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Monday, October 14, 2019

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Newswise Technology and Engineering Wire for 14-Oct-2019

Newswise Technology and Engineering Wire

Tech news for the public and news media. More stories can be found at the Newswise Technology News Source and the Engineering News Source.

Super Light Dampers for Low Tones

A team of Empa acoustic researchers has built macroscopic crystal structures that use internal rotation to attenuate the propagation of waves. The method makes it possible to build very light and stiff materials that can also "swallow" low frequencie...

– Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology

Nature Communications

UCI scientists reveal mechanism of electron charge exchange in molecules

Irvine, Calif., Oct. 14, 2019 – Researchers at the University of California, Irvine have developed a new scanning transmission electron microscopy method that enables visualization of the electric charge density of materials at sub-angstrom resolut...

– University of California, Irvine

Nature, Oct-2019

Stressing metallic material controls superconductivity

No strain, no gain – that’s the credo for Cornell researchers who have helped find a way to control superconductivity in a metallic material by stressing and deforming it.

– Cornell University


Surface smarts

Chih-hung Chang, professor of chemical engineering at Oregon State University, manipulates nanostructure materials for a variety of applications, including more efficient solar cells; wearable technology that monitors health and warns of environmenta...

– Oregon State University, College of Engineering

NUS team creates ‘The Lost Foxfire’ - an interactive, multisensory VR game that achieves remarkable realism

NUS researchers have developed a novel bodysuit and mixed virtual reality game that simultaneously engages a player's senses of sight, hearing, touch and smell to complete challenges. This novel technology could be used to recreate realistic scenario...

– National University of Singapore

Diversity May Be Key to Reducing Errors in Quantum Computing

In quantum computing, as in team building, a little diversity can help get the job done better. Georgia Tech researchers have found that by diversifying the types of errors produced by qubits, they can significantly improve the quality of computation...

– Georgia Institute of Technology

52nd Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture

These New Soft Actuators Could Make Soft Robots Less Bulky

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a way to build soft robots that are compact, portable and multifunctional. The advance was made possible by creating soft, tubular actuators whose movements are electrically controlle...

– University of California San Diego

Science Advances, Oct-2019; N00014-17-1-2062; CMMI-1554212; ECCS-1542148

Embargo expired on 11-Oct-2019 at 14:00 ET

Parade/Cleveland Clinic Healthy Now Survey Reveals: Technology’s Growing Influence on Health Behaviors

Who are Americans more likely to take health advice from…their doctors or an Instagram influencer? Would U.S. adults rather talk or text? Socialize in real life or scroll through social media? Parade magazine and Cleveland Clinic joined forces for...

– Cleveland Clinic

Embargo expired on 11-Oct-2019 at 09:00 ET

Shaping nanoparticles for improved quantum information technology

Argonne researchers find that semiconductor nanoparticles in the shape of rings have attractive properties for quantum networking and computation.

– Argonne National Laboratory

Nature Communications, July-2019

New Test Diagnoses Lyme Disease within 15 Minutes

Current testing for Lyme disease, called the standard 2-tiered approach or the STT, involves running two complex assays (ELISA and western blot) to detect antibodies against the bacterium, and requires experienced personnel in a lab, and a few hours ...

– Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science

Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Six Degrees of Nuclear Separation

For the first time, Argonne scientists have printed 3D parts that pave the way to recycling up to 97 percent of the waste produced by nuclear reactors. From left to right: Peter Kozak, Andrew Breshears, M Alex Brown, co-authors of a recent Scientifi...

– Argonne National Laboratory

Scientific Reports; developed by Argonne scientists in the 1970s

The Eye of the Beholder

From today’s perspective, the idea of computer systems that track our tiniesteye movements may seem like a far-off futurist’s dream.

– Texas State University

Argonne and University of Illinois to form hydrogen fuel cell coalition

Argonne and University of Illinois announce intent to form the Midwest Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Coalition.

– Argonne National Laboratory


Argonne team recognized for new fueling technology that can lower hydrogen costs

"Pressure consolidation" technology developed and commercialized by Argonne has received a Federal Laboratories Consortium Midwest Regional Excellence in Technology Transfer Award.

– Argonne National Laboratory

New Princeton supercomputer advances fusion research at PPPL

Princeton University officially launches a new supercomputer, Traverse, that will accelerate development of the science at PPPL to bring the fusion that powers the sun and stars to Earth.

– Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

The Genetics of Disease in the Forests of Ecuador

“In the jungle, you have to do things differently.” It’s a simple statement, too simple to fully capture what Dr. David Rodriguez does. On the one hand, the cutting-edge technology he uses performs all the same functions as a normal on-campus ...

