In February, the WEF published a study developed with the help of Argonne experts that...

– Argonne National Laboratory

Expert Pitch

Architect Pei remembered as a beacon for future architects

– Cornell University

Issues of bias in facial recognition technology need further study, Notre Dame expert says

– University of Notre Dame

Apollo 11 inspired one generation, still challenges the next

– Cornell University





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