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Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Climate and the Environment News from Newswise 28-May-2020

Climate Change and Environmental News and Experts for the Media.

Newswise provides experts for the media on hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters, as well as the latest research in Environmental Science and Climate Science.


Tepary Bean: A New Crop for the Southern Great Plains

Research identifies tepary bean and guar as potential summer forages

– American Society of Agronomy (ASA), Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)

Agronomy Journal

Using waste to grow wonders

Research uses biosolids and urban waste to create a sustainable topsoil mixture

– American Society of Agronomy (ASA), Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)

Journal of Environmental Quality

The evolutionary puzzle of the mammalian ear

How could the tiny, tightly connected parts of the ear adapt independently to the amazingly diverse functional and environmental regimes encountered in mammals? A group of researchers from the University of Vienna and the Konrad Lorenz Institute for ...

– University of Vienna

Evolutionary Biology, 2020

Fishing less could be a win for both lobstermen and endangered whales

A new study by researchers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) found that New England’s historic lobster fishery may turn a higher profit by operating with less gear in the water and a shorter season.

– Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Marine Policy

Patterns in crop data reveal new insight about plants and their environments

A new study unearthed patterns in datasets collected on rice plants across Asia that allowed researchers to develop a matrix to predict the traits of rice plants depending on their genetics and environment. The approach could lead to better predictab...

– Iowa State University

Genome Research 2020 doi: 10.1101/gr.255703.119

The wildlife trade encompasses all major branches of the biological tree of life

Besides being a major threat to biodiversity, the wildlife trade can be a cause of global public health issues and hundreds of billions of dollars of economic damage around the world from disease outbreaks, as might be the case for COVID-19.

– University of Helsinki

Biological Conservation

Dinosaur-dooming asteroid struck earth at 'deadliest possible' angle

The simulations show that the asteroid hit Earth at an angle of about 60 degrees, which maximised the amount of climate-changing gases thrust into the upper atmosphere.

– Imperial College London

Nature Communications

A return to the wild for better immune health

A research team led by the University of Adelaide has found that revegetation of green spaces within cities can improve soil microbiota diversity towards a more natural, biodiverse state, which has been linked to human health benefits. In the stud...

– University of Adelaide

Restoration Ecology

Why are we still failing to stop deforestation?

A new study calls for a radically different approach to managing deforestation that focuses on our understanding of how individuals make choices.

– International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

One Earth

Journey to uncover mysteries of the Pacific Ocean

Nine National University of Singapore researchers were part of a team that went on a five-week long voyage to the Pacific Ocean’s Clarion-Clipperton Zone to obtain baseline data on the biodiversity of abyssal polymetallic nodule fields.

– National University of Singapore

NUS News

Algal genome provides insights into first land plants

Cornell researchers have sequenced and analyzed the genome of a single-celled alga that belongs to the closest lineage to terrestrial plants and provides many clues to how aquatic plants first colonized land.

– Cornell University


First fossil nursery of the great white shark discovered

The great white shark is one of the most charismatic, but also one of the most infamous sharks.

– University of Vienna

Scientific Reports

Mississippi Delta marshes in a state of irreversible collapse, Tulane study shows

A key finding of the study, is that coastal marshes experience tipping points, where a small increase in the rate of sea-level rise leads to widespread submergence.

– Tulane University

Science Advances

New Study Finds That Access to Education and Markets Vital for Coastal Fishing Communities Adapting to a Warming and Changing World

A new study investigating the links between coastal communities and coral reefs in Kenya and Madagascar has found that access to education and markets can help mitigate acute vulnerabilities for communities struggling with poverty and reliant on ecos...

– Wildlife Conservation Society

Environmental Science & Policy


Sea Turtle Nesting Season in Full Swing, UCF Researchers Keep Working Despite COVID-19

While uncertainty reigns for Floridians due to COVID-19, there’s one thing they can count on: sea turtles are nesting on our local beaches as nesting season heads into its fourth month this June.

– University of Central Florida


Humanity’s best hope for confronting the looming climate crisis rests with the new science of complexity

– Thunderbird School of Global Management

Rutgers Expert Available to Discuss Risks of Ocean Activities During COVID-19 Pandemic

– Rutgers University-New Brunswick


Study Examines COVID Shutdowns and Air Quality in Cities Worldwide

WASHINGTON, DC (May 27. 2020) – The George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health (Milken Institute SPH) today announced a new grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to study the impact of COVID-...

– George Washington University





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