– Texas State University

Science Snapshots - Waste to fuel, moiré superlattices, mining cellphones for energy data

Science Snapshots - Waste to fuel, moiré superlattices, mining cellphones for energy data

– Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Nature Communications

Binghamton University professor wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to M. Stanley Whittingham, distinguished professor of chemistry and materials science at Binghamton University, State University of New York.

– Binghamton University, State University of New York

Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Explained: The Lifetime of an Evaporating Liquid Drop

The lifespan of a liquid droplet which is transforming into vapour can now be predicted thanks to a theory developed at the University of Warwick. The new understanding can now be exploited in a myriad of natural and industrial settings where the lif...

– University of Warwick

Physical Review Letters

First 3D View of Life’s Processes in Liquid

A new liquid-cell technology allows scientists to see biological materials and systems in three dimensions under an electron microscope (EM), according to researchers at Penn State, Virginia Tech and Protochips Inc

– Penn State Materials Research Institute

Nano Letters Oct-2019

Researcher Brent Seales Using Light Brighter Than the Sun to Read Herculaneum Scrolls

For nearly two decades, Brent Seales has doggedly labored to do the impossible — reveal the elusive texts within the carbonized Herculaneum scrolls. Now, he believes new scans are the best chance yet at revealing the mysterious contents.

– University of Kentucky


[Video] New AI installation at Microsoft Research reflects visitors’ moods

Jenny Sabin, professor of architecture at Cornell University, and her team at Jenny Sabin Studio have collaborated with a group of engineers, data scientists and designers at Microsoft Research to create a responsive, immersive space that uses AI to ...

– Cornell University

Engineers solve 50-year-old puzzle in signal processing

Engineers Alexander Stoytchev and Vladimir Sukhoy have solved a 50-year-old puzzle in signal processing. They've formulated the "inverse chirp z-transform," an algorithm related to one that's running on your cell phone right now. It took some computi...

– Iowa State University

Scientific Reports

ORNL, University of Toledo to collaborate on advanced materials, manufacturing research for vehicle applications

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and The University of Toledo have entered into a memorandum of understanding for collaborative research into the advanced design and manufacturing of high-strength, intelligent, lightwei...

– Oak Ridge National Laboratory

U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science

Citizen science for sustainable development

Monitoring progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals requires a huge amount of data. Citizen science could help fill important data gaps, say IIASA researchers.

– International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Nature Sustainability

Embargo expired on 09-Oct-2019 at 11:00 ET

Using Machine Learning to Hunt Down Cybercriminals

MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) at the San Diego Supercomputer Center have used machine learning to identify "serial hijacking" of IP addresses.

– University of California San Diego

ACM Internet Measurement Conference Oct-2019

New Electrolyte Stops Rapid Performance Decline of Next-Generation Lithium Battery

Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory have designed and tested a new electrolyte composition that could greatly accelerate the adoption of the next generation of lithium-ion batteries.

– Argonne National Laboratory

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Digital Forensics Professor Coauthors Book on Improving Cloud Security Auditing

Companies and consumers alike are increasingly turning to cloud infrastructures to store and protect their data. The cybersecurity risks associated with the technology are growing – and demand a more robust response from industry to confront them. ...

Expert Available

– University at Albany, State University of New York

Thin to Win

University of Utah electrical and computer engineering researchers have developed a new kind of optical lens that is much thinner and lighter than conventional camera lenses that also works with night imaging. That could be a boon for smartphone came...

– University of Utah

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Wood on our Skin

Physiological parameters in our blood can be determined without painful punctures. Empa researchers are currently working with a Canadian team to develop flexible, biocompatible nanocellulose sensors that can be attached to the skin. The 3D-printed a...

– Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology

Electronic Materials (2019)

NYU Scholar Makes Recommendations to End Disparities in STEM for English Learners

In her latest research article, published in Educational Researcher, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), NYU Professor Okhee Lee provides recommendations to support a federal mandate in the Every Student S...

– New York University

Educational Researcher

Greater Understanding of Tumor Cell Biomechanics Could Lead to Improved Treatment

At the cellular level, cancer can be viewed as a mechanical engineering challenge. The disease alters the structure and function of cells and tissues, which are meant to perform very specific tasks.

– National Academy of Sciences (NAS)

Is there an app for that? HU professors, students to study how millennials' smartphone photos affect their lives

Do we truly understand how younger adults incorporate photography into their daily lives? If we did, could this knowledge help lead to the development of better mobile apps that could help the younger generation with life management in ways that meet...

– Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Ancient oasis once existed on Mars

The surface of Mars was once home to shallow, salty ponds that went through episodes of overflow and drying, according to a paper published today in Nature Geoscience.

