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Saturday, September 14, 2019

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Newswise Weekend Edition Wire for 14-Sep-2019

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Medical News

More Severe OSA Leads to Higher Blood Pressure in Patients with Resistant Hypertension

In patients with high blood pressure resistant to treatment who also have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the more severe their OSA, the higher their blood pressure, according to new research published online in the Annals of the American Thoracic Soc...

– American Thoracic Society (ATS)

Annals of the American Thoracic Society

Embargo expired on 13-Sep-2019 at 00:15 ET

Study led by NUS scientists show that drinking tea improves brain health

A recent study led by researchers from the National University of Singapore revealed that regular tea drinkers have better organised brain regions compared to non-tea drinkers.

– National University of Singapore


“Time-outs” not associated with long-term negative effects in children

Researchers find no differences in emotional and behavioral health between kids whose parents used time-outs and those who didn't.

– Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Exercising While Restricting Calories Could be Bad for Bone Health

A new study published today in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research shows how bones in mammals are negatively impacted by calorie restriction, and particularly by the combination of exercise and calorie restriction.

– University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Sept-2019

How the Eyes Might Be Windows to the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

UC San Diego researchers say that measuring how quickly a person’s pupil dilates while they are taking cognitive tests may be a low-cost, low-invasive method to aid in screening individuals at increased genetic risk for AD before cognitive decline ...

– University of California San Diego Health

Neurobiology of Aging

New drug may protect against memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease

A new drug discovered through a research collaboration between the University at Buffalo and Tetra Therapeutics may protect against memory loss, nerve damage and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

– University at Buffalo

The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Sept-2019

Unmarried Patients Less Likely to Survive Cancer as Bias Drives Treatments

Unmarried patients with cancer are less likely to get potentially life-saving surgery or radiotherapy than their married counterparts, raising the concern that medical providers may be relying on stereotypes that discount sources of social support ot...

– University of Delaware

New England Journal of Medicine

Science News

Researchers pioneer new technique to transform used milk bottles into kayaks and storage tanks

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have discovered new ways to convert single-use plastic waste into products such as storage tanks for water and fuel, and sporting goods such as kayaks and canoes, which could help to solve global environmen...

– Queen's University Belfast

Embargo expired on 11-Sep-2019 at 19:05 ET

Towering Balloon-like Features Discovered near Center of the Milky Way

An international team of astronomers has discovered one of the largest features ever observed in the center of the Milky Way – a pair of enormous radio-emitting bubbles that tower hundreds of light-years above and below the central region of our ga...

– National Radio Astronomy Observatory


Embargo expired on 11-Sep-2019 at 13:00 ET

Water Detected on an Exoplanet Located in Its Star’s Habitable Zone

An international study lead by Université de Montréal astronomer Björn Benneke has detected water vapour on the planet K2-18b; this represents a major discovery in the search of alien life.

– Universite de Montreal, September 10, 2019

It’s Not About Self-driving Cars, It’s About More People in Fewer Vehicles

It now appears that pooled-ride services like car-pooling, public transit, and ride-splitting are much more important than self-driving cars and automation for sustainability and reducing traffic congestion. The idea is simple: put more people in few...

– Florida Atlantic University

Journal of the American Planning Association

Lifestyle & Social Sciences

Victims of domestic violence often stuck with financial debt

New research from Michigan State University uncovers the troubling financial situation women face due to “coerced debt” their partners place in their names, jeopardizing their chances of starting over and building a life of their own.

– Michigan State University

Violence Against Women





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