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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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Newswise Cancer Research Wire for 11-Feb-2020

Cancer Research Wire

Cancer research news for the public and news media. More stories can be found at the Newswise Cancer News Source.

Cancer Research

Prebiotics help mice fight melanoma by activating anti-tumor immunity

Scientists at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute have shown that two prebiotics, mucin and inulin, slowed the growth of melanoma in mice by boosting the immune system’s ability to fight cancer. The study, published today in Cell Rep...

– Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute

R35CA197465; R01CA216187; 509524; CA150892; Cell Reports

Embargo expired on 11-Feb-2020 at 11:00 ET

Human Gut-in-a-Dish Model Helps Define ‘Leaky Gut,’ and Outline a Pathway to Treatment

UC San Diego researchers use 3D human gut organoids to reveal the molecular system that keeps intestinal linings sealed, demonstrate how the system breaks down and how it can be strengthened with the diabetes drug metformin.

– University of California San Diego Health

Life Science Alliance

Embargo expired on 10-Feb-2020 at 09:00 ET

Mayo researchers discover way to prime cancer tumors for immunotherapy

A cancer tumor's ability to mutate allows it to escape from chemotherapy and other attempts to kill it. So, encouraging mutations would not be a logical path for cancer researchers. Yet a Mayo Clinic team and their collaborators took that counterintu...

– Mayo Clinic

Embargo expired on 07-Feb-2020 at 05:00 ET

Study: Two Enzymes Control Liver Damage in NASH

After identifying a molecular pathway that allows nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) to progress into liver cell death, University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers were able to use these pathways to halt further liver damage.

– University of California San Diego Health


Embargo expired on 06-Feb-2020 at 14:00 ET

How hereditary genetic testing results impact breast cancer treatment

Women with early stage breast cancer who test positive for an inherited genetic variant are not always receiving cancer treatment that follows current guidelines, a new study finds.

– Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

JAMA Oncology; CA163233; CA225697

Embargo expired on 06-Feb-2020 at 11:00 ET

Gaps in Cure Rate Appear Linked to Race and Insurance Status for a Common HPV-Related Cancer, According to New Research

Largest population-based analysis on factors that affect survival outcomes for HPV-positive oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (SCCHN) find significant racial and socioeconomic disparities, according to new study in JNCCN-Jour...

– National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®)

JNCCN—Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network

Embargo expired on 06-Feb-2020 at 08:40 ET

Botanical drug is shown to help patients with head and neck cancers

In a UCLA-led phase I clinical trial, a new plant-based drug called APG-157 showed signs of helping patients fight oral and oropharyngeal cancers. These cancers are located in the head and the neck. APG-157 is made up of multiple compounds produced ...

– University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences


Embargo expired on 05-Feb-2020 at 13:00 ET

Study provides new understanding of mitochondria genome with potential for new avenues of treatment for multiple cancers

A study led by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center furthered understanding about mitochondria, the cell components known as the “powerhouse of the cell.” Knowing more about the genome is crucial given that mitochondria play importan...

– University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Nature Genetics

Embargo expired on 05-Feb-2020 at 13:00 ET

Statins May Lower Mortality in High-Risk Prostate Cancer Patients

Statin use alone or with metformin is associated with lower prostate cancer mortality from all causes, among high-risk patients.

– Thomas Jefferson University

Cancer Medicine

Most Men Do Not Regret their Choices for Prostate Cancer Surgery

Men with localized prostate cancer are faced with deciding among a range of options for treatment – including a choice between robot-assisted versus conventional prostatectomy. A new follow-up study in The Journal of Urology® finds that most patie...

– Wolters Kluwer Health: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

The Journal of Urology

The Human Brain’s Meticulous Interface with the Bloodstream now on a Precision Chip

It can be the bain of brain drug developers: The interface between the human brain and the bloodstream, the blood-brain-barrier, is so meticulous that animal models often fail to represent it. This improved chip represents important features more acc...

– Georgia Institute of Technology

Nature Communications; 1DP2HL142050; R21NS091682; R21AG056781

New Study Examines Ways to Improve Cancer Literacy in Young Students

A new study led by University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center researchers suggests that implementing cancer education curricula in middle and high schools may improve cancer literacy in Kentuckians and ultimately help reduce cancer rates.

– University of Kentucky

Journal of Cancer Education; R25CA221765; P30CA177558,

Anti-Leukemia Compound Induces Complete Remission in Mouse Models

An anti-cancer compound developed at the University of Michigan has shown “profound” activity in mouse models against two subtypes of leukemia — representing up to 40% of patients — a U-M research team reports in the Journal of Clinical Inves...

– Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

Journal of Clinical Investigation; 1R01CA160467; 1R01CA201204; 1R01CA207272; MBG-19-095-01-COUN

Cervical Cancer Screening Saves Lives

Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer in women worldwide, but most American women can prevent it by being screened on time with tests that detect human papillomaviruses (HPV). A new study led UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center scientists show...

