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Thursday, September 19, 2019

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Climate and the Environment News from Newswise 19-Sep-2019

Climate Change and Environmental News and Experts for the Media

Newswise provides experts for the media on hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters, as well as the latest research in Environmental Science and Climate Science.

Undervalued Wilderness Areas Can Cut Extinction Risk in Half

Wilderness areas, long known for intrinsic conservation value, are far more valuable for biodiversity than previously believed, and if conserved, will cut the world’s extinction risk in half, according to a new study published in the journal Nature...

– Wildlife Conservation Society


Embargo expired on 18-Sep-2019 at 12:00 ET

Rethinking Scenario Logic for Climate Policy

Current scenarios used to inform climate policy have a weakness in that they typically focus on reaching specific climate goals in 2100 – an approach which may encourage risky pathways that could have long-term negative effects.

– International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis


Embargo expired on 18-Sep-2019 at 13:00 ET

Actions to Save Coral Reefs Could Benefit All Ecosystems

Scientists say bolder actions to protect coral reefs from the effects of global warming will benefit all ecosystems, including those on land.

– James Cook University


Embargo expired on 18-Sep-2019 at 13:00 ET

Planned Roads Would Be ‘Dagger in the Heart’ for Borneo’s Forests and Wildlife

Malaysia’s plans to create a Pan-Borneo Highway will severely degrade one of the world’s most environmentally imperilled regions, says a research team from Australia and Malaysia.

– James Cook University


Embargo expired on 18-Sep-2019 at 14:00 ET

Sesame yields stable in drought conditions

Research shows adding sesame to cotton-sorghum crop rotations is possible in west Texas

– American Society of Agronomy (ASA), Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)

Crop Science

Mechanism Modeling for Better Forecasts, Climate Predictions

Modeling currents together with wind and waves provides more accurate predictions for weather forecasts and climate scientists.

– Michigan Technological University

Remote Sensing, June-2019

Emissions from cannabis growing facilities may impact indoor and regional air quality

The same chemicals responsible for the pungent smell of a cannabis plant may also contribute to air pollution on a much larger scale, according to new research from the Desert Research Institute (DRI) and the Washoe County Health District (WCHD) in R...

– Desert Research Institute (DRI)

Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association

Wayne State leading efforts to alleviate fatbergs

Worldwide, the occurrence of large-scale sewer blockages caused by the massive buildup of discarded fats, oils and greases (FOGs) is on the rise. The problem is getting more severe as solid waste products such as paper towels, sanitary products and w...

– Wayne State University Division of Research

NSF 1903329

New study measures how much of corals’ nutrition comes from hunting

A new study is revealing that more of corals’ nutrients come from hunting than previously expected, information that may help predict the fate of coral reefs as global ocean temperatures rise.

– Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Functional Ecology

Elephant Seal 'Supermoms' Produce Most of the Population, Study Finds

Most of the pups born in an elephant seal colony in California over a span of five decades were produced by a relatively small number of long-lived "supermoms", according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

– University of California, Santa Cruz

Canadian Journal of Zoology

UCI team uses machine learning to help tell which wildfires will burn out of control

Irvine, Calif., Sept. 17, 2019 – An interdisciplinary team of scientists at the University of California, Irvine has developed a new technique for predicting the final size of a wildfire from the moment of ignition. Built around a machine learning ...

– University of California, Irvine

International Journal of Wildland Fire, Sept-2019

Ethanol fuels large-scale expansion of Brazil's farming land

A University of Queensland-led study has revealed that future demand for ethanol biofuel could potentially expand sugarcane farming land in Brazil by five million hectares by 2030.

– University of Queensland

Energy Policy

The Amazon and You

What happens within a country can no longer be considered its concern alone in a global age? Article by Richard N. Haass. Originally published at Project Syndicate September 13, 2019.

– Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Richard N. Haass, Council on Foreign Relations, September 13, 2019.

To Address Hunger, Many Countries May Have to Increase Carbon Footprint

Achieving an adequate, healthy diet in most low- and middle-income countries will require a substantial increase in greenhouse gas emissions and water use due to food production, according to new research from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable F...

– Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Global Environmental Change

Embargo expired on 16-Sep-2019 at 20:05 ET

Reduce, reuse, recycle: the future of phosphorus

Societies celebrate the discovery of this important element in 1669

– American Society of Agronomy (ASA), Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)

Journal of Environmental Quality

Hope for coral recovery may depend on good parenting

The fate of the world's coral reefs could depend on how well the sea creatures equip their offspring to cope with global warming.

– University of Southern California (USC)

Scientific Reports

UCI scientists project northward expansion of Valley fever by end of 21st century

Valley fever is endemic to hot and dry regions such as the southwestern United States and California’s San Joaquin Valley, but scientists at the University of California, Irvine predict that climate change will cause the fungal infection’s range ...

– University of California, Irvine

GeoHealth, Sep-2019

Celebrating the 350th Anniversary of Phosphorus’ Discovery!

A paradox of too much and too little of this necessary nutrient

– American Society of Agronomy (ASA), Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)

New report takes in-depth look at three factors contributing to sea level rise along the U.S. East Coast

This new WHOI report provides an in-depth look at three factors contributing to sea level rise along the U.S. East Coast, and how scientists are studying the phenomenon. Learn how new technologies, along with a better understanding of how the oceans,...

– Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Volcanic eruption may explain recent purple sunrises

Photographers and others with a keen eye have noticed that sunrises and sunsets have become a lot more purple in the U.S. New measurements from a high-altitude balloon could explain why.

– University of Colorado Boulder

California's Critical Refuge: Marine Protected Areas

California is home to 800 square miles of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that provide refuge to some of the most iconic and diverse marine species. What began as an effort to conserve and protect the state’s marine ecosystems now has the potential t...

– California State University (CSU) Chancellor's Office


Eat for Climate Week: Take a Bite Out of Climate Change

Eat for Climate Week is raising awareness about the climate benefits of shifting to a more plant-rich diet. In celebration of Climate Week NYC, restaurants all over New York City will be showcasing delicious and climate-friendly dishes.

– Monday Campaigns

NAU research team receives grant to study how trees adapt to insect damage and the changing environment

Scientists with the Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research have received a four-year, $859,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to assess how cottonwood trees have evolved to tolerate environmental stresses, including changing tem...

– Northern Arizona University


Expert Pitch

Expert Available to Discuss White House Plans to Challenge CA Auto Emissions Rules

– Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Climate engagement expert available to discuss global climate strike

– Indiana University

Former EPA Administrator Available to Comment on Expected Revocation of California's Authority on Car Emissions

– Indiana University





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