– Los Alamos National Laboratory

Nature Geoscience

Researchers tackle data breaches that threaten healthcare

ust read the daily headlines to find them — cybersecurity breaches of healthcare organizations both large and small. Even the popular medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” turned to ransomware when choosing a storyline plucked from real life.

– Texas State University

Decision Support Systems

Story tips from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, October 2019

ORNL story tips: Reaching the boiling point for HVACs; showcasing innovation for technology transfer; using neutrons to lend insight into human tissue; and heating the core in a fusion prototype experiment.

– Oak Ridge National Laboratory

PNAS, Oct-2019; Physics of Plasmas, May-2019

Cracking in Harsh Environments Needs Stress and Corrosion, But Not at the Same Time

Alloys (metals combining two or more metallic elements) are typically stronger and less susceptible to cracking than pure metals. Yet when alloys are subjected to stress and a harsh chemical environment, the alloy can fail. The reason? Cracks caused ...

– Department of Energy, Office of Science

National Security Chip Plant Gets an Upgrade

Sandia National Laboratories has completed phase one of an anticipated three-year upgrade at its plant responsible for making integrated circuits, similar to computer chips. Chips produced at Sandia can be found in the nation’s nuclear stockpile.

– Sandia National Laboratories


Interdisciplinary cyberengineering team wins $6M grant to develop computing solutions to combat cyberattacks

Funded by the Air Force Research Lab, the team of scientists from Northern Arizona University aims to increase computing diversity among hardware and software, making them nearly impossible to hack.

– Northern Arizona University

Expanding the use of AI on internet-of-things hardware

Ever wonder why your smart phone can do facial recognition, but your smart watch can't? UD's Chengmo Yang is researching ways to support neural networks in low-power embedded systems by using emerging memory devices that can retrieve information even...

– University of Delaware

With $20 Million NIH Grant, Penn Researchers to Develop a Tool to Help Diagnose, Track Parkinson’s Disease

A special type of PET scan used for imaging the brains of patients with Parkinson’s could be revolutionary for drug development and treatment.

– Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

The Center Without Walls; U19NS110456

DHS S&T Awards Texas Start-up $200K to Test IoT Secure Trust Anchor

DHS S&T awarded QED Secure Solutions of Coppell, Texas, $200,000 to field test a secure trust anchor for the Internet of Things (IoT) as part of S&T’s Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP).

– Homeland Security's Science And Technology Directorate

Markus J. Buehler, McAfee Professor of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), joins MRS Bulletin as new Editor focused on Original Research

MRS Bulletin is pleased to announce the appointment of Markus J. Buehler, McAfee Professor of Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as editor of the new MRS Bulletin Impact section. In this new position, Buehler will partner...

– Materials Research Society (MRS)

UTEP and Lockheed Martin Sign Agreement to Employ Students in El Paso

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) President Heather Wilson and Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control Vice President of Engineering & Technology Travis Coomer signed a Memorandum of Agreement today that will employ UTEP students as interns...

– University of Texas at El Paso

S&T Assesses Portable Instruments That Help First Responders Identify Unknown Chemicals

The SAVER Program, managed by S&T’s National Urban Security Technology Laboratory (NUSTL), conducts assessments and validations of commercial technology to save money and time for first responders when they need to purchasing high quality equipment...

– Homeland Security's Science And Technology Directorate

DHS S&T Awards Colorado Start-up $147K for Intelligent Counting and Measuring Platform

DHS S&T awarded $147,413 to KickView Corporation to adapt their multi-sensor artificial intelligent (AI) software platform to provide real-time data analysis of passenger flow in the international customs processing areas of airports.

– Homeland Security's Science And Technology Directorate

Researcher Works to Enhance Accuracy of Computer Simulations

Dr. Rui Tuo received a National Science Foundation grant for his work in uncertainty quantification research. He will study statistical and data science methodologies in computer experiments to help improve computer simulation practices.

– Texas A&M University

The Materials Research Society Congratulates John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino on Receiving the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019

According to the official Nobel announcement, “The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 rewards the development of the lithium-ion battery. This lightweight, rechargeable and powerful battery is now used in everything from mobile phones to laptops and ele...

– Materials Research Society (MRS)

CAIDA’s KC Claffy Inducted Into Internet Hall of Fame

KC Claffy, director of the Center for Applied Data Analysis (CAIDA) at the University of California’s San Diego Supercomputer Center, has been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame for her pioneering work in the area of internet measurement and a...

– University of California San Diego

Expert Pitch

Expert available for comment on lithium and sodium ion batteries; advanced rechargeable batteries; energy storage materials; 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

– Materials Research Society (MRS)

Tech Firms’ Path to Positive Inroads in China ‘Foggy at Best’

– Cornell University

American Chemical Society’s President Comments on Award of 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

– American Chemical Society (ACS)





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