– University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center

International Journal of Cancer

Link Found Between Bladder Cancer and Collagen Receptor, Revealing Possible Treatment Target

A team of investigators has recently discovered that the collagen receptor DDR1 functionally interacts with the insulin-like growth factor system in regulating bladder cancer.

– Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO)

Matrix Biology Plus

Study shows promise for urine-based test for HPV-linked cervical cancer

In a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, researchers compared urine testing to other screening methods in detecting women at risk for HPV-linked cervical cancer. While they found the urine test showed promise, additional r...

– University of North Carolina Health Care System

Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Jan-2020

New CAR-T Target Yields Promising Results for Multiple Myeloma

In research published today in the journal Nature Communications, Utah-based scientists describe a novel way to treat cancers using chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy. Laboratory tests using mouse models and tumor cells from patients disp...

– Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah

Nature Communications, February 2020

Brain Tumor Surgery that Pushes Boundaries Boosts Patients Survival

Survival may more than double for adults with glioblastoma, the most common and deadly type of brain tumor, if neurosurgeons remove the surrounding tissue as aggressively as they remove the cancerous core of the tumor.  This discovery, reported in a...

– UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

JAMA Oncology

A Fat-Fighting Drug Discovery

Cancer-fighting compound fights obesity and diabetes: Eric Prossnitz, PhD, and his team reported that G-1, a cancer-fighting compound they discovered some years ago, reduces fat in obese mice. Although G-1 is currently in phase 1 clinical trials for ...

– University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center

Science Translational Medicine

Bridging the gap between AI and the clinicRapprocher l’IA de la pratique clinique

Researchers trained machine learning algorithms on data from more than 62,000 patients with a meningioma. Their goal was to find statistical associations between malignancy, survival, and a series of basic clinical variables including tumour size, tu...

– The Neuro - Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

npj Digital Medicine

Cancer-Causing Culprits Could be Caught by their DNA Fingerprints

Researchers from University of California San Diego School of Medicine have defined the most detailed list of genetic fingerprints of DNA-damaging processes that drive cancer development to date.

– University of California San Diego Health


Targeting the Cancer Microenvironment

The recognition of bacterial infections or foreign substances is mediated and controlled by the human immune system. This innate and adaptive immune system comprises the most important metabolic and cellulare processes to fight against infections and...

– University of Vienna

Cell Reports

Protein Could Offer Therapeutic Target for Breast Cancer Metastasis

A new study by University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center researchers suggests that targeting a protein known as heat shock protein 47 could be key for suppressing breast cancer metastasis.

– University of Kentucky


Virtual realities: research reveals promising intervention in cancer treatment

Each year, more than 250,000 women in the U.S. alone receive a diagnosis of breast cancer, making it the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women. More than 40,000 women annually die from the disease, according to the American Cancer Society.

– Temple University

Journal of Cellular Physiology

Lung Cancer Screening Saves Lives!

Dr. Douglas E. Wood describes the findings from the NELSON Trial and what they mean for policy and program development for lung cancer early detection through CT screening.

– The Society of Thoracic Surgeons

The New England Journal of Medicine

‘Levitating’ proteins could help diagnose opioid abuse, other diseases

Researchers at Michigan State University’s Precision Health Program have helped develop a fascinating new method called magnetic levitation for detecting the density of proteins in the blood that could vastly improve the rate at which diseases are ...

– Michigan State University

Analytical Chemistry; Advanced Healthcare Materials

A New Outline of Cancer Therapies for Patients

Professor Yuval Shaked, head of the Technion Integrated Cancer Center, presents an outline for therapy that will prevent the development of cancer treatment resistance, with suggestions about how the information can be used clinically.

– American Technion Society

Nature Reviews Cancer, Oct-2019

Cancer Experts and Features

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute provides state-of-the-art oncology support services to Kronos employees through new company benefit

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Kronos Incorporated have joined forces to provide dedicated oncology care navigation services via a new benefit for Kronos employees and their beneficiaries.

– Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Cedars-Sinai to Study How Fat May Promote Cancer Spread to Liver

A diagnosis of pancreatic or colon cancer often sparks dread about the disease's likely next destination: the liver. That's because liver metastasis is a leading cause of death in these patients. A Cedars-Sinai scientific team has been awarded a $9.1...

– Cedars-Sinai

Skin Cancer Screening in Taos

The UNM Department of Dermatology and the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center are hosting free skin cancer screenings around the state to address the state's dermatologist shortage. The next screening clinic will take place in Taos, N.M., on Feb. 29.

– University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center

36-year-old physician with stage 4 lung cancer offers inspiration

– University of Washington School of Medicine

February is Cancer Prevention Month

Along with a healthy lifestyle, regular screening can help with the prevention of cancer. Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey experts share additional information during this Cancer Prevention Month.

– Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey





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