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Saturday, January 4, 2020

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Newswise Weekend Edition Wire for 04-Jan-2020

***Newswise Weekend Edition***

The Weekend Edition is a collection of interesting, exceptional articles you may have missed from the week. Articles are chosen by the editorial team at Newswise.

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Medical News

Research Identifies Changes in Neural Circuits Underlying Self-Control, Decision Making During Adolescent Brain Development

Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania applied tools from network science to identify how anatomical connections in the brain develop to support neural activity underlying executive function.

– Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Dec-2019; F31MH115709; R01MH113550; MH089983; MH089924; R01MH107703; R01MH112847; R01MH107235; P50MH096891...

Unattainable Standards of Beauty for Today's Woman

While the average American woman's waist circumference and dress size has increased over the past 20 years, Victoria's Secret fashion models have become more slender, with a decrease in bust, waist, hips and dress size, though their waist to hip rati...

– Boston University Medical Campus

Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Biomarker Predicts Which Patients with Heart Failure Have a Higher Risk of Dying Within 1 to 3 Years

A UCLA-led study revealed a new way to predict which patients with “stable” heart failure — those who have heart injury but do not require hospitalization — have a higher risk of dying within one to three years.

– University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences

JAMA Cardiology

Turmeric and the Anti-Cancer Properties of Curcumin Discussed in Research Review

The review has collected studies concerning the anticancer potential of curcumin against the most widespread cancers and also describing the molecular mechanisms of action.

– Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO)


How to stay healthy while avoiding the dirtiest places at the gym

During the colder months, many exercise routines transition indoors, especially in gyms. However, the gym may be one of the dirtiest places you walk into. Numerous studies have shown that gyms can be covered in cold and flu viruses, as well as E. col...

– University of Alabama at Birmingham

Why It Matters: Prescription for Disaster

Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. A major cause is their overuse in both humans and animals. At the same time, a lack of financial incentives is setting back efforts to discover new classes of antibiotics. The problem is bo...

– Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Gabrielle Sierra, "Prescription for Disaster", Why It Matters, December 18, 2019.

High Cost of Insulin Has Life-or-Death Implications for Diabetic Patients

The most commonly used forms of insulin cost 10 times more in the U.S. than in any other developed country, according to a commentary in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. This prohibitive cost is causing some U.S. patients with Type 1 diabetes to ration the a...

– Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Science News

Researchers learn more about teen-age T.Rex

Without a doubt, Tyrannosaurus rex is the most famous dinosaur in the world. The 40-foot-long predator with bone crushing teeth inside a five-foot long head are the stuff of legend.

– Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Science Advances

New study estimates the global extent of river ice loss as Earth warms

More than half of Earth's rivers freeze over every year. These frozen rivers support important transportation networks for communities and industries located at high latitudes.

– University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Lasers Learn to Accurately Spot Space Junk

Scientists have developed space junk identification systems, but it has proven tricky to pinpoint the swift, small specks of space litter. A unique set of algorithms for laser ranging telescopes, described in the Journal of Laser Applications, by AIP...

– American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Journal of Laser Applications

Lifestyle & Social Sciences

More Chinese scientists in America are going back home

A growing number of Chinese scientists working in the United States and other parts of the world are returning to their homeland, enhancing China’s research productivity.

– Ohio State University

Science and Public Policy

Despite claiming to oppose endless Middle East wars, Trump increases risk of war with Iran after drone strike

– University of Notre Dame

Business News

Research Offers New Way to Assess an Organization’s Public Relations

Communication and marketing experts place great weight on an organization’s relationship with its public stakeholders, and a new tool allows organizations to better measure and describe the nature of these relationships.

– North Carolina State University

ournal of Applied Communication Research, Dec-2019





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