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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

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Newswise Cancer Research Wire for 26-Nov-2019

Cancer Research Wire

Cancer research news for the public and news media. More stories can be found at the Newswise Cancer News Source.

Cancer Research

Hibernating Mammals Arouse Hope for Genetic Solutions to Obesity, Metabolic Diseases

University of Utah Health scientists say they have detected new genetic clues about hibernation that could lead to better understanding and treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders that afflict millions of people worldwide.

– University of Utah Health

Cell Reports, Nov. 26, 2019

Embargo expired on 26-Nov-2019 at 11:00 ET

Survey Finds 1 in 3 Patients Needed More Information on Cancer Treatment Side Effects

One in three adults treated for cancer may experience side effects from treatment they wish they had known more about, according to a new survey published in the Journal of Oncology Practice. The national survey of more than 400 U.S. adults, which wa...

– American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)

Journal of Oncology Practice, 2019

Embargo expired on 20-Nov-2019 at 16:00 ET

Turning Key Metabolic Process Back On Could Make Sarcoma More Susceptible to Treatment

Soft tissue sarcoma cells stop a key metabolic process which allows them to multiply and spread, and so restarting that process could leave these cancers vulnerable to a variety of treatments

– Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Cell Metabolism; CA158301

What Keeps Cells in Shape? New Research Points to Two Types of Motion

The health of cells is maintained, in part, by two types of movement of their nucleoli. This dual motion within surrounding fluid, it reports, adds to our understanding of what contributes to healthy cellular function and points to how its disruption...

– New York University

eLife; R00-GM104152

Intestinal Stem Cell Genes May Link Dietary Fat and Colon Cancer

Two genes that appear to help stem cells in the intestine burn dietary fat may play a role in colon cancer, according to a Rutgers study. The study, published in the journal Gastroenterology, describes a new connection between the way cells consume f...

– Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Gastroenterology; Rutgers Today

New Research in JNCCN Offers Reassurance about Rarity of Recurrence for Early-Stage Breast Cancer after Breast-Conserving Surgery

New research in the November 2019 issue of JNCCN—Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute examines the implications of invasive breast cancer after breast-conserving treatment for ductal carcinoma in si...

– National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®)

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

Cancer linked with a more than doubled risk of dying from stroke

People living with or beyond cancer are more likely to die from stroke than the general public, according to new Penn State research, and certain types of cancer may boost the risk even more.

– Penn State College of Medicine

Nature Communications

Tracking medications, finding tumors easier with new technique

A novel method produces a new class of radioactive tracers that are used for medical imaging. The method allows them to attach radioactive atoms to compounds that have previously been difficult or even impossible to label. The advance will make it e...

– National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering

Science; EB014354; GM120186

‘Magic bullet’ takes aim at pancreatic cancer

Every day, more than 1200 people worldwide are told they have pancreatic cancer. Within 12 months, 80 per cent of them will have succumbed to the disease.

– University of South Australia

New study shows how cancer survivors develop opioid addictions

Opioids play an important role in how cancer patients manage pain, but the ongoing opioid epidemic has raised concerns about their potential for abuse.

– Oxford University Press

Journal of the National Cancer Institute

New research shows how use of cholesterol lowering drugs may cut risk of lethal prostate cancer

New research led by Queen’s University Belfast has found that men who are on statins, medicine used to lower blood cholesterol, may have a reduced risk of developing a more lethal form of prostate cancer.

– Queen's University Belfast

(Clinical Cancer Research) DOI: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-19-2853

Researchers identify new gene mutation in familial thyroid cancers

Researchers from Penn State College of Medicine identified a new gene mutation that may cause a type of familial thyroid cancer.

– Penn State College of Medicine

Cancer Research

Cancer Experts and Features

Roswell Park Spinoff Company Advances Toward New Clinical Trial for Brain Cancer Immunotherapy SurVaxM

The inventors of a cancer immunotherapy developed at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center have announced a major step forward with that therapy, SurVaxM — a multimillion-dollar licensing deal that will help enable large, randomized clinical tr...

– Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

What You Need to Know Before You Buy an At-Home Genetic Test

At-home genetic tests are popular holiday gifts that can be fun and interesting, but they also have limitations and risks — such as providing unexpected or upsetting results.

– Nuvance Health

This Thanksgiving, Talk Turkey About Family Health History

Thanksgiving is also National Family Health History Day. Public health organizations and healthcare providers are urging families to use the holiday as an opportunity to start conversations about family health history. Knowing your family’s medi...

– Nuvance Health

Stem Cells Don't Take the Day Off on Thanksgiving

While most of us are enjoying the traditional turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day, employees at Cedars-Sinai will be hand-feeding stem cells their special daily formula, carefully monitoring the incubator temperatures and caring for the cells ...

– Cedars-Sinai

Fred Hutch at ASH: Latest CAR T data – BCMA, CD19, CD20 – plus new insights on transplantation, gene therapy – and more

The 61st American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting and Exposition will take place Dec. 7–10 in Orlando, Florida

– Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Advanced Lung Cancer Screening Available at Atlantic Health System

The Atlantic Health System lung cancer test uses low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) that only takes a few minutes to complete and may identify lung cancer at earlier, more curable stages. When compared to chest X-rays used in early detection, the LD...

– Atlantic Health System

Two life threatening problems, one surgery

Juan Cueto did not feel sick, but he was losing weight rapidly and was devastated with the knowledge that he had two life threatening diseases, cancer and a liver disease.

– UT Southwestern Medical Center

Healthy Holiday Eating

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey registered dietitian, Kristin Waldron, RD, CSO reminds us about eating healthy this holiday season as part of a cancer preventive lifestyle.

– Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Handling Holiday Stress

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey social worker Deborah Leif, MSW, LCSW offers some tips for cancer patients and caregivers on how to deal with stress related to the holiday season.

– Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Cancer Announcements

$150K Pledge from Om Foundation to Support Pediatric Cancer Research at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

A $150,000 pledge from the Om Foundation will aid investigators at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey in examining a certain type of medication that impacts gene activity in the treatment of a form of pediatric brain cancer.

– Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

NM company secures funds, land for medical-isotope producing reactor using Sandia concept

Eden Radioisotopes LLC, a New Mexico company, secured funding this year and located 240 acres of land in the southeastern corner of the state to build a small reactor that will exclusively produce medical isotopes. The concept was developed and licen...

– Sandia National Laboratories

CDC funds new breast cancer survivorship research at UIC

With $1.8 million in funding from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the University of Illinois at Chicago will help young breast cancer survivors navigate post-treatment care and survival.

– University of Illinois at Chicago

Mayo Clinic, Hitachi to build first, next generation, carbon ion therapy treatment facility in North America

Mayo Clinic and Hitachi, Ltd. have reached an agreement in principle to build a carbon ion treatment facility as part of Mayo Clinic's recently announced integrated oncology facility which will be constructed at Mayo Clinic's campus in Jacksonville,...

– Mayo Clinic

Doctors, patients come together for Thanksgiving

The Children’s Hospital University of Illinois will host a pre-holiday Thanksgiving celebration and meal for pediatric cancer and sickle cell patients and their families.

– University of Illinois at Chicago

Cancer Research Alerts

Dana-Farber researchers to present more than 40 studies at 2019 ASH Annual Meeting

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute researchers will present more than 40 research studies at the 61st American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting on December 7-10 in Orlando, Fla.

– Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

61st American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting





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