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Saturday, November 2, 2019

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Newswise Weekend Edition Wire for 02-Nov-2019

***Newswise Weekend Edition***

The Weekend Edition is a collection of interesting, exceptional articles you may have missed from the week. Articles are chosen by the editorial team at Newswise.

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Medical News

Magic Therapy Program Helps Reduce Pediatric Patient Anxiety

The experience of stress and fears upon hospitalization is frequent with pediatric patients. A new study of pediatric patients at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital reveals that a program called MagicAid helps significantly reduce both patient and car...

– Stony Brook University

Hospital Pediatrics

Embargo expired on 01-Nov-2019 at 00:00 ET

Living Skin Can Now be 3D-Printed With Blood Vessels Included

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed a way to 3D print living skin, complete with blood vessels. The advancement, published online today in Tissue Engineering Part A, is a significant step toward creating grafts that are mor...

– Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

Tissue Engineering Part A

Quality over quantity! Interval walking training improves fitness and health in elderly individuals

In Japan, health-conscious folks have been known to carry around pedometers to track the number of steps they walk everyday.

– Shinshu University

Mayo Clinic Proceedings

How Measles Wipes Out the Body’s Immune Memory

Study shows measles wipes out 20 to 50 percent of antibodies against an array of viruses and bacteria, depleting a child’s previous immunity Measles-ravaged immune system must “relearn” how to protect the body against infections Study details...

– Harvard Medical School


Well Living Lab study shows cognitive performance of office workers improves when windows provide access to daylight, view

New research from the Well Living Lab, a Delos™ and Mayo Clinic collaboration, shows that office areas with windows, which provide people with natural light and views of the outdoors, improve workers' cognitive performance and satisfaction with the...

– Mayo Clinic

Building and Environment

Faith, Truth and Forgiveness: How Your Brain Processes Abstract Thoughts

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have leveraged machine learning to interpret human brain scans, allowing the team to uncover the regions of the brain behind how abstract concepts,

– Carnegie Mellon University

Cerebral Cortex

Researchers create Amazon Alexa skill to help older adults stay active

A new research effort is helping some senior citizens on Chicago's South Side stay active with a little assistance from Amazon’s voice-controlled speaker Alexa.

– University of Chicago Medical Center

How accurate are sleep tracking apps? Should you use them anyway? @UMneurosciences expert avail. to talk sleep, DST

– Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

Science News

Worldwide observations confirm nearby 'lensing' exoplanet

Researchers using telescopes around the world confirmed and characterized an exoplanet orbiting a nearby star through a rare phenomenon known as gravitational microlensing.

– National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS)

Astronomical Journal

Hubble Captures Galaxies' Ghostly Gaze

This Hubble snapshot reveals what looks like an uncanny pair of glowing eyes glaring menacingly in our direction. The piercing "eyes" are the most prominent feature of what resembles the face of an otherworldly creature. This frightening object is ac...

– Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)

'DNA Time Capsule' Reveals Birthplace of Modern Humans

A landmark study led by Sydney researchers pinpoints the birthplace of modern humans in southern Africa and suggests how climate change may have driven the first migrations.

– University of Sydney


New Study Reveals Important yet Unprotected Global Ocean Areas

The largest synthesis and a first of its kind study of important marine areas conducted to date reveals that a large portion of earth’s oceans are considered important and are good candidates for protection.

– Stony Brook University

Frontiers in Marine Science

Lifestyle & Social Sciences

Study analyzed tax treaties to assess effect of offshoring on domestic employment

The practice of offshoring--moving some of a company's manufacturing or services overseas to take advantage of lower costs--is on the rise and is a source of ongoing debate.

– Carnegie Mellon University

Review of Economics and Statistics

For Teens, Multitasking Makes Them Feel Better – and Worse

Multitasking makes adolescents feel both more positively and more negatively about the main task they’re trying to accomplish, a new study finds.

– Ohio State University

Human Communication Research

Lost Lou Reed Recording for Andy Warhol Discovered by Cornell Musicologist

Twelve previously unreleased songs by Hall of Fame artist Lou Reed have been discovered on a cassette tape from 1975, stored in the archives of the Andy Warhol Museum.

– Cornell University

Twitter’s announcement to ban political ads might have some unintended consequences, says expert

– Virginia Tech





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