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Saturday, February 15, 2020

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Newswise Weekend Edition Wire for 15-Feb-2020

***Newswise Weekend Edition***

The Weekend Edition is a collection of interesting, exceptional articles you may have missed from the week. Articles are chosen by the editorial team at Newswise.

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Medical News

Rifles and Shotguns Used More Often in Youth and Rural Suicides

The public has long thought that handguns are more responsible for human deaths, including suicides, than long guns such as rifles and shotguns, which have been believed to be more commonly used for hunting or protection from wild animals. But now, i...

– Johns Hopkins Medicine

Injury Epidemiology

Embargo expired on 10-Feb-2020 at 10:05 ET

Early treatment for PTSD after a disaster has lasting effects

In 1988, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck near the northern Armenian city of Spitak. The temblor destroyed cities and is estimated to have killed between 25,000 and 35,000 people, many of whom were schoolchildren.

– University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences

Psychological Medicine

Cocoa could bring sweet relief to walking pain for people with peripheral artery disease

Consumption of cocoa may improve walking performance for patients with peripheral artery disease, according to the results of a small, preliminary, phase II research trial published today in the American Heart Association's journal Circulation Resear...

– American Heart Association (AHA)

Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association

Reconnecting with nature key for the health of people and the planet

Individuals who visit natural spaces weekly, and feel psychologically connected to them, report better physical and mental wellbeing, new research has shown.

– University of Plymouth

Journal of Environmental Psychology

Effectiveness of travel bans – readily used during infectious disease outbreaks – mostly unknown, study finds

While travel bans are frequently used to stop the spread of an emerging infectious disease, a new University of Washington and Johns Hopkins University study of published research found that the effectiveness of travel bans is mostly unknown.

– University of Washington

Journal of Emergency Management

Queen’s research indicates clear link between meditation and stress reduction

New collaborative research at Queen’s University Belfast and Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia aims to better understand the link between meditation and improved mental health outcomes.

– Queen's University Belfast

Meditation and Endocrine Health and Wellbeing; Cell Press

Romance, Scent, and Sleep: The Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of

Forget counting sheep. If you really want a good night’s sleep, all you may need is your romantic partner’s favorite T-shirt wrapped around your pillow.

– Association for Psychological Science

Psychological Science

Science News

New research suggests climate change could reduce lifespan among hundreds of species

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast and Tel Aviv University in Israel have carried out one of the most comprehensive studies to date to better understand what affects life expectancy among all living vertebrates in the world.

– Queen's University Belfast

Global Ecology and Biogeography

As groundwater depletes, arid American West is moving east

Even under modest climate warming scenarios, the continental United States faces a significant loss of groundwater - about 119 million cubic meters, or roughly enough to fill Lake Powell four times or one quarter of Lake Erie, a first-of-its-kind stu...

– University of Arizona

Nature Communications

Tourists pose continued risks for disease transmission to endangered mountain gorillas

Researchers at Ohio University have published a new study in collaboration with Ugandan scientists, cautioning that humans place endangered mountain gorillas at risk of disease transmission during tourism encounters.

– Ohio University

Frontiers in Public Health

Extinct giant turtle had horned shell of up to three meters

The tropical region of South America is one of the world's hot spots when it comes to animal diversity.

– University of Zurich

Science Advances

Hydropower dams cool rivers in the Mekong River basin, satellites show

Using 30 years of satellite data, UW researchers discovered that within one year of the opening of a major dam in the Mekong River basin, downstream river temperatures during the dry season dropped by up to 3.6 degrees F (2 degrees C).

– University of Washington

Environmental Research Letters; AAAS Annual Meeting

Hot climates to see more variability in tree leafing as temperatures rise

The researchers examined satellite imagery, air temperature data and phenology (plant life cycle) models for 85 large cities and their surrounding rural areas from 2001 through 2014 to better understand changes in tree leaf emergence, also called bud...

– Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Feb-2020

New Threads: Nanowires Made of Tellurium and Nanotubes Hold Promise for Wearable Tech

Wearable tech requires both strength and flexibility. A new nanowire design — a boron nitride nanotube (BNNT) filled with tellurium atomic chains — holds promise for electronics triggered by light and pressure. In collaboration with Purdue Univer...

– Michigan Technological University

Nature Electronics, Feb-2020

The Chemistry of Chocolate

Chocolate is a hallmark of Valentine’s Day and a favorite treat for many. People even say it has health benefits and serves as an aphrodisiac. A look into chocolate's chemistry explains the science behind the claims and why we crave this sweet indu...

– NIH, National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)

Lifestyle & Social Sciences

The use of jargon kills people’s interest in science, politics

When scientists and others use their specialized jargon terms while communicating with the general public, the effects are much worse than just making what they’re saying hard to understand.

– Ohio State University

Journal of Language and Social Psychology; Public Understanding of Science

Faith-centered Tattoos Are Analyzed in Study of University Students

With more than a quarter of U.S. adults now having tattoos — and nearly half of millennials sporting them — only a handful of studies have focused on religious tattoos. But a new study by researchers at Baylor University and Texas Tech University...

– Baylor University

Visual Studies

Adapting to Climate Change: We’re Doing It Wrong

When it comes to adapting to the effects of climate change, scientists and policymakers are thinking too small, according to a new research review.

– Ohio State University

Nature Climate Change

A Happy Partner Leads to a Healthier Future

Research found that those who are optimistic contribute to the health of their partners, staving off the risk factors leading to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and cognitive decline as they grow old together.

– Michigan State University

Journal of Personality

Business News

What is the Best Way to Encourage Innovation? Competitive Pay May be the Answer

Economists and business leaders agree that innovation is a major force behind economic growth, but many disagree on what is the best way to encourage workers to produce the “think-outside-of-the-box” ideas. New research from UC San Diego indicate...

– University of California San Diego

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)





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