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Monday, September 30, 2019

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Newswise Obesity News Wire 30-Sep-2019

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UTSW researchers identify molecule linking weight gain to gut bacteria

Good bacteria that live in the guts of mammals program the metabolic rhythms that govern the body’s absorption of dietary fat.

– UT Southwestern Medical Center


Researchers Discover New, Treatable Pathway Known to Cause Hypertension in Obese People

There’s no question that as body weight increases, so too does blood pressure. Now, in a study of mice, Johns Hopkins researchers have revealed exactly which molecules are likely responsible for the link between obesity and blood pressure. Blocking...

– Johns Hopkins Medicine

Circulation Research; R01 HL133100, R01 HL128970, R01 HL138983, P50 ES018176, 83615201, 83451001, 19CDA34700025, EF-0128-2016

‘Report Card’ on Diet Trends: Low-Quality Carbs Account for 42 Percent of a Day’s Calories

An 18-year ‘report card’ on the American diet shows adults are eating too many low-quality carbohydrates and more than the recommended daily amount of saturated fat. The study of dietary trends, from researchers at Tufts and Harvard, is published...

– Tufts University

JAMA; R01MD011501; K01DK107804

Embargo expired on 24-Sep-2019 at 11:00 ET

Food as medicine: UTHealth and partners fill prescriptions for food insecurity

The answer to food insecurity could be as simple as a prescription for healthy food from your health care provider and the means to obtain it, particularly in food deserts, said researchers led by The University of Texas Health Science Center at Hous...

– University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Translational Behavioral Medicine

Embargo expired on 19-Sep-2019 at 09:00 ET

‘Junk Food’ Diet May Predict Future Depression Symptoms in Teens

An innovative study finds that sodium and potassium levels—reflections of a person’s typical diet—may be predictors of future depression in teens. The first-of-its-kind study is published in Physiological Reports.

– American Physiological Society (APS)

Physiological Reports

Overweight Danes are more likely to have overweight dogs according to new research

A new study from the University of Copenhagen reports that the prevalence of overweight dogs is markedly larger among overweight owners than among normal weight owners.

– University of Copenhagen

Preventive Veterinary Medicine

Smoking Abstinence Has Little Impact on the Motivation for Food

It’s sometimes thought that smokers who can’t light up are likely to reach for food in lieu of cigarettes. But new research from the University at Buffalo suggests that smoking abstinence doesn’t greatly affect the motivation for food. The stu...

– University at Buffalo

Drug and Alcohol Dependence

Study: Obesity Associated with Abnormal Bowel Habits – Not Diet

Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center demonstrated for the first time that a strong association between obesity and chronic diarrhea is not driven by diet or physical activity. The findings could have important implications for how phys...

– Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics; T32DK007760

Amazon Studios gets body image right in 'Brittany Runs a Marathon'

When she saw the trailer for the movie “Brittany Runs a Marathon,” psychologist and body image researcher Kerstin Blomquist’s first thought was, “Oh, no. They’re doing it again!” Blomquist studies how to prevent disordered eating and how ...

– Furman University

UTSW researchers identify new pathway that controls fat formation

In work suggesting new therapeutic targets to fight obesity, UT Southwestern researchers have identified a novel mechanism that regulates the creation of fat in mammals.

– UT Southwestern Medical Center

Genes & Development

Policy and Public Affairs

Dr. S. Bryn Austin, AED President, Shares Insights on the WW Kurbo App as Weight Stigma Awareness Week 2019 Commences

AED President Dr. S. Bryn Austin responds to WW Kurbo app in honor of Weight Stigma Week

– Academy for Eating Disorders (AED)





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