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Thursday, January 2, 2020

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Climate and the Environment News from Newswise 02-Jan-2020

Climate Change and Environmental News and Experts for the Media

Newswise provides experts for the media on hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters, as well as the latest research in Environmental Science and Climate Science.


Life could have emerged from lakes with high phosphorus

Life as we know it requires phosphorus, which is scarce. How did the early Earth supply this key ingredient? A University of Washington study, published Dec. 30 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, finds answers in certain types of...

– University of Washington

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Embargo expired on 30-Dec-2019 at 15:00 ET

Snowmageddon warnings in North America come from tropics more than Arctic stratosphere

Winter weather patterns in North America are dictated by changes to the polar vortex winds high in the atmosphere, but the most significant cold snaps are more likely influenced by the tropics, scientists have found.

– University of Reading

Geophysical Research Letters

Wetlands will keep up with sea level rise to offset climate change

Coastal wetlands provide stunning views and are hosts to a vast biodiversity. But they provide another service to the warming Earth: they capture carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it in their sediment at high rates. In the United States alone,...

– Marine Biological Laboratory

Nature Communications

Study suggests obesity associated with greater greenhouse gas emissions

A new analysis suggests that the increasing average body size of people on Earth, in addition to the growing world population may further challenge attempts to reduce man-made carbon dioxide emissions, according to a paper published online in Obesity...

– Obesity Society


A step closer to understanding evolution -- mitochondrial division conserved across species

Cellular origin is well explained by the "endosymbiotic theory," which famously states that higher organisms called "eukaryotes" have evolved from more primitive single-celled organisms called "prokaryotes."

– Tokyo University of Science

Communications Biology

Greenland ice loss is at ‘worse-case scenario’ levels, study finds

Irvine, Calif., Dec. 19, 2019 – Greenland is losing ice mass seven times faster than in the 1990s, a pace that matches the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s high-end warming scenario – in which 400 million people would be exposed to c...

– University of California, Irvine

Nature, Dec. 2019

Amazon forest regrowth much slower than previously thought

The regrowth of Amazonian forests following deforestation can happen much slower than previously thought, a new study shows.

– Lancaster University



Growth and Repair from Carbon Dioxide in Air

Scientists have created a new class of material that uses sunlight to absorb and fix carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

– Department of Energy, Office of Science

Droughts Spell Changes for Soil Microbes

Scientists predict a warming Earth will cause more droughts that are more severe in the grasslands of the central United States. This research found that soil drying affects the microbial community in several ways.

– Department of Energy, Office of Science

Predicting How Microbial Neighbors Influence Each Other

Researchers developed a new theoretical framework called minimal interspecies interaction adjustment (MIIA). It predicts how surrounding organisms and other factors drive changes in interactions in microbial communities.

– Department of Energy, Office of Science


Rutgers Expert Available to Discuss Greenland Ice Sheet Study

– Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Buffalo State Earth Sciences expert available to speak about the Winter Solstice

– SUNY Buffalo State

Combating the effects of gloomy weather

SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, is a type of depression that is related to changes in seasons. There are methods, like light therapy, that can help.

– UW Medicine


University of Utah announces new chief sustainability officer

University of Utah Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Dan Reed announced Monday that Kerry Case has accepted an offer to serve as the U’s chief sustainability officer. Case is currently assistant provost for Integrative Learning at Westmins...

– University of Utah





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